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  1. Publisher’s lawyer warns journalists of the need to discover the provenance of pictures before they are published in their newspapers. https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2016/jul/27/newsquest-hit-by-growing-copyright-claims-over-use-of-photographs
  2. I just had an interesting talk with an artist who's works include a sculpture located in downtown Chicago. I have a few images of this work on Alamy. The artist contacted me with concerns that the images of his work might be used commercially. I responded that since the images are listed as not having a property release, this isn't likely. However, he pointed out that when one views the images on Alamy, all use options are available, even for unreleased images. And, he said an image of the same sculpture by another photographer was recently licensed for commercial use. This isn't a good th
  3. Possibly a stupid question but...... Can I claim and Alamy on my behalf too? I've always claimed for DACS myself. I just send them a spreadsheet of Alamy sales and they do the rest. John.
  4. I've found finding and dealing with copyright violations challenging. Part of the reason is that my images on Alamy often get used without proper credits to me or Alamy, post late, and the end customer is never named in an Alamy sale. I had a recent episode where I found a couple of images of mine used to illustrate an article for a big British news outlet. I found them with a reverse image search. As is often the case, there was no credit to me, any of my pseudonyms or Alamy. This particular article was dated about three years ago and I had to cross reference the images and find them on
  5. Hello, I hear many people find copyright infringment on the internet and wonder what you guys to find your infringements. THANKS, Jacob Y.
  6. I sold a photo through Alamy a few years ago that was used for the movie poster, some online downloadable wallpapers and it was also used for the DVD cover. The license included all those uses. Now however I find two images on Alamy of the movie posters where My image was used. Specifically in the poster they used Caesars Palace hotel and the Bellagio hotel fountains in Las Vegas in a photo collage. I am wondering if that could be considered infringement or should I just forget about it. One other consideration for anyone that is worried about not having property releases, in this case r
  7. I have some family photos from the Victorian era and slightly younger. say 1900 through to 1950s. Many of these were taken in studios, now long defunct, of my family members or their homes. Some are simply family "snapshots" Do I have any right to sell scanned versions of these on Alamy, or are they the Intellectual property of the original photographer?
  8. hi all, im going to be registering latest batch of copyright images, and hopefully using the electronic deposit this time, after looking up tutorial online on how to go through step by step. im just wondering, can i resize the images, or do they need the full-fat versions? i have also emailed the USA office, but they say it can take 5 business days, so thought i'd ask anyone on here who may have also been through this. i was thinking resizing to 800x640 or similar would allow enough detail to be seen, so it can be proven its my image etc also has anyone ever used the UK copyrig
  9. Has anyone had to deal with aggregation ? I have an unlicensed usage (in the Mediteranean region) and the newspaper involved claims it's only aggregating from another source (same country) in an iframe box . I've read extensively on aggregation issues but most of the decisions I've seen revolve around how much content is reproduced and whether there are pointers back to the original source. In the case of a picture, it's all or nothing - not possible to have a percentage reproduced. In my case, there were no pointers back to my image anywhere, nor was there a credit. The Med is outside Alamy's
  10. I have just been doing a Google image search for some of my zooms and one of the images appeared on a site called Suggestkeyword.com. which tries to do just what you would expect from the title. It should perhaps be renamed KeywordSpamming.com, but more worryingly it offers images for download, with the line "You can always use one of these images but please respect the copyright of the owner, We have provided the source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner." Has anyone else found any of their work on here or tried to contact the site about copyright?
