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  1. Photography found in newsweek by Travstock http://europe.newsweek.com/celtic-tiger-roars-cosmopolitan-dublin-485177?rm=eu
  2. Just found one of my watermarked alamy images used on a Twitter Feed, check out who is using it! https://twitter.com/PSNIAntrim/status/755429813112954880
  3. Greetings, Which license would you say is most effective to use on your photos when selling wildlife photos? I am talking about mostly factual, unedited wildlife photography. Many thanks
  4. Hello everyone! I recently joined Alamy to sell my pictures online! I am completely new at this. I was just hoping if anyone had any tips/pointers they could give on selling their pictures the best way??
  5. Hello everyone, i'm starting in this site. I hope to be an contributors and sell great photos
  6. It thought it would be nice if I share this link with you http://photogrammar.yale.edu/map/ . So you can browse and enjoy! Cheers,
  7. A must read for everyone. Taylor Swift has just won a victory over Apple, but at the same time she (or her management) restricts photographers at her concerts. A must read. http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/22/photographer-accuses-taylor-swift-of-being-a-hypocrite-over-copyright-in-new-open-letter-following-her-apple-victory-5257575/?fb_ref=Default
  8. Just a quick 'heads-up' about a weekend portrait photography workshop that I will be running at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in August... https://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/short-courses/portrait-photography-keith-morris km
  9. http://onemorepost.com/famous-photographer-portraits-behind-photographs/
  10. So here I sit, staring at the screen of the new MacBook Pro that arrived last night, facing the decision I've dreaded--whether to sign up for Creative Cloud or switch. I've used Photoshop and Lightroom for many years, I like them plus they do everything I need and more. However I hate the idea of a monthly payment. What are my other options? So far I'm considering: Purchase the new Lightroom 6 but can it be installed standalone? Go with Lightroom 5.5 but I worry there may be compatibility issues with my Sony A7ii raw files. Purchase CS6 standalone but its very expensive and Adobe is going to stop supporting it very soon so then it will presumably become glitchy without updates. Buy Adobe Elements and do without many of my favorite features. Buy Corel and settle for less than the best. DXOptic Pro - I know nothing about it and it sounds like Lightroom is better for about the same price. Other? If I go with the Adobe CC what can I do to reduce the monthly cost, are there coupons or discounts available? Should I buy an old version of Photoshop to use for upgrading? Also, I use Topaz plugins a lot and would miss them. I'm open to suggestions...
  11. A quick heads up on something i'm doing in a few months time... A ONE OFF SEMINAR - HOW TO MAXIMISE SALES THROUGH ALAMY. Stock imaging and how to sell through Alamy Photo Library – maximise your sales. Exciting news, for some it has been increasingly difficult to make an impact and reasonable income from stock images, this has become more difficult by the increasing number of digital photographs being made available in the market place, but this is about to change and you can be part of that change! I have recently discovered someone who has inspired me – he is probably the top contributor and seller in the UK with Alamy – one of the UK’s largest picture agencies. Keith is a successful freelance news, editorial, arts and features photographer based in Aberystwyth on the west Wales coast. In a career spanning nearly 35 years he has covered a vast range of stories and events for major national newspapers and magazine in the UK and abroad and has been commissioned by major organisations such as the BBC, the National Trust, the National Lottery, and the Welsh Government. His photographs have been published in hundreds of books and magazines all over the world As an additional way of earning a living from his work he contributes to a small number of photo agencies and picture agencies in the UK. Since joining Alamy in 2006 he has grossed over $270,000 in image sales, that’s an average in excess of $30,000 a year – enough to buy his house, with the vast majority of those photos made within walking distance of his home in the centre of Aberystwyth!! Having not been abroad since 1987 he makes a virtue of working in a very small local area, and finds new ways of looking and seeing, and finding the commercial potential of everyday situations and activities, and he sells at least one image a day! I have invited him to lead a 1 day seminar/workshop where he will show examples of his work, talk about what makes a saleable image, how best to get them on Alamy’s site and how to keyword those images. There will be an opportunity for you to take images and have them assessed to see if they fit the ideal for Alamy. The seminar will be held at the Stratton House Hotel in Cirencester on Saturday 25th April 2015. Space will be limited so to take full advantage of this seminar and open up the opportunity for you to begin selling more images book your space now. The seminar fee is £150.00 and will include tea/coffee and a light lunch. To book call Graham Light on 01793 752671 or email him at consult@abbey-studios.co.uk www.abbeyphotoschool.co.uk and www.abbey-studios.co.uk
  12. Taking photos of your food (certainly in a non-professional manner) gets a lot of bad press and comments such as crass and bad taste, yet it’s everywhere. Sex and food is relevant to everyone. Even those that deride food photography have to eat and if it wasn’t for sex they wouldn’t be here to complain about food photography; however foodporn is much easier and more socially acceptable to share than porn in a more traditional sense. Read more...
