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Found 6 results

  1. So no sooner does work dry up so does my laptop. Need to find a temporary replacement ideal for travel once that's a possibility. Usual requirements of running light room and photoshop and handling 24mb files. Not huge quantities at a time and very little video. Budget is key here. So Windows I guess-what can I get away with. I know this has been covered previously but wonder if anything new on the market may meet my needs. Stay safe everybody Thanks
  2. I tried to piggyback onto an older thread but that didn't really work, so here's my query regarding upgrading my computer to deal with the 42MP Sony RAW files and the latest versions of LR & PS CC. I have a late 2013 13" MacBook Pro Retina, 512GB SSD with an Intel i7 processor and 8GB RAM (not upgradeable) and a late 2011 iMac (128GB SSD & 1TB HD), with an Intel i5 (I think) and 4GB RAM upgradeable to 16GB. My iMac is still working well enough, though it's slow, but my MacBook Pro is just limping along. I can't replace them both at once so I am going to replace that laptop
  3. I am finding that, recently, if I am using my laptop in AIM, and I use a 2 finger scroll on my touchpad to scroll a page up or down, then when I stop scrolling the pointer immediately turns into a drag selection. Pressing Esc does not release it and I have to click in a space between images to release it and get back to a non-dragging pointer. The consequence of this is usually an unintended selection of images which have been thus accidentally dragged over, which accordingly have to be deselected before I can do anything else. This is a very irritating waste of time. I have ad
  4. I am looking for recommendations for a new Windows Live News Laptop. This is to take to jobs, mostly in London, so I can rapidly process, using photo mechanic and lightroom, large numbers of Raw files. (I always take far too many pictures) It must have a long battery life, a lot of RAM and a fast processor. A good screen would be useful; however I tend to use the histogram more than processing by eye. A large, fast hard disk would also be useful. something solidly build that can take a bit of knocking around would be good. Keys that light up would again be useful but not essential. I w
  5. One of the hings I keep toying with is, because I'm fed up with Windows PC's changing and other issues, is changing from PC to MAC, but of course the prices have rocketed and they are all changing to SSD's at the same time & USB is disappearing fast. Most fast PC's are also doing the same with SSD's and going up in price, so going back a year or so I was hoping to get a Apple refurb Mac Book Pro for around £500, but of course the newer models are double (plus in a lot of cases). But as I'm using Windows 7, I don't want to go to 10, or 11 or 12, but the Mac prices are scary, even refurbishe
  6. I was wondering what people's experience is with IPS vs non-IPS screens with laptops ... I'm currently researching a new laptop. It will not be my main computer; it will only be used on aeroplanes, trains, in hotels, at relatives' houses etc, so budget is finite, which means compromises. Top contender at the moment (MSI GE40) has nice specs but not great reviews about the screen - it doesn't cover all of the sRGB colour space, never mind Adobe RGB - but that seems common in laptops in this price range. But I won't be doing much Alamy editing - perhaps checking for sharpness and selec
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