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Found 10 results

  1. At last! Its been a long while coming but finally we can import images directly from a camera/card into Lightroom Mobile on an iPad! I'm often asked about iPad Workflows. This is my first post on the latest Lightroom Mobile updates which have made a huge difference to the workflow. More next week... https://julieedwards-x.blog/2020/01/04/direct-import-from-cards-in-lightroom-mobile/ NOW A 3 POST SERIES!
  2. I have an iPad and I want to use it to keyword images I have uploaded to my Alamy Page/dashboard. The problem is when I log on to my page it is presented in a jumbled up illogical manner that makes even this simple task impossible. Is there a dedicated app for ipad users? Thanks Mike
  3. There are regularly posts questioning the use of the iPad , workflow and stock/news on here so here is my latest blog on the subject for those interested,,,, http://julieedwards-x.blog/2018/06/22/ipad-workflow-again-ios11-shuttersnitch/
  4. Has anyone else noticed that when you view your sales report (Download Sales Report button) on an iPad, the page footer covers most of the last entry? I don't download the reports, I just view them.
  5. My iPad has been officially rendered useless. I tried for 15 minutes last night to get on to the Alamy site. I mustive gone through about 20 Captcha screens. Nothing worked. After doing Captcha, the sign in doesn't work. Period. Same thing this morning. So much for AIM working for iPads. We are regressing, not progressing. And yes, I'm furious! I'd never heard of Captcha, or encountered it before until here. I was one of the early supporters of the new AIM. No longer. And its not just AIM, it's everything. Nothing works. Instead of checking my zooms or sale
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent IPTC editor for the iPad/iPhone?
  7. Hi . I am a new member and am having problems uploading photos from my iPad to Alamy. When I try to upload I get a message that says I need to download Adobe Flash, and when I attempt to do this, another message appears which says your device does not support this application. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and could let me know what I need to do so that I can upload from my iPad? That would be a big help. Thanks Shelley
  8. Is it possible to update one's keywords on an Apple mobile device like iPad or iPhone? Just tried to do it now and got an error message that Adobe Flash is required...which isn't supported by Apple .
  9. Want to use your iPad more whilst out and about? This is how I do it... https://jexphotography.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/as-a-press-photographer-i-need-to-be-able-to-send-images-to-the-paper-as-fast-as-possible-mostly-even-as-the-news-item-event-is-ongoing-when-working-with-an-ipad-i-have-basically-2-different-work/
  10. Last evening I watched a bald eagle nest for awhile on my iPad Air. I decided I'd try to save the page to my favorites. I'd never tried that before. I clicked on the icon that looks like a book. I don't know if that saved the page or not, but my biggest concern is I now have a blue panel showing tweets on the left. I think I initially saw my favorites, but in the process of clicking around to get rid of it I now have the tweet panel. This panel takes up a third of my iPad Air surface, causing all the print, like reading this forum, to be small to fit into the rest of the page. Darn, I s
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