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  1. Anyone submitted images from a Fuji x20? I know its on Alamys unsuitable camera list. I have the opportunity to acquire one at a good price. Or would I be wasting my money as far as Alamy is concerned!
  2. I've always been somewhat confused by the statistics on Alamy so I tend to ignore them. All I really knew was that my stats were poor. Thankfully the last 3-4 months have been quite a bit better for me--my zooms are up, I've made a couple sales and for a change my numbers seem to be on par or slightly better than Alamy's. My CTRs for the last three months are 1.61, 0.88 and 0.72. I'm curious whether I'm interpreting the numbers correctly? Does my Average CTR correlate directly to Alamy's Average CTR, and why do I have a Total CTR but Alamy doesn't? My stats under My Alamy today are: My best performing pseudo 0.92 My Total CTR 0.44 My Average CTR 0.67 Alamy's Average CTR 0.46 One last thing is especially confusing...my total zooms dropped by 2 since this morning. How can that happen??
  3. Anyone have experience submitting images to Alamy made with the Phantom Vision II quadcopter's 14 Megapixel camera?
  4. Is it just me or is the Alamy Stock photo up loader not reporting the numbers correctly. I uploaded a batch yesterday, and because it was not showing them as awaiting QC, (in fact it was showing nothing), I uploaded them again. Only to find, a few hours later, it was now reporting correctly (eg double upload) Same thing happened today, except, this time I resisted uploading them again, There is still a long delay between the upload and the reporting!
  5. A separate Stockimo Discussion Area on the Alamy forum would be helpful. Could either be in addition to the current 3 Alamy Discussion Areas, or a separate Category. - Ann
  6. Anyone else out there been with Alamy since the beginning? blimey where's the time gone? I was still in my 30s then... I joined in 2000 but didnt really start uploading for a year or so, then my first sale was A98531 Heres a little blog posting about Alamy... http://bit.ly/1kyj58b
  7. Hello all, First time using the forums for me! I had a question regarding the Alamy Property Release. Context: I have a nice shot of a cruise ship in Santorini's caldera with some islands in the background, and at first I was going to submit it for editorial use since the ship has the company's logo on it. However, after doing some research I discovered that other contributors on other stock sites were successful in obtaining releases for cruise ships after taking the photographs, directly from the companies in question, so I thought there's no harm done in attempting to secure a release. There are a few of questions I have about the Alamy Property Release. Is the contract still legally binding if there is no "Consideration" given? (Consideration as defined in the Release: "means something of value I have received in exchange for the rights granted by me in this release.") I have read somewhere that Consideration must be given in the US, but I'm in the UK. If I have to give the company something in exchange, what could it be? Could I give them a high-res copy of the photo in question? Should I grant them RF rights along with it, or is that a bad idea? Should I send the contract already filled out on my end, or blank? (My details including address etc) I would really appreciate any help with this Thanks! Ronna
  8. Hello, May I suggest the possibility of having this great option called "My Alamy Homepage" (contributor's own website) published on the net in other languages, not only in English. For example, my case. I live in Spain. If I publish "My Alamy Homepage" in English, the possible buyer will be soon discouraged from buying as he goes through the purchase process, especially in the "Image Use" dropdown menu option. Not very many Spanish speaking people understand or read English at this level. Having "My Alamy Homepage" in Spanish would surely help to boost sales. I know that translating a website is a lot of work, but has Alamy thought of the positive side? Thanks for reading. Marcos.
  9. http://share.pdfonline.com/deb15f14606a4e04803ba13860d39a70/IY00429569_A.htm Now you have. Looks like I share it with Jeff G and my local competitor Kim K. Found it by googling my name/Alamy.
  10. I very much like the current cover image, but it does look a little like Freddy Krueger on his holidays! Please don't be offended, as this comment is meant to be humorous! (I have Fred on the brain at the moment, as I have just encountered him during a recent event photo-shoot at the Misty Moon Gallery https://www.facebook.com/whitewindmillphotography?sk=page_insights#!/photo.php?fbid=670542906295745&set=a.670539769629392.1073741838.373446409338731&type=1&theater here's an example! By the way the previous cover image, Florence at night, I think was also spectacular, looked like mild HDR treatment, but much the better for that!
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