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  1. Today, I signed up for Alamy and uploaded the first 3 images from the URL below, but I was rejected by "Unsuitable Camera". https://www.alamy.com/myupload/Index.aspx The minimum image sensor size in "Alamy ’s rough guide to digital cameras" is said to be recommended by four thirds sensors, The sensor size of my camera (sigma dp1 merrill) is APS-C (23.5 × 15.7mm). By the way, the EXIF information of the file excluding the shooting information is as follows. Manufacturer: SIGMA Camera: SIGMA DP1 Merrill EXIF version: 0230 Color space information: sRGB Image width: 4704 Image height: 3136 By the way, the following cameras were also rejected by "Unsuitable Camera". Canon PowerShot G7 X SIGMA DP3 Merrill What is the camera performance that can be used in the first three image tests after signing up?
  2. I have a three star QC rating with my DSLR. I just bought a Canon EOS 6Mii. The images are boarder line to my eye. Can I send three in to see if they pass or is that going to ruin my QC rating?
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to get advice from a professional photographer, if possible, about what is the best DSLR camera to use in your experience, which one should I buy for selling images through Alamy? I plan to take snapshots of still imagery (I believe that is what is called), in other words, only for still shots. I want to get different views on how you guys utilize various cameras, so that then I can weigh in the best possible answer. Thank you :)
  4. Hello everyone. I just recently got started on Alamy and was wondering: do you think my Pentax Q7 has what it takes to meet Alalmy's quality criteria? I have taken plenty of pictures which I believe were great until I tried submitting them and having them rejected with a message that said "Sorry, but this camera doesn't produce images of high enough quality for our requirements". I have seen an amazing photographer whose work I like a lot; his name is Mark Phillips and has the same vibe that I wish I could express with my pictures. Anyways, I thought maybe it was a matter of resolution, which my camera has set in 4000x2248 and 300dpi, but then I checked that his photos are almost all in 3600x2400 and 300dpi so relatively similar. I then thought maybe some of my pictures had blur or were overexposed but I have submitted a photo with a clear sky that is not overexposed and saw that some of his photos emphasize on the blur so I don't know what I need to be looking for. Should I put on more effort on the postediting or is it perhaps the fact that my camera has a 1/1.7" sensor? My Q7 is the only camera I have available so if it is indeed my camera's fault I have no idea what I would do. Hope you can help me, any feedback is endlessly welcomed. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Hello! I seen Sony RX100 M6 at london drugs is it new model of Sony or it was long ago when it came up? I am Using Sony RX100 M3 wanted to upgrade any body using Sony Rx100 M6? is it worth it? any advice for me? i still doesn't have any income from Alamy im trying to put more effort
  6. First off, sorry if I'm doing this all wrong but I just signed up. I did my due diligence though, I think, and I can't find the info I'm looking for. I'm a stock photog since 2009 with a well known agency and have several hundred Ricoh GR files in my portfolio that sell well (for info, my other camera is a Nikon D800E). Submitting my three initial files here, just now, imagine my surprise when two Ricoh GR files are rejected outright because the 'camera is not good enough'! I might at his point quote Alamy Contributor Relations Manager, James A, (link here https://www.alamy.com/blog/meet-alamy-content-team-camera-bags ) who says: "My most prized possession though is that little camera at the bottom. The Ricoh GR. A fixed 28mm lens on what looks like a cheap and crappy little point and shoot (but it’s not cheap or crappy). You can keep it in your pocket and take it out anywhere and people just think you’re a tourist – incredibly handy for street photography or if you don’t like to draw attention to yourself. The image quality is mind blowing and I’d trade all the other gear I own to keep it! It’s got a bit of a cult following too, for good reason." So my question is: is this camera really black-listed (or not white-listed)? I would be hugely disappointed if this were the case.
  7. I learned the hard way that my 2 cameras I used do not meet Alamy standards. I hope to buy a Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera . Does anyone have experience with this Camera and how acceptable will be from Alamy? Thank you Angelos
  8. I shoot mostly for stock with a Nikon. I bought a Lumix DMC-ZS60 (18 mps with Leica zoom) 'travel camera' to use when I am on vacation and also for casual use as I run errands about town when I don't want to lug the Nikon. I uploaded a few photos from a recent foreign vacation and had few or no issues with Alamy. I recently uploaded a batch of nine local shots (eight shot with the Nikon and one with the Lumix) and the entire lot was rejected due to the the quality of one shot from the Lumix. I am aware of Alamy's policy of rejecting one/rejecting all (which seems unfair). The Lumix is said to not be a good low-light camera and I agree with that. When this batch was rejected Alamy did cite noise as one reason for rejection but they also cited the rejection as being taken with a "digital camera not suitable for Alamy". As a result they revoked my upload privileges for 10 days. Has anyone experienced this same rejection reason with a Lumix and does Alamy in fact have a published list of cameras they automatically accept content from?
