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  1. I am a newcomer to Alamy and want to make sure my first 4 images meet the Alamy criteria. However I am still a bit confused about the file size and can't find a clear answer on any of the forums. My apologies in advance if this question has been asked before. In the "Getting Started'/"Prepare" advice it states that the requirement is for an "uncompressed file size of more than 25MB". I understand that to mean that the final jpg as submitted must be 25 Mega Bytes (MB) or larger. Now, I have a Canon 5D Mk3 that produces CR2 raw files of about 25 Mega Bytes in size but when recently processing an image in Photoshop for submission, I noted that, whilst the image size was 125 Mega Pixels, when saved a jpg, quality 12, the resultant file size is just 17 Mega Bytes. There is no way, short of undesirable upscaling of the original image that I can boost the jpeg up to 25MB. Am I missing something here? Does the image size criteria really mean Mega Pixels not MB? Thanks in advance for any clarification Grant
  2. I am sure I am being thick, also that this must have been covered many times before, but can somebody please tell me how I upload an image to this forum, so that others can comment on it? Many thanks
  3. I know this has been asked before, but I can't find anything using the search option! How can I insert one of my images already with Alamy in a forum post? I have done this before, but a long time ago, and I am pretty sure it was easier then, ...or is it just me? David Davies
  4. I don't think that Alamy images appear in Google searches. Are there any plans to change this?
  5. Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere, but I've had an education image used by the Guardian in November. It's popped up again in another different education story again on the Guardian last week - Am I right to assume this is a separate sale as it's a rights managed image?
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