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Found 40 results

  1. I updated my iphone6 to IOS 11.0.1 last week. Since then I haven't been able to upload any images. It looks like it is about to uplaaod after I have entered all the caption and tags etc but nothing uploads. Is it just me?
  2. HI All, I'm new here. i first upload 3 photos right after i register with Alamy. then i download Stockimo from the Apps store. I did signed in (using the same email and password) and tried uploading 3 photos. a day later my 3 photos i submitted on Alamy website are rejected but other 2 i submitted by the apps are accepted. If they link together it should show 2 photos on my Alamy dashboard but it doesn't. and now i can't submit any photo from Alamy website. Any body got this problem? what should i do? who should i contact? Does Alamy has technique team to help on? thank you in advance. Noppy
  3. Iphone Stockimo do not accept the + in gmail I signed up using myemail+alamy@gmail.com worked well on your site but not on Stockimo
  4. Does anyone know why Alamy hasn't brought out the app for Android users? Is it in the works for us, in the future. I mean 85% of the world is a fairly large segment that's locked out?
  5. As far as I know Alamy has Stockimo only for iPhone users and not android, correct? Alamy also is a distributor for Eyeem images, which often are made with android, correct? So, Alamy prefers me to join the competitor more than support Alamy directly, correct? I'm starting the game with smartphone photos and it's not iPhone, so I wonder which place to consider...
  6. Hi, anyone want to share their Stockimo sales average / low / high mine: $32,50 / $1,59 / $122,68 Update (13/07): $23,57 / $0,12 (SS-Sales) /$122,68 /Arthur
  7. Hi, How high is the percentage of perfect scores (4/4) you got so far from the Stockimo rating team? Mine 0,97% /1436 images /Arthur
  8. Hi, anyone found any correlation between her/his Stockimo sales and the rating they have got from the Stockimo team so long? The images I sold scored from 2.3 to 3.3...(completely random) None of my perfect scores so long and even none of my 3.7s /Arthur
  9. Hi all I fired up my Stockimo app for the first time in a while only to find it is freezing up on me at the point of adding caption etc info to an uploaded image. Anybody else having problems? I am using it on an iPad rather than iPhone, not sure if that may be an issue? Alex
  10. Hello, I just downloaded Stockimo and uploaded 2 photos. Where can I find more information about the process and experience with Stockimo? How long does it take to rate the photos? Should I use filters? Thanks for you help. Alex
  11. I need a new mobile phone (put the old one through the washing machine!), so toying with the idea of acquiring an iPhone so I can have a go at Stockimo. Always been an Android user until now (phone and tablet), so except for my wife's iPod, iWhatevers are a bit of a mystery. Not a major mobile phone user, so damned if I'm going to pay mega-hundred £'s for a new iPhone just so I might occasionally make a few pennies from Stockimo. Alamy says that anything above a iPhone 4 should be OK for Stockimo. Used iPhone 4s's are going on E Bay for circa £50-70, 5s's for circa £100-120 For a "toe in the water" exercise, those prices are much more realistic. If the phone breaks or Stockimo doesn't deliver, I won't care. Does anyone have any experience / advice / guidance / tips / pitfalls to avoid about these phones? If so very grateful to hear, One final thing: Alamy - 2 years ago you said you were working on an Android app for Stockimo. Is it ever going to appear?
  12. I was wondering if photos taken on an IPhone should be exclusively uploaded via stockimo app, or can you also upload them via alamy on the computer ?
  13. What's people's turn around time from uploading to approval / rejection? I am seeing about 18/24 hours + atm .. It used to be quicker. Also does it looks like it slows if you have many rejections? (It still surprises me what is rejected, especially when I look at the "STOCKIMO sales" thread... (iPhone is all I can use atm as I am not allowed to lift anything as I'm recovering from surgery) Ta ever so...
  14. Hi everyone, Ive had an odd problem uploading to Stockimo on and off over the last year. Sometimes if I edit a picture using standard Apple iOS software (open from pictures and hit edit) Stockimo can no longer see the modified image. My workaround has been to open in photoshop or snapseed to resave but sometimes it decides these are the ones it dosent like today, an today is one of those days! Anyone else had this? Im on an iPhone 6 Thanks Matt
  15. Hi folks. I am uploading iPhone pics to the Stockimo app and once they are approved I can see them on the Alamy image market (the link to my images is this: http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid=%7b025F7D68-D8BB-4290-AC97-3C5B43946A71%7d&name=aftercoffee+%2f+Stockimo&st=11&mode=0&comp=1). However I can't see whether they are sold or not. Do you know how I can find out? Thanks.
  16. Hi all, I'm returning to Stockimo after a break of a few months and seem to be stuck. I'm attempting to upload an image from my iPhone 4S library. The Stockimo app recognises the image, uploads it[?] and I'm presented with the caption and tag buttons. From that point on nothing, nada, zilch, bugger all. I can't add any text anywhere. I've reset the phone, logged in and out of Stockimo, waited for five minutes [just in case it's a background thing] but no joy. If I choose next, I get the warning that I haven't added a caption or any tags! Anyone else have the same experience of can suggest a solution please? Cheers Steve H
  17. I wonder if there are different QC criteria for Stockimo and Alamy. I just sent in my first batch for Stockimo and found that an image shot for Alamy with my D800e is ok but the same image shot with my iPhone 5s is not. I don't mind, but I like to know more about what kind of stock images Stockimo QC is looking for. Any comments on that?
  18. Hi there, Are there any plans to provide stats for stockimo portfolios and images in the same way as the main collection either through the app, through My Alamy or both (even better)? I stumbled on one of my stockimo images in the 'customer likes' the other day so I know they're appearing in searches ;-) Adrian
  19. When I registered with Stockimo I didn't link with Paypal as I didn't have a Paypal account. Thanks to the Have you Found thread I found out I have a couple of Stockimo sales in the pipeline. My understanding is that when the customer pays, the funds automatically go into the photographers Paypal account (if over £10). So I need to create one and link it to my Stockimo account. I have looked on the Paypal website and see that there are Personal Accounts and Business Accounts. The Business Accounts seem more complex to set up and I think incur charges, but Personal accounts don't? Can anyone help with what Paypal account I need for Stockimo sales? When the funds go into Paypal will they then get transferred to my bank account? I am based in the UK. I have tried reading all the small print on Paypal, but found it overwhelming and not sure what I actually need! Thanks for any help and advice, particularly from anyone with and using Paypal in the UK. Carolyn
  20. Film Vs Digital, Canon Vs Nikon, Mac Vs PC, Amateur Vs Pro… In the world of stock photography there’s always been conflicting arguments along the lines of mine’s better than yours with heated opinions in both camps and one of the latest in the long line of topics is: Camera Vs Phone. Read more...
  21. Hi, Does anybody know how long it takes changes made to Tags and Captions in Stockimo to be reflected on Alamy? Regards Carl
  22. Hello, which orientation of pictures you upload to Stockimo and why? My all pictures are square but is it square best format for Stockimo?
  23. Uploaded 20 hours ago, accepted 2 hours ago. Now I can begin sifting through my LG 2 images. Betty
  24. Hi there, Does anyone else has some trouble to upload to Stockimo since upgrading to Os8, or is it just me? Have a good day.
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