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  1. For me one of the best signs of a decent rank is the number of times you see where the buyer just checked 100 images and your's was among them, so obviously you had a first page image. For the past month I checked and I had 47 pages of searches (I know that is a small number for a lot of you guys, but my average for my port). Of the 47 pages, there were 17 pages where the buyer just looked at 100 images. So a total of (at 20 per page) of 940 searches where 340 (1/3rd) were just 100 images, so I know I was on page one for those searches. I have to say I was surprised that it was 1/
  2. It's so nice to do a search for a subject that has over 30,000 images to discover that I have nine on the first page. My rank must have moved up. Jill
  3. I noticed my QC Rank is "frozen" until Feb 12th. What will happen then? After the introduction of the new MI my reviews seem to be faster and i appreciate that. I guess after Feb 12th there will be a new QC re-rank?
  4. Looks like a reranking has occurred recently, at least if you believe in the BHZ game. Christoph
  5. Hi all, Im sure this has been asked 10000 times but was wondering if someone could have a look see what I can do to increase sales and rank or any tips general to help me to improve my rank, would be most appreciated. I do know it takes time and effort and luck really as I only have 500+ images at the moment. Thanks in advance Peter
  6. My sales on Alamy this year have been nought short of abysmal. So much so, that I am even considering joining the controversial UK Newspaper Scheme. I can't help but feel that here at Alamy, sales are far too dependent upon rank - which is highly reliant upon sales. Get into a negative spiral and you will never be found again. The BHZ game sees me 'ranked' higher than ever before, yet my CTR is trash. It seems that Alamy's random (?) 'tweaks' to their search algorithms mean that it is pointless making changes to keywords based upon search results, as that changes with time? I am in ag
  7. We all obsess about our AlamyRank and how many views/zooms we get (some of us like myself check daily). Looking back through my licensed image history, it appears that the majority of the images I've licensed that were used in newspapers (or where the sales revenue amount is indicative of the newspaper scheme prices) were not recorded as a zoom. We know that not all of Alamy's customers have accounts that register as a zoom. We also know that sales improve rank greater than zooms.....but initially, do those who supply "creative images" (images created with a slant toward the commerci
  8. Has there been a re-rank recently, or is it, that I am having a bad month? The number of views on my images is about normal, but the number of zooms has been almost zero this month, consequently my CRT is way down on the Alamy average! A bad month, a re-rank, or both?
  9. According to the website Alexa, a greater percentage of visitors to Alamy are from the USA. Here is the partial breakdown. USA - 22.5% United Kingdom - 19.4% Finland - 9.7% Poland - 4.8% India - 4.4% Read what ever you may from these percentages, but It might be wise to see this stat reflected in the next rerank.
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