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  1. Anyone here using the R5? Have you had issues with unsharp images whilst using the IS and mechanical shutter? Did you solve it? And if so what worked? Thanks Phil
  2. Wanting to move from a 7d mark 2 to a full frame sensor with better dynamic range and high ISO performance. I'd love to stay with Canon, if the 5D4 will perform in these categories, as I'm familiar with and very fond of the system. Would love to hear thoughts of current 5d4 users. I have another thread going on this topic at: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10563-high-mp-sensors-lr-and-computing-speed/?tab=comments#comment-189176 Please join us there, rather than starting a somewhat duplicate thread here. Thanks much, Michael
  3. I use a Canon 1DX and have recently purchased a Canon WFT-E6B wireless file transmitter. Unfortunately I do not possess the knowledge to set up this equipment. Can anyone point me in the right direction for someone to assist me. I live in Warrington
  4. Hi, I am looking for a compact camera that would pass the Alamy QA. i know Sony RX100 is ok, but it is not cheap, even the mark 1 version. Does anyone use Canon g9x either mark 1 or 2? It also has a one inch sensor. Thank you
  5. Good afternoon all, After reading numerous reviews on this lenses....all good. Wondering how alamy contributors find this product if you use one. I use the 70 - 300 l series already...but would appreciate any opinions. Thanks Best regards Sparks
  6. Any Canon Canon 5D Mk III users out there..... What are the differences between the Canon 5D Mk II and the Mk III and is it worth upgrading? John.
  7. Hello I am after advice on upgrading my camera. Currently I am using a Canon 50D with the 24-105 L series and ef 100mm macro f2.8 lenses. I was looking at a used Canon 6D with a shutter count of 16,000. Trading in my old camera, the 6D will cost £784.00. I was wondering if the ef 100mm will work ok with the full frame, how good the 6D is, particularly in low light, and if you think it is good value for money. If anybody has any alternative suggestions I would welcome the advice. Many thanks Chris
  8. Hello, I was looking at buying a 170-500mm sigma lens that is for canon. I looked at some of the converters and wondered if you could still autofocus and if any quality is lost. Thanks, Jacob Y.
  9. As an all in one solution, it looks promising: https://luminous-landscape.com/canon-g3x-review/ http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/compact-cameras/canon-g3-x-1297064/review If you search for it on flickr, there are quite a few images most look quite good. Not too thrilled about the lack of a built in viewfinder, but it seems to be a sacrifice for compactness and there is an add on EVF available. When the price drops, if it doesn't somehow end up on the unsuitable list (with the small sensored G15 and 16 on the recommended list, how likely is this?),
  10. I've recently started doing timelapse clips using my Canon 60D and interval shots. Because this often involves pointing the camera at large areas of sky and using small apertures to obtain slow shutter speeds, dust bunnies have suddenly become very noticable - maybe ten or a dozen faint but obvious spots on each image. I searched the internet on how to assess the extent of the problem and discovered how to shoot an out-of-focus area of sky and then use auto-levels on the image to show up the spots. SHOCK! It looked like a passing car had run through a puddle of dirty water and showered my sen
  11. I recently upgraded to Yosemite on my iMac and have just discovered a problem with printing from Photoshop and Lightroom... Printer is a Canon ip5000, and it works ok with adobe reader, open office, safari.... Tried printing today from Photoshop and it took it's usual slow time but put out a complete blank paper, tried with lightroom, same result. Have checked all the utility stuff, printed tests ok, printed from other applications ok. Anybody got any clues as to what might be happening... TIA Phil
  12. Hands up. How many people are using the 3rd party Magic Lantern firmware extension for Canon DSLRs? The ML website contains dire warnings about the possible dangers to one's camera and there is a comprehensive forum thread on what to do when your camera locks up or appears to die. The very existence of this thread makes me nervous, but I'm also tempted by the functions that ML offers. It may be that there are many more happy users than sad ones, but I'd like to know. So, how many people here have used ML successfully and how many have a horror story. Anyone with experience of it on the Canon 6
  13. I am toying with replacing my Canon 1Ds3 (and some other bits) with the 7D2 if it comes up to scratch when I have tried a loan copy; it will be the last step before moving away from dslr technology completely. It is to buy me time for those situations where I need fast AF or long lenses until the Fuji X range catches up. From the DPR tests I have seen the 7D2 will not match the Fuji X for high ISO performance and it will also be rather too noisy to use in poetry readings and other live writer events - I freely used my Fujis barely 10 feet from poets and authors reading their work or in convers
  14. I enjoy shooting landscapes, wildlife and other subjects that frequently require a zoom. I already have a Canon EF 70-200mm L but it just isn't quite long enough. I'm currently considering the Canon EF 100-400L, the Sigma 150-500 or the new Tamron 150-600mm to pair with my Canon 5DM2. I'm especially keen to get the lens by Thanksgiving because I'll be travelling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've already ordered the Tamron but it's on what is likely to be an extended back order. If you wanted a versatile zoom lens to go with a Canon 5DM2 what would you choose (and why)? Will
  15. Hi everybody, I have just been going through some old images from 2009 taken by the old Canon G9. My question: Any of you folks out there in recent times uploaded images from this camera and passed QC. Many thanks, Paul.
  16. I just noticed that both the G16 and the previous G15 are actually on the recommended camera list. Previous Gs are either on the unsuitable list or in limbo between unsuitable and recommended. Has anyone used the G16? Is it that much better than previous models? Also, neither the G1X or the Mark II version are on the recommended list, which is interesting since they have much larger sensors than the other Gs.
  17. Anybody here using the Canon 16-35mm f/4 L lens. I have been struggling for some time with the 17-40mm and it's soft corners on a full frame, i understand that the 16-35 f/4 is better in this area. Some real user advice would be very appreciated. Thanks! Paul.
  18. Hi Guys, Just got back from hols where I was clicking away with my trusty Canon 5D Mk2 and 24-105L when it struggled to lock on to a subject then when I pressed to take the shot up came the error 01. On the screen it said communications between camera and lens is faulty - clean the lens contacts. Now, this lens hardly ever comes off hte camera but I did remove and cleaned the prestine looking contact points. I do not recall knocking or catching the lens anywhere but managed to keep it working at 24mm with no problems until I zoomed in a bit. I have just tried a 16-35 lens and the was no
  19. I'm faced with a multiple location shoot (cities, no remote locations) and am looking for a portable storage/back-up device that means I can transfer raw files from my Canon via CF. I don't use a laptop and the iPad will be too small and slow. Some years ago there were numerous solutions including Canon's Media Storage 30 and 80GB models and I've heard about the Jobo viewers but am wondering what others here use nowadays? Many thanks, Richard.
  20. Hi I just noticed the last couple of batches of files I have uploaded have the date field populated with the wrong date. The date on my camera is set correctly and both the RAW and converted JPEG files are showing the correct date in the properties in Windows Explorer.But when files clear QC and are ready to keyword the automatically filled DATE field always shows 31 12 2013. I am using Lightroom 5.3 for conversion from RAW to JPEG. I have looked through various dialogue boxes in Lightroom and as far as I am aware nothing is amiss with the export settings. Anyone else had this problem?
  21. If you were considering buying a second hand Canon camera, which would you choose out of 1). 1Ds Mk III or 2). a 5D Mk II and why?
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