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Found 6 results

  1. Since 2017, part of the balance in the status of Balance carried forward. Why so long? I read on the forums that I can’t get money for sales. Especially if the purchase was made from Brazil. With this attitude, the desire to add new photos goes away
  2. Hi there, I just got a message that I have sold my 4th images, which is great. But last month my cleared balance was higher than now, although it was just below $50, so I got no payment. What I do not understand that I had no money received from Alamy and my cleared balance went down to $16. Can anyone explain this, please? Many thanks, Zsuzsu
  3. All you need to know about white balance in Lightroom https://youtu.be/TDUm4PDtkCM
  4. Hey, Everyone ... I Made a Sale On the 9th Of April and Supposedly I Have 88.26$ Of Balance carried forward BUT THAT BALANCE NEVER GO TO CLEARED BALANCE ... So Why All this Period Of Time and the balance never go to clear ... nearly a month have passed ??!! .. Is there a Constant Period Of Time On Alamy For Sales To Be Cleared ? ... I Don't Know as it is my First and Only Sale ??!!
  5. hello! I am wondering why the current balance needs to be cleared and it takes too long to complete. Can anyone clarify this or maybe if it is already a topic discussion related on this matter? Thanks! Mihai
  6. I just read and re-read the contract. I thought I'd share my findings because I'm sure others will ask. You are eligible for payout when amounts EXCEED $75 in your cleared balance. I initially thought payout was reached when you achieved a $75 cleared balance but that is not the case As per my cleared balance as of today for the month.... The devil is in the details (and yes I'm smacking my head) LOL
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