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  1. I would appreciate some guidance regarding export from Lightroom for optimum Alamy quality and best chance of image acceptance. Image format JPEG...Colour Space ( sRGB ? )....Quality 100..( assume no limit file size ? ) Image Sizing ( Resize to fit or not ?)....Assume resolution 300 ?....Output Sharpening ? Any other idiots guide to Lightroom Export appreciated. Kind Regards..With Thanks....David
  2. I recently updated from LR4.4 to 6.5 and was disappointed to find it ran quite a bit more slowly. Especially when removing noise by adjusting sliders, there was a delay of 2-3 seconds before the 1:1 display updated. However, I've just updated from LR 6.5 to 6.6 and the speed has improved dramatically (now a fraction of a second to update 1:1 display when removing noise). I'm not sure if my previous install of 6.5 had a problem, but the latest is fine. There's a Youtube video about the speed improvement from CC 2015.5 to 2015.6 here. I've not found any issues with 6.6 yet.
  3. Sorry to have to use this forum to ask about a Lightroom Plugin, but it seems the 'help' at Lightroom plugins is no longer alive, I have tickets from three weeks back unanswered, and I have seen people here do use the plugin, so fingers crossed I get a response here. I'm afraid I'm new to both Lightroom (I thought since Apple are killing Aperture, not much point starting to use Alamy with what will be dead soon), the Lightroom Plugin and Alamy, so probably out of my depth in all departments. anyhow, my question. In the PDF manual "Alamy Uploader PDF" there is a section dedicated to the "Fetch Alamy Metadata" export command, to quote, it says: "OVERWRITE ALAMY DATA When this is not selected, any Alamy-specific fields in Lightroom that have been set already will not be updated with metadata downloaded from Alamy. If it is ticked, all matching fields will be set with Alamy's data." This all seems a little back to front, telling the user what happens when it is not selected first, but ends saying if it is selected / ticked then "Matcing Fields will be set with Alamy's data", so as I understand that, it would be "Overwriting Lightroom Data" (With the existing Alamy data pulled down from the Alamy website) not as the name of the function suggests Overwriting Alamy Data. Can anyone confirm the name of the function is the reverse of what it actually does please? Thanks Stephen
  4. Adobe have posted an update to Lightroom, but there have been reports that not all is well for Mac users. There's more information here, http://laurashoe.com/ The advice is not to update for the time being. Ian
  5. I am wondering what adjustments/functions would be considered digitally altering a photo by most people. It would include Alamy stock, Alamy news, or photo contests. Are there three different standards with three different requirements.. I have a friend that feels any manipulation of digital photos is taboo for photo contests and I believe almost anything I can do is acceptable. She and a lot of other people apparently believe that you can only do what used to be possible in a darkroom. So, what would be crossing the line for all the various purposes of a photo? I would like to get everyone’s opinions on what in particular would be changing the truth of a photo for whatever end use it is intentioned for. As software for digital manipulation becomes more sophisticated it is very hard to judge how much manipulation is too much.
  6. Hello I am a new contributor to Alamy and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable workflow to prepare my pictures to pass the required Alamy QC. I shoot RAW files using a Canon 6D. Then do all my post processing in Lightroom. Richard
  7. Anyone else using the Alamy Lightroom plug in getting a 404 error when trying to fetch data today?
  8. So here I sit, staring at the screen of the new MacBook Pro that arrived last night, facing the decision I've dreaded--whether to sign up for Creative Cloud or switch. I've used Photoshop and Lightroom for many years, I like them plus they do everything I need and more. However I hate the idea of a monthly payment. What are my other options? So far I'm considering: Purchase the new Lightroom 6 but can it be installed standalone? Go with Lightroom 5.5 but I worry there may be compatibility issues with my Sony A7ii raw files. Purchase CS6 standalone but its very expensive and Adobe is going to stop supporting it very soon so then it will presumably become glitchy without updates. Buy Adobe Elements and do without many of my favorite features. Buy Corel and settle for less than the best. DXOptic Pro - I know nothing about it and it sounds like Lightroom is better for about the same price. Other? If I go with the Adobe CC what can I do to reduce the monthly cost, are there coupons or discounts available? Should I buy an old version of Photoshop to use for upgrading? Also, I use Topaz plugins a lot and would miss them. I'm open to suggestions...
