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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to undestand how to submit editorial images: should I upload my pics as usual or should I follow another procedure? Where can I specify that those specific images are for editorial use only? Thank you for your help
  2. I am new here so please forgive me if this has already been asked. I did a search and didn't get any hits. How do you upload a filled out model release. I can't find how to do this anywhere. Probably just like in a store when you ask an employee where to find something and it's been under your nose the whole time. Ha ha When I am managing my photos I see where I can select an existing MR to apply it to the photo, but I can't find out how to get my MR there to select. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. How do you improve the visibility of a photograph? yes, I've made supertags, tags, descriptive titles..... (I've searched and can't find this topic covered, so forgive if I've missed something)
  4. I’m new here to the stock photo world. I downloaded the Stockimo app and uploaded about 20 photos and so far all of them have been accepted except one. Now how and where do I see my photos for sale online? Like if I want to show people? Is there a link? also, should I have my own watermark on my photos? Thsnks!
  5. I am getting ready to run the keywording marathon so have been cruising the web for a keywording philosophy. This article by Dan Heller has some good up to date advice, even though it was written in 2007. It is a long read, but worth your attention. http://danheller.blogspot.ca/2007/04/keywording-and-future-of-stock.html
  6. Hi there, I'm having a hard time submitting my pictures. I have done couple of times, but I'm still not sure about how it works exactly. Some of my edited pictures went to "on sale", some just won't even go to "ready". I have tried FAQ, but there is not much about this exact part of the process I need. That is all it says about it: "Choose how you want to send your images to us – online upload or FTP Once your images are uploaded, our Quality Control team will check them" I'm good until editing. After that is the problem. I'm not sure what to do exactly to have the submitted picture
  7. Lets say you have a set of images illustrating the process of making a cup of tea. How would / should you connect the images? Photoshop into one image, and upload that? Upload individually, but mark it as series in description, with the Alamy ref number of first image onto all the other images? Any other method? Simon
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