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  1. I have two silly questions about quality control. Silly but mainly the reason for my hesitation to contribute my first four images. 1) I am a contrast freak. I almost always use the tone sliders in my editing to give me that punch I want in my images. I love strong images. But unfortunately this causes a good measure of great photo’s to end up in the bin because of clipping in the highlights and shadows. How strict is QC in this regard? 2) The default value of sharpening in Bridge is 25%. If I leave it at that and don’t do any sharpening afterwards in Photoshop, will the image fail QC ? T
  2. My question is should I be comfortable now that 9 images have passed QC or should I still be on guard? Hello, I am new and had read the Alamy forum prior to joining and I must say I was slightly frightened by the QC in Alamy and there was also some talk of how long it was taking to get through QC. I have so far experienced none of those problems. My first 4 images went though in 24 hours and passed, my second 5 images went though in about 40 hours and passed.
  3. I don't really understand the reasoning here. The initial batch is supposed to b only 4 images and after that I' free to upload more than that. Or am I getting this wrong? This time I uploaded 22 images at once which I found reasonable but quality control failed them with the reasoning "Number of images". Should I limit the number of images? Some feedback how to proceed would be greatly appreciated
  4. I could use some advise from more experienced contributors. I have a number of long exposure night shots that are sharp and in focus but people, palm fronds and vehicles exhibit motion blur due to the extended exposure times. Are they likely to pass or fail QC? The following are a couple examples. http://www.lynnpalmerstudio.com/p157166962/h2e78c4ff#h2e78c4ff http://www.lynnpalmerstudio.com/p157166962/h21f544ac#h21f544ac
  5. One thing I really struggle with when submitting photos is selective focus/larger aperture/bokeh. It seems as if I often see how the photos should be sharp everywhere, and a small enough aperture should be used to ensure that this is so, but there are times I think it adds to the photo. For example, here is a shot I took this morning (not sure I would submit this, but it is a good example): Would a photo like this likely be rejected based upon the selective focus? I ask this today because I have encountered another image on Alamy that seems to have nothing in focus. Truth is,
  6. Hi to all members from a complete Alamy Newbie, i will apologise to everyone for posting what i imagine is a much asked question but i am in the process of submitting my first four images for quality control i have been into photography for some years i currently use a Nikon D800 and D4 so am confident my kit isn't a problem, what i am hoping for is some guidance when editing and exporting from Lightroom 5 ideally settings for width height,pixels per inch etc, i understand when opened they have to be at least 24mb and whilst mine are i am being told my images are lacking definition or have cam
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