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  1. All you need to know about Tone Curve in Lightroomhttps://youtu.be/cGib3rR8zG0
  2. Two examples of complete editing workflow using only the Basic Panel in Lightroomhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRb45WCZti0
  3. All you need to know about post processing timelapses using Lightroom and After Effects https://youtu.be/PVnjDUrnXNc
  4. I have seen recently a lot of discussions about the standalone Lightroom vs the CC subscription. My favorite tool is only available through the subscription, the magic Dehaze slider, in my opinion worth on its own the $10 per month. I have also found a tiny little bug... https://youtu.be/-7K8yXVYVxk
  5. Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation, all you need to know about managing color intensity https://youtu.be/m0qQ5JItbSk
  6. All you need to know about white balance in Lightroom https://youtu.be/TDUm4PDtkCM
  7. New Lightroom tutorial: The Develop Module interface Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Lightroom: Color grading in the basic panel of Develop Module. Your comments very much welcome https://youtu.be/PbHAH8NgzGM
  9. If you are interested in time lapses, you don't want to miss this one
  10. New Lightroom video tutorial Cropping, import preset, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, transform upright. I look forward to your comments. Many thanks Preparing images for editing
  11. New video tutorial: All about keywording in Lightroom. Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Lightroom tutorial video: Ranking, selecting and color coding. I look forward to your comments. Thanks
  13. Lightroom tutorial A guided tour of the Library Module Your comment very much appreciated. Many thanks
  14. Guided tour of the Library Module. I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ubiSk03MbQ
  15. A lot of people have shown interest for the new tools in LR Classic: the luminosity and color masks.Here is an in-depth review of the tools:
  16. These are my impressions about the new cloud based version of Lightroom. I would like to know other user's opinions about it
  17. I have been working with the new version of Lightroom (the Classic CC) for over a week now. Here are my first impressions. I would like to hear other users comments:
  18. Is anyone else frustrated with the lack of development in Lightroom when it comes to keywording? LR has been out for ten years and there has been next to no development in the area of keywording in that time. I have written an open letter to Adobe outlining just ten things that would make a huge difference to us as professional or stock photographers - you can read it here: https://www.ians-studio.co.uk/2017/10/an-open-letter-to-adobe-lightroom-keywording-ten-years-of-neglect/ I'd love to get this open letter in front of the powers that be at Adobe - if you agree
  19. Hello everyone I am new here (Passed QC about a week ago). I have prepared more images, but I'd like to make keywording as easy as possible. I have keyworded some of my images in Lightroom and would like to know if Alamy reads image metadata, that I see in LR (keywords, title, description) and will apply them after upload? Michael
  20. Does anyone know what the compatible fields are for the new IM in LR, ie number of people, caption, place, etc?
  21. A Lightroom CC / Camera raw update is available details here: http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2016/12/lightroom-cc-2015-8-now-available.html
  22. Is there an automated way (e.g. preset) in LR to achieve a similar result to the auto-contrast function in PSE? I've tried the LR auto-tone and it messes with too many settings (highlights, shadows etc.) and I often don't like the result. I just want something that sets the black and white points automatically on a batch of images with varying exposure etc.
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