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Found 4 results

  1. To better understand RM vs RF battle i'd like to share my 2018 sales: - $$$ RM sales: 35% of total year revenues - $$ RM sales: 60% - $ RM sales: 5% I just started to sell RF on Alamy so i dont't have any sales at the moment . What's yours?
  2. I read that the expected rate of return for a good, relevant portfolio to be around 1 US dollar per photo per year - regardless of the agency or license scheme. A portfolio of 1000 pictures should yield one thousands dollars. (Out of a thousand photos, one is lucky to sell 50 (5% of your portfolio) and it is likely that out of those 50, 10 (1% of your portfolio) will generate the bulk of the revenues. What do you think of this equation?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm searching in the forum about my question but I don't find nothing about it, so here I go. I would like to ask you how you declare your Alamy revenues. I mean, when I contacted to Alamy to ask about their fiscal data, they said me that they don't process invoices from contributors. So, how can I declare these payments? In Spain, the freelance photographers, we need to declare our revenues with bills (I think in other countries too, but I don't know). Thank you in advance
  4. hi all, i'm wondering how to setup my wildlife images, if better RM or RF. Animals in general are something which sold better as RM (low volume/high sales) or as RF (high volumes) ? I know every picture is different, so which considerations do you make in order to select the above? 1) Generic image (RF) or more specific image (lion closeup VS lion at the zoo for i.e.) 2) Background which could affect the category (beach portrait VS indoor portrait for i.e.) 3) Selective focus (RF images are often with a larger depth of field) 4) ... what else? thanks in advance
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