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  1. Uploaded 20 hours ago, accepted 2 hours ago. Now I can begin sifting through my LG 2 images. Betty
  2. Hi there, Does anyone else has some trouble to upload to Stockimo since upgrading to Os8, or is it just me? Have a good day.
  3. Sorry, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately, but hopefully this can also helps other people. I started to submit to Stockimo sometime ago and was wondering if it is 'wise' to still use images on sale (on Stockimo/Alamy) in our instagram profile and other social media platforms. I would not really consider this before, as these images had no real economic value, but now that we start selling them, maybe we should use more caution? I am talking about using these images only as self-promotion and other similar usage. What are your thoughts on the matter? MBM
  4. Hi all, I have just uploaded my first 4 images to Alamy, and am awaiting QC, so I'm very new to this. I'd like to ask some of the experts on here a question. If I take a photo for Alamy, and also use my phone to take the same (or similar) photo, is there any advantage, or disadvantage to uploading both photos to Alamy and Stockimo?
  5. From today's email: "Hopefully Stockimo will be a great success on iPhone and it will make sense to follow up with an Android version. We’ll honour the same % split for any Alamy contributors registered with Alamy at the launch of Stockimo (Feb 4th) if they join Stockimo at any time in the future." Why would anyone using Android have signed up for Stockimo, unless they were going to change their phone instantly?
  6. An Iphone SLR lens mount, for Canon and Nikon mounts. Wow, but I wonder how well it works? Anyone tried one of these? A sincere question not trying to be spammy. https://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/iphone-slr-mount/
  7. Has anyone succeeded in using a Bluetooth keyboard for entering captions and keywords on the Stockimo app? It's a pain entering strings of keywords one by one on the iPhone's on-screen keyboard, even with a stylus, so we got a Bluetooth keyboard to make it a bit easier. It's an iPazzPort KP-810-25BTT, and works well with the Windows laptop, Android phone, and iPhone apps other than Stockimo. The Stockimo app doesn't pop up the edit screens when asked, although the entry/edit function is working, as the caption gets written invisibly! Has anyone had success with such a keyboard? I've report
  8. I think a lot of us are still trying to get a handle on what will and won't be accepted for Stockimo, and which Apps will give us the best results. I learn by example so I thought a discussion of actual images and how they are modified might be helpful. If you are willing to share, please show us your successes and failures, both can be instructive, and what apps you used to modify the successful images (you don't have to say exactly which filters you used if you don't want to, just the App). I'll start off with one of my images that was first rejected, and after cropping it square and b
  9. Are there any Alamy contributors out there, who don't currently own an iPhone, but are seriously considering buying one, so they can participate in stockimo? I have thought about this long and hard over the weekend. I have even done quite a lot of research into iPhone camera capabilities and specifications in the various models. If I can do this economically, which would mean buying a second hand iPhone, which is not the latest model, Say an iPhone 4S. It may be worth a try? I don't currently own a small, carry around, camera approved by Alamy QC, so, an iPhone could fit that bill for me.
  10. Why no auto-update? Going to the App Store shows it already installed on my phone and you can't download the new version.
  11. A separate Stockimo Discussion Area on the Alamy forum would be helpful. Could either be in addition to the current 3 Alamy Discussion Areas, or a separate Category. - Ann
  12. Is it possible to amend keywords after submission? I just noticed a couple of typos that slipped through typing on iPhone keyboard. Ooops! My fault, I know, but just wondering if there is a way to correct?
  13. I just noticed that when I add filters using the edit feature of 'camera roll', it uploads the original photo, not the version with the filter. (You might want to confirm this, and if it is true add that warning to your FAQs and Twitter. I guess the work-around is to e-mail the photo to yourself, and see if that locks in the filter?) I wish we had a delete option on the Activity screen. I hate to waste the judges time. It would help lower your backlog if we could delete when the wrong version of a photo gets uploaded. Thanks. p.s. Really enjoying this new App by the way. Thumbs up.
  14. I've uploaded three photos so far and noticed something with the last one. I applied the iPhone's "Noir" filter to the image, which gives a high contrast black and white effect. It made this image quite dramatic. However, after uploading, the image thumbnail in the Activity section is the unaltered version. iPhone filters are non-destructive, you can go back to the original. Hopefully, the altered image is what uploaded, but if it was the original, this is a problem.
  15. Many users and customers might get confused to find mobile and DSLR photos while searching on website. Can you implement a radio select option for "Stockimo" on main page to avoid searching mixed content? This option should include in the search all files starting with "S".
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