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  1. Hi folks, I’m a newbie and I’m making some progress. Keywording and tags take much more time than checking QC on my photos. I’m realizing as I go along that I need to take more notes as I go along on trips. I’m so busy concentrating on taking photos that I haven’t taken the time to note down the names of streets etc. This causes me problems later, particularly if it’s a city I have never been to before. I had noticed that if I have the correct address for a building that discoverability goes way up! ​ How do you folks tackle this problem? I have read all of the recent posts on discoverab
  2. I am getting ready to run the keywording marathon so have been cruising the web for a keywording philosophy. This article by Dan Heller has some good up to date advice, even though it was written in 2007. It is a long read, but worth your attention. http://danheller.blogspot.ca/2007/04/keywording-and-future-of-stock.html
  3. In trying to keep from falling into the trap of keyword spamming, I wondered if anyone here could answer this question: If I have the keywords "swallowtail" and "butterfly" for an image, is it redundant to add "swallowtail butterfly"? Or, by having "swallowtail butterfly", does it make it more likely that my image will show up higher in the search results if a customer searches for "swallowtail butterfly"? And, going the other way, if I have only keyworded "swallowtail butterfly", will my image appear in search results for just "swallowtail" or "butterfly"? Megan
  4. The image below is yet to be submitted here for my portfolio. I just dug it out while working on a cancer-fund-raising campaign for a terminally ill patient. The image proved to be very effective, particularly so, as the gentleman in the image is the subject of our campaign. I suppose images with the possibility of being included in social campaigns can indeed be fairly useful from stock pov. And, the ironical fact of the matter is that while shooting this image, I wasn't aware at all as to the context in which I'll be using this image one day. Of course now I will need to be just that much mo
  5. Hi, i am new to alamy. I've been uploading my photos with metadata to this site. But, my keywords for e.g: apple, fruit, red appear as apple fruit red. Do i have to add comma between them or is it okay without keywords? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Is it possible to update one's keywords on an Apple mobile device like iPad or iPhone? Just tried to do it now and got an error message that Adobe Flash is required...which isn't supported by Apple .
  7. We're starting to work on something we've wanted to do for a while now: improving the upload and keywording process. Although our turnaround times for image processing are one of the quickest in the business, it's clear that our upload tool and keyword management areas of the site could be far more user friendly. We're looking at vastly streamlining the whole process to make keywording and uploading more elegant and efficient which should make submitting images to us a far more enjoyable experience. So what would you want to see changed / bought in? We're already sold on the idea o
  8. Hi over the last few weeks I had several search results in All of Alamy which I don't understand. 1. F59CMG. This picture showed up in a search for "make a bird house", although the word make is neither in the keywords nor caption. 2. Two searches, one for "liguria sea", the other for "Liguria sea". Same day, 100 views (i.e., one page) each. On the two searches, different images of mine showed up. Are keywords case-sensitive after all? 3. A picture of mine showed up in a search for "erdnussöl", which is German for peanut oil. I only used English keywords. Is there a
  9. Hi Anyone else having problems with the Manage Images tabs? Drop downs do not appear to be working in the attributes section. I cannot exit without resorting to Task Manager and closing from there. I am running Windows 7 Pro and using latest Firefox browser Chris
  10. I got the "Our Customers want your US images" email, which reminded me of this keywording question. All my images are from the US. I usually do not put any country identification in my keywords (and stopped using the "Location" field long ago). I figure that someone looking for an image in the US will search for a more specific location, but I've concluded that I need to add country ID. So what to add?: US, USA, United States, America, all of the preceding? How about the location field?
  11. Being able to take a great photo is a good start to becoming a successful stock photographer. Being able to process your photos to maximise their impact on a website is also an important skill. Being able to describe your photos to a potential buyer however is an essential and sadly often ignored part of the process. Read more...
