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  1. I happened to come upon a series of images by another contributor which are marked 'for editorial use only'. I ca't find this on any of my images without releasews, including those I uploaded via the news feed. Could somone please tell me what I've missed, presumably hiding in plain sight? TIA
  2. Commercial photography can mean any kind of photography that’s monetised in anyway, so in theory all Stock Photography is commercial… but wait… within the world of Stock Photography there are two categories of commercial photography; Commercial and Editorial. Read more...
  3. Dear colleagues. I'm starting to upload some pictures to Alamy and I have a question. The most of my pictures have been done during touristic trips, which means that in the most of them there are people around, public buildings, museums and so on. So this means model/property releases are required, but I don't have them. Therefore, I understand that I should sell these pictures under the next layout: - RM license - Model/property release required: Yes - Do I have model/property relseases?: No Then, I have read that I should also sell these pictures with restrictions for editorial-use only... and here my question shows up. From my point of view, if I'm saying the picture requires model/property releases that I don't have, I think the buyer should decide if he wants to do a commercial use of them under that situation, isn't it? I mean, what's the point of setting "editorial use only" restrictions to a picture that must have releases for commercial use, that I don't have? So I'm thinking about not setting restrictions to my pictures in these terms, because I guess that just by saying I don't have the required releases should be enough to avoid commercial use of them, and, in case somebody is doing commercial use of them, he's the responsible of its bad use, not me. Am I right? Thank you very much in advance. These forums are great for newcomers I hope to be able to help people too in a near future! Best regards.
  4. I'm a newbie and want to make sure I understand the "Editorial Use Only" designation. Does this mean that the photograph can depict people and private property that I don't have releases for? What limitations do I have? What customers buy "Editorial Use Only" photos? Am I severely limiting my chances of selling if most of my photos are "Editorial Use Only"?
  5. Hello everybody, My name is Mirco Vacca and just started to send to Alamy. I have many RF images also on microstock agencies but since i am doing more street photography i think Alamy is a better place for me. I see people making not much sales here but aslo others with 1600 photos selling 20 licences per month. Off course it depends on the quality of your images. I want to give it a try. Feel free to check my portfolio. I am happy to get opinion about it. For sure i can learn something from you. Thank you very much . Mirco
  6. I have always thought of "editorial" photography as press related photography. The stuff of magazines, newspapers, etc. Lately, I have seen various photographer websites of non-newsworthy or non-documentary related photography that had labels of "editorial" photography. The images were more conducive to what I would call "advertising" photography. Should editorial newsworthy/documentary photographers label themselves as "photojournalists"? Should advertising photographers label themselves as "editorial" photographers? What say you? What would you use for SEO purposes on your website? How do you make the distinction?
  7. I was looking at the image calculator today and something struck me. The pricing in the calculator for single image placement on an editorial website quotes 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, etc. What does that mean? If I view a website on my laptop, that image could fill the screen of the laptop - is that full page? When I view the same image on my desktop computer monitor, it only fits half the page...is it still full page? is it half page? Does anyone know if there is a specific guide? I'm curious as I've never thought about this for web use.
  8. The China Daily newspaper wants to buy rights for an archive (30 years) picture of mine of some schol chlildren in a boat on a canal. They are saying normal rate is RMB 200. I think should be more. Experience anyone?
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