  9. I have been using the Alamy Picture Manager plugin for Lightroom for a long time now and was very happy. It is a really great plugin by Jim Keirr www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php and worth any cent as it makes your editing work much more productive and efficient. Unfortunately it no longer works properly. I am not sure whether this is since I last updated Lightroom or the plugin. The problem is that when I want to export, all data will be sent to Alamy with the exception of the keywords. At the same time all keywords will disappear in the plugin keywords box after export completion. I have been in touch with Jim, however the problem could not be solved yet. I think he still tries to find a solution for me. Has anyone else encountered this problem too and maybe even a solution found? I really love this plugin and hope I can get it to work again
  10. I previously asked the forum to check out my pictures & give me tips to make my images better. I received many helpful replies & one of the major problems poiinted out by the professionals was that my images are badly lit or the lighting is flat. The reason for this being I used to click the "Auto adjust brightness & contrast" in PSE 13. So I dumped PSE 13 & switched to lightroom. And I personally found my images manually edited in Lightroom better than those in photoshop. After a long wait for a notification of failed QC, I was able to submit the images edited in lightroom. I personally liked the new images than the old ones but it will be very helpful if any of you could just check out the below differences & tell me if I am doing the editing right. I watched the video recommended by Russell ( ). I hope I am not over-editing my pictures. Also it will be better if you reply soon because I'll have to delete the old ones or Alamy might take action for selling images having similar composition. Here are the images: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  11. As I have said in another thread I am in the process of trialling a probable switch from C1Pro to Lightroom. I just need a quick tip as I have to recover some lost time due to the C1 problems. My usual approach with C1 is to tweak the exposure to roughly centralise the histogram (especially if it is short) and then adjiust the black and whiote points to spread it out across the full tonal range. I then go on to fine tune adjustments, mid-point, contrast and lift shadows/highlights with white/blackpoint adjustment if necessary before noise reduction etc. Usually takes me no longer than it takes to read this. How do I stretch out the histogram in LR? At this stage I just want to quickly get the image in the right area tonally before doing detailed adjustments. All I have found so far is how to stretch the shadows, highliughts, midtones etc separately which is not what I want at the start (may go one to do that once the images is somewhere near). Thanks
  12. I've just got a Fuji XT1 and 18-55mm kit lens and am using Lightroom 5.6 for processing. I'm wondering what standard import settings people are using, particularly Clarity/Vibrance; & Capture sharpening. I've been playing about and I'm not convinced that I've got the ideal combo yet. My settings are usually; Clarity +20/Vibrance+16. Standard LR sharpening. These work great with the Canon 5DMKII and the Fuji X100, but seem a bit soft with the XT1. Also I see that Adobe do not have a lens profile for the 18 - 55mm Fuji, any thoughts re this? TIA Phil
  13. Interesting post being pointed to in other Fuji forums. Not tried it yet myself but have a look. http://petebridgwood.com.gridhosted.co.uk/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/
  14. The keywords themselves I don't have an issue with, but I find I'm wasting too much time with redundancy. I put all the effort into keywording in Lightroom, yet when brought into Alamy, I have to redo it. I downloaded the Lr plug in for Alamy in the hopes to alleviate some of the wasted time and monotony. But before using it I have some questions to be sure I do it correctly and don't mess up anything I've already done or have in Lr catalogs. At present I have both Lr 3.5 and 4.4, with 4 different catalogs; 1 exclusively for Alamy. I use Collections to keep track of those I've used in Almay and other sites by using their Name and label color. I have a separate folder for each of the stock sites I use with a copy of the JPEG sent within them. All my original/sent images are on 4 external hard drives (use 1, 3 as backups of which 1 is offsite) and have backups of catalogs on 3 different external drives (1 flash drive to transfer to offsite external). Yes I'm paranoid, but if anything goes wrong, I will lose very little. If needed to know: I use a 27" iMac with 12GB RAM, 3.3GHz duo core CPU, calibrated with Spyder Elite 4 and have only necessary things on the internal drive; 930GB free of 1TB. So the questions: 1. When using the plug in, I first should just upload the images w/o keywords. Correct? 2. After images are accepted, then use it to put in the keywords in the perspective places and shoot it back to Alamy. Yes? When I do this they will be where they should and all I need to do is license, etc. if I choose to do that within Alamy. 3. Using this plug in will not effect the images that are used on other sites. Right? Meaning if either I use a Virtual Copy for Alamy and original on another or visa versa, the plug in won't affect the other. Or if I use different catalogs for stock sites it won't interfere with any of them. 4. I've always preferred not using plug ins; i.e. for Flickr, etc., but hope I can get detailed info on how to use this the best way w/o any chance of corruptions, etc. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Charly
  15. This may have been covered before, if so Sorry' for boring you! I have noticed when using LR default sharpening 25 the final image has some kind of noise texture, especially noticeable in the sky. Can anybody recommend LR sharpening settings where it sharpens without what i call noise texture. Alamy has passed some of these images, however i think it must be on the edge of a fail. Comments will be welcomed. Paul.
