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  1. Now that with the new image manager, we are limited to 50 keywords / tags, I just wanted to remind everybody about this lovely little application that counts words and characters, removes duplicate words and shows and corrects spelling mistakes. You can also drag and drop the words around Take a look at https://sellfy.com/p/P2Di/ And now on a special summer sale (50% off) for a few more days
  2. I have a number of images of street food vendors in Bangkok and was curious to see where they appeared in a search. I entered "Bangkok food vendors" and was initially happy to see 10 images of mine on the first page. However, searching further I began to wonder what had happened to the rest. I searched in AIM using the same search term and 22 images were displayed so I changed the search to "Bangkok street vendor" and up came 75 images. I think it is quite natural that someone searching for an image of a Bangkok food vendor would actually use the plural version just as I think it is quite natural for me when keywording to use the singular version. I am sure that most of the "old hands" will be aware of this but for me it is a lesson learned!
  3. This has probably been asked before but... When I look at my tags from images submitted a while back; I see there are several words which I submitted separately which now appear as one tag. For example one tag that reads "portrait face skill talent concentration" Is this because I did not separate the words with commas? Should I go back and separate these multiple word tags as they may hinder searches? Thanks, Chuck
  4. Aside from Alamy's own instructions, what would you say is the best Alamy keywording tutorial? Is there anything special out there?
  5. I would like to have the option to designate a keyword/tag as a name so that it would bypass the translation software.
  6. This might make a few people laugh on a dark grey Monday morning So I've been a member of Alamy a few years now, started as I covered some live music & occasional live news with a little bit of stock, gradually adding more images and I now have 2000 images up, but the pain of adding keywords etc and not understanding them, the search engine, what sells etc, All this meant I wondered how people with much larger collections spent the time editing & adding keywords etc as my way was very slow, going from image to image copy and pasting, permissions etc But...I've Just discovered batch edit!!! Doh!!
  7. Hi, would any of you US-based smart folk be able to identify the rusted car in this shot? http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=H79K29&imgt=0 thankyou Kate
  8. Does this really help in your experience? Is this allowed? I could write in Italian, german and english. Google might help with other languages if they were relevant. Would I see any raise in sales using all of them, if not for all, at least for the most meaningful words?
  9. Hi Just joined Alamy and have a question about keywords. In the help it says not to use commas to separate keywords that's fine but how does the system now how to differentiate a phrase from an individual word eg "bird in long grass" does it see it as 4 separate keywords? Its just that I'm used to using commas to separate keywords and phrases and it doesn't quite feel right to only leave a space. Thanks
  10. I am trying to understand the translation process that will allow me to set my keywords in the IPTC Stationary pad and have them in the right format when I go into Alamy. I have them currenty as keyword, keyword1, keyword2 etc. When they come into Alamy I am finding that the commas seperating the keywords are missing. I am basically trying to get to the point where with Live_News I ftp from photomechanis or using filezilla and the keywords work straight away without editing. Any help appreciated.
  11. Can anyone advise me how many keywords to use as i have added a few keywords, but the don't appear to be reconised as alamy are asking me to add keywords before the images can be made ready for sale...confusing.
  12. Having just had my first batch of shots pass QC I set about separating the key words between essential/ less essential - but soon discovered that I'm unable for some reason to cut and paste relevant words from the collection of keywords uploaded with each image. Without the C&P facility separating and correctly allocating the key words will be a laborious chore, so can anyone out there tell me if I'm omitting to do so something really obvious? As far as I can see the only means of cutting and pasting is via the Safari Edit menu, which, as I say won't allow me to actually paste any of the words that I select. If someone can help I'd be really obliged!
  13. If you submit photos with English keywords how does someone (who doesn't know English language) in, for example Asia, search for images? Are the keywords that you enter translated into other languages for sales in other countries? If not, can you enter your own keywords in a 2nd language? Thanks.
  14. I'm new to Alamy. So any help with this would be much appreciated. I uploaded a bunch of images onto my account. When I went to My Alamy to Manage My Images, I noticed that the keywords associated with each image were imported under "Comprehensive Keywords" but each word was separated by a space instead of comma. Do I have to insert a comma for the keywords and then move them into "Essential" and "Key"? Also, what's the difference between "Comprehensive" and "Key" ? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, Yesterday I key worded 5 image so that they would be on the site today. But when i went to look for them in "manage my images" it said no images ready. But there were 5 image left in the "ready" section and none on alamy. Is this just slow site upload? or is it a glitch? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Jacob Y.
  16. Hi Folks, I came from another agency where they have a tool might be interesting to have here. When you are editing description, keywords, etc, you may copy them from another image of yours you have already edited. I understand we have a batch editing tool which is very helpful by the way, but the possibility to copy those atributes from another image make it quite easy, you could even copy them to a batch of images. So, I will leave the sugestion if you guys think its interesting. It made my life much easier in the other agency. And I have more than 13.000 images there so you can imagine how many editing I had to do there. Thank you, Alex,
  17. Hi, I'm very new to Alamy but I do upload to other agencies as well so I'm a bit experienced on how micro stocks work. I use Lightroom CC on a 5k Retina iMac where I input in my keywords. Alamy doesn't seem to pick those up. When I try to add keywords on the Alamy website by copying and pasting them from a Pages document, the site won't let me copy and paste. Do I have to manually type in the keywords for every photograph?
