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  1. First, I wish to thank Colin for the last challenge! This month, I would like to see pictures of our beautiful national parks landscapes. But only "pure nature" images, meaning by that no human interaction visible in the images (no human, human construction, signpost, road, vehicle or anything like that). Only footprints accepted . Each member may submit up to 3 pictures, the images must be available on Alamy. The challenge will end on 30th June @ midnight (Paris time). Below 3 examples. Denali national park - Alaska (USA) Ecrins national park (France) Koh Phi Phi national park (Thailand)
  2. I'll kick this off with this historic villa overlooking Lake Como. I added grain in post-production and happy that Alamy QC didn't have any issues! Have a great May everybody.
  3. The March 2018 Challenge: A photo that was taken without leaving your house or garden. No studio images: that would be cheating. ( I have one too.) However an improvised one with a desk lamp on the kitchen table, or near a window is fine. And while you're at it, why not include an image of the set-up? Gardens are fine too, but just a portrait of a nice flower from one of you garden and flower specialists can also feel like cheating. Just like the in-house studio. For people who cannot think of photographing anything inside their house: you'll be restricted to a single room. Not an original idea: it's from ZAMM. - it works btw. 1-3 images each as usual. This challenge will end on Saturday March 31 at midnight, 24:00 London time. The winner will start the new topic. Have fun! wim
  4. I'll kick off this popular thread with one of mine from last week in wine-producing valley of Valtellina, Italy. Almost feeling like spring. Let's see some of your favs!
  5. Let me start the year off with a BANG! Here's my favourite from Reveillon in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro...