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  1. If I have a photograph of an individual who is wearing Oakley sunglasses, but you can't really tell they are Oakley (I know they are Oakley), can I sell the image without making it for editorial use only (since I clearly don't have a release from Oakley)? I do have a model release from the individual.
  2. I am new here and I'm still trying to find my way around. I tried to find past threads about filling in the Alamy model release section about payment but I couldn't find anything and was hoping someone could give me some advice about how they fill that part in. The part that I am curious about is where it states 'for good and valuable Consideration of ..........., herein acknowledged as received'. I can see if I hire a model, but, what if I make a photograph of someone on the street or at a festival? Is it customary to offer them money? What is normally put in this section if it's just a spur
  3. I am sure this would have been asked before, but couldn't find a response through searching. I am completing a model release form for some photos of my (non-minor) daughter. I plan on using her in a number of future shoots. Does Alamy accept generic model releases? By this I mean, for shoot date, will Alamy accept 'various' or alternatively a range of dates (say '1 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2015'), and for shoot description, say, 'all photographic shoots during the specified shoot dates' (or words to that effect). Or does Alamy only accept a model releases on a per shoot basis?
  4. I'm not sure if I need any MR or PR for images with graves. There are visible names and it belongs to known persons. Example: E0K4X6 (under indexation today). Any ideas appreciated
  5. I've been here on Alamy for over a year now and have never added releases to my images. I want to start doing that when I can as I know it helps sales. But I have some basic questions, which may be a bit silly but here goes.. If I'm doing a model release for an image that doesn't show someone's face (e.g., it shows just their hands), do I affix a regular photo with their face to the release?, and would it have to show the body part e.g. hands? Or would the affixed photo just be of the hands? Also is it best to use a generic model and property release? If someone submits to more tha
  6. Do any of you happen to have a simple Spanish language (Mexican Spanish) minor model release for photo/video that you can share? I'm shooting stills and video of a pre-school class where the parents don't speak English.
  7. This is a great article for a question that comes up quite frequently on the forum.... http://www.pdnonline.com/features/What-Photographers-N-10515.shtml#
  8. Hi folks, I'm new here on Alamy and I'm trying to figure out if, and how, I can attach a picture of a model to the model release PDF. There doesn't seem to be tools to attach an image, although all the text fields, including the signature, are working perfectly. I'd be really grateful for any help. Thanks in anticipation, Tom.
  9. I have a digital photo of Princess Diana taken in 1985 which I am wanting to list as stock, under a rights managed licence. Understand I don't need a model release for an editorial photo but since the photo is so old I wanted to make sure. I have just called both Buckingham Palace and Clarence House and have been informed that they have never heard of a 'model release' and that I am free to publish the photo as I choose. Does anyone know if this is correct? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  10. Where do I get the form for model release for alamy ? Do any MR form is valid as for example the one I use for Getty Images ? thanks for your help
  11. I was about to post into the Alamy suggestions area for some updated model releases, seeing how Alamy wants to expand in the creative markets. But I can't even find the old model release that Alamy used to have. Only the one from 3rd party, vm release under resources, thrid party software. Has Alamy got rid of the paper release? Simon
  12. I've posted a number of images from my own commercial Web site (fromoldbooks.org, hope it's OK to mention it) and a lot of them are woodcuts, often with people in them. The people are usually generic, e.g. to give a sense of scale in an engraving of a building, or two Victorian gentlemen comforting a forlorn-looking boy at a funeral (to illustrate a story, fiction). I have done extensive research to make sure the pictures are not encumbered in any way. If I say there are 3 people in th funeral engraving then I have to upload a model release in order to sell the imate as royalty-free.
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