  18. Out of curiosity I went back through all the Alamy search engine result anomalies reported in this thread and find that all of them seem to be fixed. Search terms Previously reported result Latest Result walking dog park 5,963 6,767 walking dog park UK 59 1,538 walking park dog UK 1,405 1,538 park walking dog UK 1,405 1,538 walking dog UK park 66 1,538 hotel paris las vegas 1,216 8,215 las vegas hotel paris 7,106 8,215 mountain vancouver 166 5,499 vancouver mountain 30 5,499 mountain in vancouver 2,137 2,192 interesting, I though "in" would be ignored... grouse mountain vancouver 166 567 vancouver grouse mountain 518 567 stone wall lake district [WOP] [RM] 150 2,843 "stone wall" lake district [WOP] [RM] 2,101 2,097 All the above seem to have been fixed (although I thought "in" should be ignored)? Hope I haven't made any typos. Does this mean the search engine has now been fixed, or that Alamy have just patched the items reported to them above? Is anyone else still seeing any other anomalies?
  19. Hi over the last few weeks I had several search results in All of Alamy which I don't understand. 1. F59CMG. This picture showed up in a search for "make a bird house", although the word make is neither in the keywords nor caption. 2. Two searches, one for "liguria sea", the other for "Liguria sea". Same day, 100 views (i.e., one page) each. On the two searches, different images of mine showed up. Are keywords case-sensitive after all? 3. A picture of mine showed up in a search for "erdnussöl", which is German for peanut oil. I only used English keywords. Is there an automatic keyword translation mechanism? 4. One of my pictures has, among others, the following keywords: "cow bell, cheese making". It showed up in a search for "cow bell making". Why? I thought by using commas to separate key expressions rather than individual keywords I could prevent such false results.
  20. Hi! I'd like to suggest this little big improvement in the keyword management section, though maybe I'm not new in asking this: it would be great if keywords where just one section, not split over three parts. That would save A LOT of time, and the process of managing images would be less tedious. Thanks Alamy staff for your care, L.S.
  21. When I started with Alamy I was new to stock photography and foolishly uploaded and added captions, locations, tags and other attributes in Manage Images for many of my images. Is there anyway to download a spreadsheet with all this information so I can more easily add them back to my images in Lightroom?
  22. When I keyword in LR5 and upload them and go to manage them, I find all my keywords are gone. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? I upload to the Live News feed, and they show there. Thanks for the help.
  23. Hi everyone, I need a little help to make my photos more visible to buyers and would really appreciate an honest critique of my uploaded photos and keywords if you are willing to spare the time. I joined in 2009 and only have 133 photos for sale, a paltry number I know, so uploading regularly is my first way to improve visibility. I have sold three photos ( not a lot I know ) whilst having only 66 photos on the site, so I feel I can produce salable work. I tend to photograph in my local area of Salisbury and the New Forest, UK. Weymouth, the Jurassic coast and Southampton are also potential areas of industry, docklands and landscapes to source new material for Alamy. I rarely travel abroad so travel subjects will be few and far between unless my circumstances change. I now use the Canon 6D and L lenses and have had success with Alamy's QC process on a more regular basis. This has been encouraging in itself so I'm more inclined to add to the millions of photos already on here:) I'm aware the stock industry is a saturated field and prices are almost rock bottom but my photos are better up for sale than hidden away on my hard drive. Thank you in advance for your time and comments. Alan.
  24. Peter Noyce


    OK, so we have the 'lets talk about pics' sub section how about a 'lets talk about keywording' section. As a bunch of image makers we hopefully know how to make a photo but the best photo in to world will sit there unfound and unloved (and more importantly unsold) without keywords. It's a topic that comes up from time to time in the other sections but it's so important it's got to be worth a raise in status. I'm not just talking about the 'can you identify this...' enquiries but 'more, less, include in all three, essential only, UK and US spellings' etc. My browser just underlined enquiries presumably as it wants me to use the US preferred inquiries. Maybe even some input from Big Al.
  25. The keywords themselves I don't have an issue with, but I find I'm wasting too much time with redundancy. I put all the effort into keywording in Lightroom, yet when brought into Alamy, I have to redo it. I downloaded the Lr plug in for Alamy in the hopes to alleviate some of the wasted time and monotony. But before using it I have some questions to be sure I do it correctly and don't mess up anything I've already done or have in Lr catalogs. At present I have both Lr 3.5 and 4.4, with 4 different catalogs; 1 exclusively for Alamy. I use Collections to keep track of those I've used in Almay and other sites by using their Name and label color. I have a separate folder for each of the stock sites I use with a copy of the JPEG sent within them. All my original/sent images are on 4 external hard drives (use 1, 3 as backups of which 1 is offsite) and have backups of catalogs on 3 different external drives (1 flash drive to transfer to offsite external). Yes I'm paranoid, but if anything goes wrong, I will lose very little. If needed to know: I use a 27" iMac with 12GB RAM, 3.3GHz duo core CPU, calibrated with Spyder Elite 4 and have only necessary things on the internal drive; 930GB free of 1TB. So the questions: 1. When using the plug in, I first should just upload the images w/o keywords. Correct? 2. After images are accepted, then use it to put in the keywords in the perspective places and shoot it back to Alamy. Yes? When I do this they will be where they should and all I need to do is license, etc. if I choose to do that within Alamy. 3. Using this plug in will not effect the images that are used on other sites. Right? Meaning if either I use a Virtual Copy for Alamy and original on another or visa versa, the plug in won't affect the other. Or if I use different catalogs for stock sites it won't interfere with any of them. 4. I've always preferred not using plug ins; i.e. for Flickr, etc., but hope I can get detailed info on how to use this the best way w/o any chance of corruptions, etc. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Charly
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