  9. Hi I am looking for a cheap smallest possible camera which Alamy will accept, with a basic optical zoom. Idea is to carry it in a pocket all the time. Sony RX100 is too expensive, and I am fine with cameras from pre 2010 if they produce good daylight images. Looking at cameras such as Olympus pen light 5 with 14-42 pancake lens, but does not need to be interchangeable lens. Any ideas?
  10. So here it is https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-hx99/specifications#features Sony's new compact camera with a tiny sensor, 8.82mm across, and able to do the 'impossible' as per the specifications. It even has RAW output. I wonder if Adobe will bother. I would love such a camera for a 'walk about' if a longer reach is required than my RX100M3 can achieve. I guess Alamy's immediate response will by Njet, Nein, not in our backyard. Will be interesting to see full size images when they become available. At some point Alamy will probably have to retreat to 'if they pass our quality control' pose. I never imagined, when I started with Alamy, that the quality available with say an RX100 and one inch sensor would ever happen.
  11. Question: What is YOUR favorite lens, and why should everyone else agree with you?
  12. Hey everyone, I've just spent (what for me is) a small fortune on a new camera and lenses. I thought it would be prudent to insure them because I've, ahem, kind of thrown a camera across a football pitch in the past! And this is where the fun begins. I'm mostly living in Austria these days and insurance companies here just generally don't want to know. They're not really into speciality insurance - small market and all that. I did get one quote for €470 per year for an insured value of €6,000. Includes theft, accidental damage and replacement with the new cost, not used. It seems somewhat extortionate to me, but then I've never bought camera insurance before. I don't think I can use UK insurance companies because I'm not resident there. So.... Is this expensive? Is anyone in the same boat. How many people insure and how many risk it? Cheers, Steve
  13. Hi, I'm using a Canon 1000D with it's original lens. Can anyone tell me if this is camera has been known to give soft images? Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, I am shopping for a new camera and want to make sure it is an approved camera. Also, I am hoping to hear from you which cameras are your favorite. Thanks.
  15. Any Canon Canon 5D Mk III users out there..... What are the differences between the Canon 5D Mk II and the Mk III and is it worth upgrading? John.
  16. Hello, I just signed up today to be a contributor. Then, before uploading anything I thought I would just do a bit more reading about what's what... Now I'm worried that my camera might not be allowed or good enough. What I have is a Fuji Finepix S3300. It's 14 megapixels and I had been told (back when I bought it) that it was just like a dslr but more portable/compact. I'm wondering if that was not so much true, and just a way to sell me an expensive camera. I have photoshop, and so have spent the afternoon looking at some of my older pics at 100% -- and that was not as brilliant as I had hoped. I'm not at all sure of them anymore. Most of them were taken on auto settings though, so tomorrow I'm planning to take some new shots with manual Apeture control, decreased ISO, and increased sharp/hard, which I think might help. I'm seeing more noise and softness than there should be on all but maybe two pics in my files. Does anyone have any other ideas how to tweak up the quality? Or is it just wasting time trying to get something that will be up to snuff with this camera? I'm obviously not a pro, but I've always been pretty good with a camera -- composition, focus, depth of field, that sort of thing. Right now I'm out of work so I have the time to experiment and try to make this work. It would be great to be able to fine tune my images and have this work out as an income source, but I'm not sure... if my camera isn't good enough to get the quality needed I don't think I can afford a new one right now. Any tips and pointers most appreciated! Thanks, Tobey
  17. Hello I am after advice on upgrading my camera. Currently I am using a Canon 50D with the 24-105 L series and ef 100mm macro f2.8 lenses. I was looking at a used Canon 6D with a shutter count of 16,000. Trading in my old camera, the 6D will cost £784.00. I was wondering if the ef 100mm will work ok with the full frame, how good the 6D is, particularly in low light, and if you think it is good value for money. If anybody has any alternative suggestions I would welcome the advice. Many thanks Chris
  18. I am looking at purchasing a Nikon D810 for landscape photography, can any current users of this camera recommend a suitable lens to go with the D810, keeping in mind that it is mainly for landscape photography, i have heard that the 14 to 24 is a great lens is it? or is there a better lens? Thank's to all. Paul.
  19. I enjoy shooting landscapes, wildlife and other subjects that frequently require a zoom. I already have a Canon EF 70-200mm L but it just isn't quite long enough. I'm currently considering the Canon EF 100-400L, the Sigma 150-500 or the new Tamron 150-600mm to pair with my Canon 5DM2. I'm especially keen to get the lens by Thanksgiving because I'll be travelling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've already ordered the Tamron but it's on what is likely to be an extended back order. If you wanted a versatile zoom lens to go with a Canon 5DM2 what would you choose (and why)? Will all three give me excellent IQ? Should I reconsider my Tamron order? Edit: I guess Sigma is coming out with a new 150-600 sports zoom that sounds pretty nice. I guess the question is would it be worth twice as much as the Tamron if sports and flying birds aren't my primary subjects?
