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Found 34 results

  1. Hi everyone, Ive had an odd problem uploading to Stockimo on and off over the last year. Sometimes if I edit a picture using standard Apple iOS software (open from pictures and hit edit) Stockimo can no longer see the modified image. My workaround has been to open in photoshop or snapseed to resave but sometimes it decides these are the ones it dosent like today, an today is one of those days! Anyone else had this? Im on an iPhone 6 Thanks Matt
  2. Is it important that I use photo editing software on all of my pictures? I really prefer not to alter my pictures too much, if at all, because I want to show my abilities as a photographer, not a Photoshop artist. I understand that sometimes I will need to edit out blemishes/spots in the pictures, but from what I've heard, it sounds like if I don't do a lot of editing, I won't see many of my photos approved here. I submitted my first 3 30 hours ago and I am currently waiting for them to get out of QC, and I am afraid that they won't be approved. So the real question here is: Am I going to see a lot of rejected photos if I only use editing software on a few of my pictures? I can send you one or two of my photos if that will help.
  3. So here I sit, staring at the screen of the new MacBook Pro that arrived last night, facing the decision I've dreaded--whether to sign up for Creative Cloud or switch. I've used Photoshop and Lightroom for many years, I like them plus they do everything I need and more. However I hate the idea of a monthly payment. What are my other options? So far I'm considering: Purchase the new Lightroom 6 but can it be installed standalone? Go with Lightroom 5.5 but I worry there may be compatibility issues with my Sony A7ii raw files. Purchase CS6 standalone but its very expensive and Adobe is going to stop supporting it very soon so then it will presumably become glitchy without updates. Buy Adobe Elements and do without many of my favorite features. Buy Corel and settle for less than the best. DXOptic Pro - I know nothing about it and it sounds like Lightroom is better for about the same price. Other? If I go with the Adobe CC what can I do to reduce the monthly cost, are there coupons or discounts available? Should I buy an old version of Photoshop to use for upgrading? Also, I use Topaz plugins a lot and would miss them. I'm open to suggestions...
  4. I recently upgraded to Yosemite on my iMac and have just discovered a problem with printing from Photoshop and Lightroom... Printer is a Canon ip5000, and it works ok with adobe reader, open office, safari.... Tried printing today from Photoshop and it took it's usual slow time but put out a complete blank paper, tried with lightroom, same result. Have checked all the utility stuff, printed tests ok, printed from other applications ok. Anybody got any clues as to what might be happening... TIA Phil
  5. A while back I checked with MS whether the use of PS Photomerge requires that I tick Digitally Altered and the answer was - yes. I use Photomerge occasionally for stitching panoramics but more often when vertically stitching for architectural images to correct the verticals. For examples see - DFXAHX and DTH1X8. I asked MS because I felt the definition of Digitally Altered wasn't fully clear on this matter. I can see that the re-positioning of pixels in Photomerge is digital altering but it isn't a false manipulation of the scene, if anything I'm using Photomerge to make the scene more real, in terms of architectural geometry. What do people reckon and, following MS advice, should all panoramic images also be ticked Digitally Altered if using Photomerge? Not wishing to stir up anything, especially as new here :-), but interested to hear a range of views.
  6. Maybe it's a bit early to ask but has anyone taken the leap and upgraded to Mavericks? I'm curious to hear about compatibility with PhotoShop, VueScan, and other software. Stacy
  7. re: Adobe's move to subscription model for Photoshop. Is this an opportunity . . . or catalyst . . . for Nikon to pull their collective fingers out and upgrade/improve Capture? I use Capture for its superior NEF conversions, but most (though not all) editing after that is in Photoshop. Now, if Capture improved some of its more glaring weaknesses some may not rue Adobe's move as much . . . let me rephrase that: I may not rue Adobe's move as much (I know I know, self self self . . . ). Or have Nikon abandoned future development/enhancement of Capture, as I have seen speculated elsewhere? Please note, I am not conversant with the practicability/usefulness of Canon software, but the same may apply there too??? dd
  8. Hi, Just wondering if any of you use a Wacom pen and tablet in Photoshop to do your PP for images. The reason I ask is that I am getting quite wobbly with the mouse now, and looking for something more accurate. I was looking at the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, a bit expensive !!!! $1075 AUD
  9. Are Adobe killing the goose that lays the golden eggs? The latest news on the street is that Adobe is discontinuing its Creative Suite of standalone products and making them available via subscription only. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase the latest version of Photoshop and use it for years to come. Instead, you're going to have to pay $49.99 a month for the privilege. And if you stop paying you won't be able to use Photoshop any more. http://www.iclarified.com/29809/adobe-discontinues-standalone-applications-moves-to-subscription-only-model Well ... thanks Adobe, but no thanks. No more 'upgrades' for me. I'll be using my old version of Photoshop into the foreseeable future now. It does everything I need, anyway.
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