  13. Spring is often the season we choose to talk about what will shape our futures. The air is fresh, and as nature, we want to renew ourselves too. As photographers it is the time we ask how to reinvent what we do. What new technologies will emerge on the market? What gear shall we choose? And no wonder, with technology evolving this quickly, you only need to blink before a new upgrade of your camera is on its way. It’s an expensive addiction, but how can we resist? Read more...
  14. Photographing Longevity - thoughts on the trend of contemporary photography depicting seniors. Read more...
  15. After much angst and months of indecision I finally purchased the Sony A7ii. Size and weight were the primary reasons for the switch and the in-body image stabilization was the final factor that pried my beloved Canon 5DM2 out of my hands and replaced it with the A7ii. In this model Sony swapped positions for the shutter button and the aperture dial making it much more comfortable to hold and use. This also helped seal the deal for me. I'm not shooting weddings or studio portraits so my needs will vary from a full-time pro photog. It's been a couple weeks and my first batch of images just came out of QC so I thought I'd share my initial images and feelings about the camera. How the camera would perform at night handheld was a major concern so my first shots are all from walks around Miami at night and with no tripod (my next tests will be tripod-mounted at low ISOs). I can assure you I would not have any usable images from my 5DM2 under similar conditions and my expectations were low that the Sony would do significantly better. I was wrong. All were shot using the FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens with the camera set to shoot RAW in Aperture Priority Mode at f/5.6. The camera selected the ISO and length of exposure. The images below are the result. There was noise in the RAW images but it was easily handled by my noise reduction software at a moderate setting. ISO 6400, 1/20 sec Focal length: 28.0mm ISO 6400, 1/15 sec Focal length: 64.0mm ISO 6400, 1/5 secFocal length: 33.0mm ISO 6400, 1/10 secFocal length: 70.0mm ISO 6400, 1/20 sec Focal length: 28.0mm
  16. Does anyone know of a good unaligned stock photographers forum/ discussion group? A place where the discussion can be taken wider than Alamy matters and we can get a broader perspective? I am a member (& back up administrator) of such a group for writers on Facebook - it was spawned when a web site we wrote for changed direction and effectively became non-paying. It has become a very useful, positive and supportive site for nearly 350 writers. I am in no way suggesting that Alamy is going wrong, far from it - Alamy is much better many other places I have submitted, but our discussions are entirely appropriately constrained to Alamy related matters. There are topics I, and I am sure others, would like to discuss that are not appropriate here. I would find such a group a useful adjunct to these forums. Would anybody else?
  17. Hi everyone Iam new here at Alamy and was wondering if any one coude critique my portfolio to see if its going the right way normally only shooting video but gonna give the Photography side a chance as well. Daniel (NIar)
  18. Mihai Popa

    Picture needs

    Can you post all picture needs in a topic on Alamy forum so contributors can keep track of all requests?
  19. So i am thinking is it best to become exclusive member of some stock agency or post photos on all of them.As exclusive member is bonded to only stock site but can earn high commision . Sowith1@gmail.com
  20. When reading your post, some of you have mentioned who purchased your photographs. I asked Alamy how I could find out and maybe get a copy of a brochure or magazine and was told that is not possible, yet I still find some who seem to know. Can you tell me how you find out? Thanks
  21. Photograph BJJMX2 Photographer Tom Till http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2013/apr/22/worlds-most-expensive-holiday-sold Plus 2 others
  22. There was much debate in the other place about the legal position on photographing in public in France This article from the New York Times provides some very useful and timely observations http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/23/paris-city-of-rights/ km
  23. I have always thought of "editorial" photography as press related photography. The stuff of magazines, newspapers, etc. Lately, I have seen various photographer websites of non-newsworthy or non-documentary related photography that had labels of "editorial" photography. The images were more conducive to what I would call "advertising" photography. Should editorial newsworthy/documentary photographers label themselves as "photojournalists"? Should advertising photographers label themselves as "editorial" photographers? What say you? What would you use for SEO purposes on your website? How do you make the distinction?
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