  20. At the weekend I experimented with shooting a couple of sports events with my Fuji X-T1 and 55-200mm. The archery was OK but I did not have the reach (I did not have accreditation to go inside the competition area) but was poor to hopeless shooting powerboats. I used the morning practice sessions for just, to try the Fuji with the 55-200mm and with a MF Tamron 300mm f2.8 (and 1.4x & 2x converters). The latter works but I would have to work on my manual focus technique again, it also has significant purple fringing around highlights - a lot of that in the spray of powerboating. So it could not use the JPEG as is for news purposes (needs timely submission) The Fuji 55-200mm hit rate (for focus) was about 60- 70% and very much less when clouds came over and it went dark and the lighting went flat. At the archery I noticed the lens hunting slowly for focus and I wondered whether it was the battery getting tired as I changed it about the same time. The following day at the powerboats the lens was its usual self until dark cloud came over and it became unusably slow for all but static subjects. So I rediscovered the pleasure of working with a top end DSLR. My 1Ds3 (not snappiest Canon for AF) came out for the first time for months and my hit rate (for focus) was 90+% even when the light was poor; I had forgotten just how snappy AF can be, it is making me think about my equipment strategy. The weight was not too much of an issue as I did not have to carry it very often, to and from the shore and occasionally to new positions but for travel it is too bulky and heavy. I am grateful the way the Fuji has reinvigorated my photography. I am now wondering whether to just use the Fuji for travel (we will be doing quite a bit next year) and for the more relaxed out and about stuff and undemanding news coverage, To that end I will try the 18-135mm and if I am happy with it I am thinking I might sell the 18-55 and 55-200 to downsize to the X-T1, 10-24mm and 18-135mm which will cover my travel needs (well 98%). Then I can rationalise my Canon kit and extend my lens coverage at the long end (probably with 100-400mm) and perhaps a new body. I would love a 1Dx but is expensive and even heavier/bigger than my 1Ds but has better high ISO performance (main issue with the 1Ds). The iminent new 7D may be the answer especially if it is APS-C equivalent of the FF 1DX. Call me fickle if you wish but I am not falling out of love with the Fuji, I just love both for different reasons. Is photographic polygamy permitted?
  21. I just received the Lytro Illum camera and am wondering if anyone has submitted images from the Illum to Alamy.
  22. My experiment is at an end. I purchased a Sony NEX 6 about 6 months ago as a second camera to throw in a backpack or purse that would meet QC. I bought a second 55-210mm zoom, an LCD protector, spare battery, small camera bag and 3-yr warranty through Best Buy. It's a great little camera in near-new condition but I find it will never replace my 5DM2, especially for challenging low light conditions. I figure I'm not using the NEX 6 enough nor selling enough to warrant the investment so if anyone is interested PM me. As for QC, I figure I can always pick up a cheap iPhone.
  23. Just to give a big note of thanks to Glover and Howe , insurers... D4 totalled by wave Saturday 2 Nov Sent to Fixation Monday 4 Nov Arrive Fixation 5 Nov Fixation assess as beyond repair 7 Nov 2pm Glover and Howe authorise replacement 7 Nov 3pm km
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03phd4f The Camera Has AttitudesEpisode 1 of 2 Duration: 28 minutes First broadcast: Monday 13 January 2014 Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, the Kray Twins, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Caine - and, of course, Diana, Princess of Wales. David Bailey's portrait photographs are world famous, instantly recognisable and have charted decades of fashion, celebrity and notoriety. "You can't be judgmental and be a photographer," Bailey says in the first of two programmes in which he tells presenter, Tim Marlow, how he has gone about producing the images which have defined our times. On the eve of a major exhibition of his work at London's National Portrait Gallery, Bailey reveals in the first programme how he got started and how the portraiture that shot him to fame makes fashion photography more potent. "I thought the best way to sell the frock is through the girl. If the girl doesn't work, the picture doesn't work," he says. As he lights Tim's own photographic portrait and selects the backgrounds for the shoot lead to a discussion of the importance of advertising in photography which Bailey has been involved with for over fifty years. In the central London studio which houses his archive of images, Bailey also reveals to Tim how he made his name with photographs of such stars as Marianne Faithfull and most notably for "Vogue" for which he still works 45 years after his first commission. "I could do all those fashion pictures in "Vogue" over the phone," he tells Tim. "What lens to put on, what light to use - but it wouldn't be interesting. It would just be like going to work." And Tim talks to Marianne Faithfull herself about the two striking images of her which Bailey shot - in youth and in later years - and how she regards them now. As this first programme draws to a close, the first shots of Tim's photographic session with Bailey are taken.
  25. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/09/03/new-sony-qx-lens-style-cameras-revealed-in-leaked-press-release-will-retail-for-250-500/
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