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  1. Aside from Alamy's own instructions, what would you say is the best Alamy keywording tutorial? Is there anything special out there?
  2. If a photo has passed QC, been managed and is online for licensing, is there any kind of downside to adding keywords or updating a description?
  3. Hi All I am writing here to get some advice in relation to key-wording. I have 108 photos on sale on Alamy so far and I have only made one RF Sale (photo of a panda) Could you please tell me how I could improve my key-wording to get better sales figures? Do you use any abbreviations? commas? special words? Please share your experience with me so that I can learn Thanks!
  4. Hello! I have been a member for about a month and I am slowly uploading images on Alamy. I only have 59 on sale and a few others waiting to be keyworded, but the ones which are already on the website don't seem to be visible. I have 20 views and no zooms. I know this is quite early to ask, but am I doing something wrong? Should I choose other keywords for my images or it simply takes more time to have views and then sales?
  5. Clearly proper keywording is an art that I have failed to master. Alamy's recent changes showing all keywords below the image makes that all too obvious. Before I go back through and modify keywords for all 1671 images I'd like a clear plan of what I need to change. Rather than focusing on additional keywords that are needed, I'd primarily like help with organizing and annotating them (of course I'll gratefully accept suggestions for additional keywords as well). I'm guessing this discussion will benefit others as well. For discussion purposes I've selected a recent image at random. M
  6. A fellow-contributor has this morning asked me if I'd seen that seemingly all keywords are apparently visible at the bottom of a picture window? I hadn't. Search through your own work and look at the very bottom of each window. Is it a glitch or a permanent feature whose announcement we both missed? Richard.
  7. I have been meaning to ask this for ages. According to Alamy's website, Essential Keywords: The most important words and phrases for the image. Although you have 50 characters, try to limit yourself to just 35 - about 6 to 8 words only. Can someone please tell me why?
  8. Does anyone use keywords that suggest possible uses, as well as just content? A search for 'book cover' brings up a lot of images of existing books, of course, but also some images suitable for that use. Likewise for 'greetings card'. Does anyone have any evidence that this helps customers? Has anyone had any sales traceable to similar searches?
  9. I'd like to suggest that there be an button somewhere on the website where photographers can download keywording spreadsheets without having to email member services. Perhaps the finished sheets could also be uploaded like images or releases. Or is this already there?
  10. I found I had some pictures show up in a search for White Tiger, and when I looked they were photos I uploaded on Sunday, with no white tigers. But I can see where the problem has arisen. They went up in the News Feed. Caption: "Members of the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team, known as the White Helmets, performing at the Glasgow Show 2013 on Glasgow Green. The team started in 1927; members of the team are all serving soldiers in the Royal Signals who perform on their 1970s 750cc Millennium Triumph TR7V Tiger motorcycles around the UK between April and September." 'White Helmets' i
  11. The keywords themselves I don't have an issue with, but I find I'm wasting too much time with redundancy. I put all the effort into keywording in Lightroom, yet when brought into Alamy, I have to redo it. I downloaded the Lr plug in for Alamy in the hopes to alleviate some of the wasted time and monotony. But before using it I have some questions to be sure I do it correctly and don't mess up anything I've already done or have in Lr catalogs. At present I have both Lr 3.5 and 4.4, with 4 different catalogs; 1 exclusively for Alamy. I use Collections to keep track of those I've used in Al
  12. Hi guys I always give the Linnaean Latin taxonomies for flora and fauna. Typically, it's not a problem but occasionally, some of these are the same word repeated twice. For instance, Milvus milvus is a Red Kite. Am I right in thinking that I may as well just put "milvus" in the Alamy keywords rather than "Milvus milvus"? What's the panel's view?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm have a question about portfolios here. Is it possible to edit keywords in your port and if so how? I looked around the 'my alamy' section, but couldn't find anything. Forgive me if this is an easy question, I'm somewhat 'new' here (not very active.) Thanks in advance.
  14. Greetings everyone, I remember that long-long time ago there used to be a way (or am I dreaming?) to download one's meta-data (i.e. titles, keywords and such) in a single file, edit it and re-upload. Is it still that way? Does anybody know how to pull this one out? Thank you!
  15. I've been looking for the page that Alamy posted a while ago on the preferred, or most effective ways of describing ages such as '3 year-old' etc. A link would be appreciated. Thanks, Richard.
  16. What can retrospectively be done about poor keywording, spam and poor search results? E.g. do a search on Grey Whale sorted by 'new'. See any Grey Whales? Similarly 'Blue Whale' - not one actual 'Blue Whale' in the most recent 200 uploads. A huge amount of overlap and nary a whale in the overlapped material. Surely buyers are really put off by this sort of thing. (I could give plenty more examples). Or is the idea that if you choose 'new' rather than 'relevant', your search result doesn't actually have to relate at all to the search term?
  17. I should know this by now and I'm sure it would have been covered in the old forum. As an example - if I put White flower flowers, will it be picked up in a search for white flower and white flowers? Or should I put white flower white flowers? John
  18. Trying to digest a lot in a short space of time, I would really appreciate a bit of advice. I have uploaded a few photos to the main stock photo part of the site, and have just joined the newsfeed. I have used iTag to add titles, descriptions and tags to images quickly and in bulk. 1) Please confirm I can have 600 characters in the caption field for the newsfeed, but only 128 characters for standard stock uploads. 2) When my newsfeed images are added to the stock image part of the site, they do not have a description. 3) When my newsfeed images are added to the stock image
  19. OK, so we have the 'lets talk about pics' sub section how about a 'lets talk about keywording' section. As a bunch of image makers we hopefully know how to make a photo but the best photo in to world will sit there unfound and unloved (and more importantly unsold) without keywords. It's a topic that comes up from time to time in the other sections but it's so important it's got to be worth a raise in status. I'm not just talking about the 'can you identify this...' enquiries but 'more, less, include in all three, essential only, UK and US spellings' etc. My browser just underlined
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