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Found 3 results

  1. Check out the latest round of client picture needs over on the blog. Read more...
  2. Stuck for ideas of what to shoot? Here are a few things that are missing from our collection or we’re keen to see fresh content for. Remember – these are subjects paying clients have told us they want but the current collection is missing. Think of it as improving your chance to make a sale. Read more...
  3. ​We've been handed a very specific set of picture need requests from a client, and there are some elements that we can't fulfill, so we thought we would share them here. If you have any images that fit the below descriptions, please upload them to Alamy as soon as possible and let us know when you have done so. Many thanks! Series of photos to show different aspects of a primary school classroom in Chile including displays on walls that contain information in various forms, e.g. calendar, weather, maths on blackboard, graphs, charts, etc. Pupil tables with equal number of chairs arranged at/around each table, e.g. 3 Shelves with various mathematical equipment and resources visible, e.g. cubes, 2D and 3D shapes, variety of coloured pencils Scenes, situations and games at a school festival in Chile with photo-realistic facsimile style ARTWORK of posters and price lists Should see various children, parents and grandparents in the scenes buying things from stalls and playing games. Within school playground there should be various kiosks/stalls selling, e.g. hot dogs, pizza, corn skewers (brochets de choclos), assorted fruit skewers (brocheta de frutas), soft drinks (refrescos), fruit juices (jugos de fruta), etc. Ideally would be good to see the prices on signs at the front of each kiosk/stall. If it is not possible to find these as one photo, could have separate close-up photos of different stalls. Fairground style games on stalls at school festival, ideally with signs promoting offers: - Target Shooting (show a target, no guns – could be archery) [Tiro al blanco] - Miracle Fishing [Pesca milagrosa] - Shoot the soldiers (wooden) balls are thrown with gender. [Tiro a los soldaditos] Toy robot with a price tag on it Entrance to a construction site with a clocking in point with clock and a sign detailling the working hours. Some numbers (e.g. 1, 3, 5) marked on different floors of a building
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