  16. I am a relatively new Mac user (OSX 10.8). There are many things I still need to learn, so any help would be very much appreciated. In Develop mode in Lightroom 4.4, when I tick Soft Proofing box at the bottom, you can choose a profile on the righthand top, underneath the histogram. If I choose 'Other…', it brings up a list of profiles that I can tick but the one I want is not on the list. I have two questions in this regard. If you go to Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles/Recommended, there are profiles that are not included in the above mentioned Lightroom list, how do I make them included in the Lightroom list? How do I install a new ICC profile, for example a printer profile, in Lightroom? In which folder? When you look through 'Finder', there are folders with a small arrow at the bottom lefthand corner. What does this mean? Many thanks in advance Sung
  17. Alamy recommends saving images in Photoshop at a quality level of 10 (where the maximum level is 12). I realised with most images I don't need Photoshop any more because most processing can be done in Lightroom. When saving the jpg file from Lightroom, however, the quality parameters available are different. No chance to set jpg level 10. My question: Am I correct to assume that a quality setting of 80% (and not limiting file size) when exporting from Lightroom will result in a quality level comparable to saving with jpg level 10 in Photoshop? I suppose I'm not the only one going this route, so it may be a good idea if Alamy would include appropriate Lightroom export quality settings in their submission guidelines as well as Photoshop settings. Thanks for any input!
  18. See here. It's also available to download on trial. I took the plunge today and upgraded (well TBH, on trial until I'm happy) Well I guess I am happy, a few hiccups taking my catalog across: 1. Color label sets not transferring, Need to copy/paste from old catalog. 2. Settings. Again, need to copy the folders if you have your settings stored with the catalog, not general. In use: 1. Defiantly more responsive. I took the opportunity to kill my old previews file so it rebuilds and the system is defiantly a lot faster now. Dual screens are now usable again on my old MBP (grid on secondary screen). 2. The re-worked clone tool not as useful as I hoped. It's ok for small areas against sky of foliage but detailed removals near importance edges is not possible. 3. The Auto straighten/perspective corrections are brilliant. Like I say - overall, I am very happy. You could argue that the speed should not have been so bad in 4 and hence that is not a chargeable improvement but overall, yes I'm happy to pay for the upgrade
  19. Hello. New contributor. Is there a way to NOT duplicate my keywording. Or is there a way for my Lightroom IPTC and Keywording to follow my submission from Lightroom, thru its upload? I saw the export plugin and I am looking for a way that does not have a plug in if available
  20. When you bring a RAW/DNG file from Lightroom to CS, work on it and save it, it adds '-Edit' automatically to the original file name. Can you change this to a different word instead of 'Edit'? Sung
  21. Certainly very few of us if any wish to spend our time sitting in front of the computer instead of the camera. One thing that came to mind discussing a different topic is duplication of effort. Wouldn't it be cool if, by adding appropriate keywords in Lightroom, Photoshop (or some other non-Adobe product we will be using when they start their "Creative Cloud" subscription model) info could end up in the right fields in Alamy Manage Images?! Say while you were spotting your images you could count the number of people, then add 3:people to keywords and that data would get picked up and inserted into Manage Images. And since that photo was a street scene, you could just type in 0:modelrelease and Manage Images could use it to fill in that field. Etc. Etc. Just an idea....
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