  12. Does the Alamy Search Engine recognise special characters such as accents? For example if I have a photo of a cafe which was taken in France, is it worth adding the keyword Café as well as Cafe? Does anybody keyword in foreign languages as well? Does it help with distributor sales or do clients predominately search in English as it is an English site? Many Thanks Michael
  13. Hi there! I have started a couple of months ago and am still testing the waters at Alamy. As the keywording process here is so very tiresome and time consuming my portfolio is still very small. I am thinking about outsorcing the keywording process and would highly appreciate if anyone could share his or her experiences and recommend a keywording service provider. As I have quite a few accepted images that still need to be keyworded it would be perfect if there was a service provider that could keyword these images too. Cheers, Andreas
  14. Why put keywords in quotation marks? In their guidelines Alamy state that putting keywords in quotation marks: "Tells the search engine to only find results where the search terms are an exact match for the keywords." And the benefits are: "... images keyworded in this way will be found earlier in the search results." However, when I run a test on my own images this doesn't seem to be the case. I chose the fairly unusual term "queen excluder" (a piece of equipment used by beekeepers), which gave me a manageable number of results. When I enter the search term in quotation marks
  15. Oh, joy. If the referendum goes the way the polls are suggesting, we at Alamy may have to edit our Scotland keywords, though from what to what, I haven't got to grips with yet. But I do use 'UK' throughout my archive! Think carefully before voting, everyone north of the border - every one counts! Richard.
  16. The keywords themselves I don't have an issue with, but I find I'm wasting too much time with redundancy. I put all the effort into keywording in Lightroom, yet when brought into Alamy, I have to redo it. I downloaded the Lr plug in for Alamy in the hopes to alleviate some of the wasted time and monotony. But before using it I have some questions to be sure I do it correctly and don't mess up anything I've already done or have in Lr catalogs. At present I have both Lr 3.5 and 4.4, with 4 different catalogs; 1 exclusively for Alamy. I use Collections to keep track of those I've used in Al
  17. Hello! I have been a member for about a month and I am slowly uploading images on Alamy. I only have 59 on sale and a few others waiting to be keyworded, but the ones which are already on the website don't seem to be visible. I have 20 views and no zooms. I know this is quite early to ask, but am I doing something wrong? Should I choose other keywords for my images or it simply takes more time to have views and then sales?
  18. What Alamy stock (NOT NEWS) keyword fields ("Caption," "Essential Keywords," "Main Keywords," "Comprehensive Keywords") correspond to the IPTC categories, such as "Headline," "Description," "Keywords"? Is there any way to enter the IPTC data to match EXACTLY Alamy's way of breaking down the keywords? I would like to be able to upload and already have ALL the fields filled without having to shift them around. If it is relevant, I am using Photoshop Elements 9. I'm sure this has already been covered, but I searched and searched for an answer and couldn't find it. Thank you!!
  19. Greetings, folks, I'm new here and have a question: Are Alamy keyword searches case sensitive? I hunted around the previous posts for the answer without success. Don Douglas
  20. Hi Wanted any bodies thoughts on using key wording companies . I have approx 300 images on Alamy but have limited time to add back log of images and future images due to commissioned work. Currently I caption all images myself using the Alamy guide lines but I am considering using one of the companies recommended in Alamy resources. My questions are to anybody who has used these services. 1. Did it result in a noticeable increase in ctr and or sales ? 2. What was the approximate cost per image and was this justified in returns. ? 3. How easy was the process with regards to exis
  21. Has anyone else with a newer Mac tried using the Dictation software included in Mountain Lion and Maverick operating systems? I just tried it out on key wording and it seems like it might have a lot of potential for simplifying what to me is a very tedious process.
  22. When I've uploaded some new images and they need keywording, in 'Manage Images' I like to have 'all images' open so that I can copy keywords from any similar images to the new images. I know you can just see any un-keyworded images as that comes up by default but then you can't see your existing pictures. It would be a good idea when looking at 'all images' if any un-keyworded images had a red box around them to make them stand out from the others and to let you know they aren't yet keyworded. John.
  23. I’ve been posting images to Alamy for a couple months now and I’m trying to make sense of how to optimize my keywording for improved views, zooms and hopefully sales. So far I’ve kept my keywords focused and fairly sparse to avoid coming up in searches that don’t fit the image. I’ve been perhaps a bit too successful since I’m also not getting loads of views and zooms…or sales. I’ve been reviewing My Alamy and find that with few exceptions the majority of searches are simple one, two or three word searches that result in thousands of views. Common words like “race”, “white cat”, “jellyfi
  24. Re image: DA6GX8 Any advice on why this image was displayed to a customer who used the following search term: "black businessman uk" Keywords used: Yes - I used the keywords: businessman, UK Yes - I have use the keywords: "black and white" "black & white" b&w bw Question: how should I have key-worded this image to indicate that the image is "black & white", and not a black businessman. Thanks for any advice. Tony
  25. I'm a recent contributor and new to key-wording. In a previous post on Key-wording - some-one mentioned the importance of having Key-Words in the correct order. Could you please comment / explain this. Thanks Tony
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