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Found 2 results

  1. A separate Stockimo Discussion Area on the Alamy forum would be helpful. Could either be in addition to the current 3 Alamy Discussion Areas, or a separate Category. - Ann
  2. Clearly proper keywording is an art that I have failed to master. Alamy's recent changes showing all keywords below the image makes that all too obvious. Before I go back through and modify keywords for all 1671 images I'd like a clear plan of what I need to change. Rather than focusing on additional keywords that are needed, I'd primarily like help with organizing and annotating them (of course I'll gratefully accept suggestions for additional keywords as well). I'm guessing this discussion will benefit others as well. For discussion purposes I've selected a recent image at random. Most of my images have at least as many keywords as this image and many of them have more. I've provided the image information as I entered it below and the very last section includes the keywords as reorganized and edited by Alamy. Until this week I had no clue what Alamy does to the keywords but now I recognize it's a miracle any of my images are found at all. Questions that come to mind are: How do I format "United States of America", "United States", "North America", North American", US, USA, U.S., U.S.A., etc. and where do I put them? What about city and county names like Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Saint Augustine, St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Saint Johns County that have alternate spellings and multiple words. my name "Lynn Palmer" Entering website URLs like www.lynnpalmerstudio.com and so forth. Inclusion of plurals English vs. American spellings, commonly used names from other languages? Inclusion of common misspellings Orientation and image qualities like portrait, landscape, black and white, B&W, color, vertical, horizontal, pano, panorama, etc. and anything else I've missed... Image: DRTDP8 Caption: Arched transom window, dated arch keystone and entry porch roof of the lighthouse keeper's cottage. Description: Arched transom window, dated arch keystone and entry porch roof of the lighthouse keeper's cottage. The Saint Augustine lighthouse was built in Saint Augustine on Anastasia Island in 1874. Designed by Paul J. Pelz it stands 165 feet (50 meters) tall, has 209 steps, eight landings and is listed on the U. S. National Register of Historic Places. Location: Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida, USA Keywords As Entered: Essential Arched transom window dated keystone 1871 porch roof Main [Anastasia Island] historic lighthouse quaint [st. Augustine] [saint Augustine] 1871 1874 [st. Johns County] [saint Johns] Florida FL USA Comprehensive America American "United States" "United States of America" "North America" "Lynn Palmer" "www.restlesslightphotography.com" "www.lynnpalmerstudio.com" Keywords As Shown by Alamy: America, American, "United, States", States, of, America", "North, "Lynn, Palmer", "www, restlesslightphotography, com", "www, lynnpalmerstudio, com", Arched, transom, window, dated, keystone, 1871, porch, 1874, [Anastasia, Island], historic, lighthouse, quaint, [st, Augustine], [saint, Johns, County], Johns], Florida, FL, USA
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