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  1. Why does it take so long to clear funds. Almost 9 months for 3- $150.00 sales
  2. Earlier today it stated that I'd get paid on Dec 1st, now it says Jan 1st! On Jan 1st will it say Feb 1st! Anyone else?
  3. I noticed that the threshold for pay out seems to have reduced to $50, from $75. At least that is what it says on My Alamy this morning.
  4. Hi My Alamby balance finally crossed $75 for the firstg time and I was due to be paid $85.65 today into my UK £GBP bank account. How long does this take? "Total sales: $171.26 Commission / charges: $-85.61 Total payments to you: $-85.65 Balance carried forward: $0.00 Cleared balance: $0.00 Next payment date: Not due Should it arrive the same day, or is there a standard timescale of which I should be aware? Many thanks.
  5. It's been almost 40 days since I recieved "Alamy has paid you" e-mail and still no payment on my PayPal account. I have sent two e-mails to "Alamy meber services" and both answers were that they will check with their finance team. Last answer was on 30th of June. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  6. I am new here and I'm still trying to find my way around. I tried to find past threads about filling in the Alamy model release section about payment but I couldn't find anything and was hoping someone could give me some advice about how they fill that part in. The part that I am curious about is where it states 'for good and valuable Consideration of ..........., herein acknowledged as received'. I can see if I hire a model, but, what if I make a photograph of someone on the street or at a festival? Is it customary to offer them money? What is normally put in this section if it's just a spur
  7. I just noticed my payment hasn't gone through to my bank this month yet, usually it would be there around 6th -7th of the month. Has anyone else noticed a delay?
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