  11. https://torrentfreak.com/cnn-cbc-sued-for-pirating-31-second-youtube-video-150813/
  12. For those that have their images with stock photography providers OTHER than Alamy, this might be of interest. Photoshot have acquired a few other libraries of late and have subsequently instructed Imageprotect.com to trawl the web and find infringements. So imagine my surprise when I received a somewhat "un-delightful" series of emails from Imageprotect of all people, threatening to sue the pants off of me for using my own images on my own website. To be clear, this wasn't a polite cease & desist type email. It came across more that they actually wanted £1000 per image and the
  13. Good news folks: I just had an email from "Alamy Infringements" checking on a possible illegal image use of a photo which is a good multiple seller. I confirmed it was only on Alamy with no direct licenses. This is the first email I've had of this type but maybe more will follow? Kathy
  14. Hello everyone, newbie questions, so please be kind. I have just passed initial QC for "grown-up" Alamy (have some Stockimo images) and am now going through the process of keywording, etc those first 4 little images I have a question - well, two really, about property releases: 1. I have a set of images taken of the facades of 100+ year old buildings. All the photos are taken from a public street, and none of them show people or other copyright items such as logos, etc. From what I know or have researched, the architects of these buildings died well over 70 years ago so therefore co
  15. Seems like there has to be a better way for Alamy and its contributors to find copyright infringements. Like many of you, I use Google's reverse image search to try and track down where my Alamy photos have been used. Though I often find plenty of results, they very rarely credit me, either by my name or my Alamy pseudonyms. Though Alamy is often the credit line, it is not at all uncommon to find that somebody else is- presumably another third party stock agency. And with each search, I seem to open a new can of worms that takes me hours to follow up. As examples, I go to my "zooms" for th
  16. Anyone else get the email from DACS saying the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is trying to reduce it's payment to DACS? How much further can photographers be squeezed?
  17. Good insight to the workings of the Daily Mail Online. The link in the story takes you to the full blog. Now you know why there are so few reported sales from them. http://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2015/mar/05/my-year-ripping-off-the-web-for-the-daily-mail-by-ex-employee
  18. Been trying to get through to the US Copyrights office - visual arts division on +00 1 (202) 707-8202 all day, but only getting through to an answerphone. Trying to get permission to register copyright on published images, electronically instead of having to post it. Anyone know if they have allocated times that they answer the phones, or if there is a different channel available? Thanks, Simon
  19. Photoshelter users be warned. They have introduced Lattice, a Pinterest type "service" with no watermark protection. It took me barely 2 minutes to grab an unwatermarked 1200 x 800 px image. It is yet another opportunity for image theft. You are opted in by default. If you use PhotoShelter and value you your images I suggest you login immediately and opt out. You might also want to share your view on their Blog. I am now taking a hard look at whether I am going to continue using PhotoShelter to store my images as they clearly are not thinking in terms of protecting professional photograph
  20. I am relatively new to the image selling/licensing business and now want to get my images officially registered at a copyright office. I've read the discussion about the topic on the forums but still have some questions. I'm in Canada, but the American copyright site seems more user friendly for registering images. Does I need to register in both countries? Also, the forms usually ask for the title of the image. For most of my stock photos, I don't have a title, unless I've put it on FAA as well, where you must title your artwork. If I don't have a title for the image, do I just giv
  21. The U.S. is currently negotiating a new free trade agreement. It is called The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The negotiations are secret so the only documents available have been leaked. Part of the agreement covers Intellectual Property rights and extension of Copyright. This website is vehemently against it, but it sounds like a positive step for photographers and other content providers. I would be nice if there were more countries as signatories to the treaty as it would require them to adopt U.S. copyright laws. Trade unions here in the U.S. are opposed to the agreement, prob
  22. I was just about to issue a DMCA notice to a WordPress blogger, when I noticed the last statement that I must confirm before issuing the notice: WHAT! So WordPress (http://automattic.com) now require that I have to release all my personal contact information to a stranger who has already proved that they believe themselves to be above the (copyright) law (or at best - and usually more likely - to be ignorant of it), so that I may enforce my rights? Clearly, few copyright owners will want to release personal details to infringers except as a last resort. Are WordPress trying to ap
  23. I have just had someone use 6 (at least) of my images after I explicitly told him that my pictures were not available for free. He must have taken them from the event organisers web site where they were watermarked with a copyright notice. I will be billing the magazine that used them for full list price based on the calculator on my web site - >£500 plus the administrative time of dealing with the theft. I had a clear agreement in writing with the event organisers that they could only use the supplied images on their online presence and confirmed in a separate follow up email that he canno
  24. Hello to everybody, I'm new here at Alamy and I'm from Italy, so my English is very bad, sorry. I already have 24 images on sale, really a lot of images I've got MANY doubts and so any suggestion is wellcome!!!! Do you think I uploaded any image that is not so good and should be better to delete it?? Do you usally post your images on your own website too? May I post my images without watermarks on a social network or a forum?? Not even thumbnails?? Did you ever use any kind of "copyleft" licenses for any of your work somewhere else, and/or what do you think about that?? Quality Cont
  25. I've just had a read through this: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/07/23/uk_gov_copyright_reforms_means_nobody_need_pay_for_images_again/ It makes for very gloomy reading.
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