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  1. Is anyone else finding that trying to zoom an image from a search result just isn't working? The zoomed image just doesn't load. It means I can't edit the images that way at all and this has been going on all day. Pearl
  2. I had a total of 42 zooms yesterday when I checked measures. Today I checked and there was another zoom from yesterday - but the total was 53!! Anybody else have any strange zoom behaviour today/yesterday? John.
  3. Has anyone else got an uncleared travel brochure sale from 6th July? Country: World English LanguageUsage: Direct mail and brochuresMedia: Travel brochuresIndustry sector: Travel & tourismPrint run: up to 250,000Placement: InsideImage Size: Full areaStart: 06 July 2018End: 06 July 2019PDF and electronic version rights included
  4. I read the topic on the new contract and the main concern seemed to be Alamy giving away images for free. To be honest, that doesn't bother me so much as I'm sure it would be a small volume thing...unless Alamy is going to an advertising based model but I'm pretty confident that is not the case. Instead what bothers me the most is the mention of "high volume, low unit sales" under item 9.1. To me this is subscription sales and the reason I just started submitted my images in greater volume is that Alamy "doesn't" do, or didn't do subscriptions. I cannot stand those dollar or les
  5. Any thoughts on what aspect ratio is preferred by customers? Obviously 2:3 and 3:4 are the most popular OOC aspect ratios, but is there any preference for one of them? And what about more extreme ratios like 16:10 or 16:9? Doing landscapes, 16:10 is my (artistic) favorite, but does it sell? For a combined front and back book cover, some even more extreme aspect ratios are needed. What about wide-screen banners? billboards (I'm still dreaming of a 10k$ billboard sale)? There's many uses for extreme aspect ratios, but does the customer expect us to offer images with such aspect ratio
  6. Hi all, I know the subject of zooms has been raised before on the board, but am I the only one to experience a significant drop in zooms for this particular month? I noticed volumes started to go south in October, but since then the rate of decline appears to have accelerated. It seems to me an anomalous situation, so I'm posting to gauge whether anyone else has noticed a steep drop. I'd appreciate your views.
  7. It's Sun day, with sales coming in from that esteemed publication. Has anyone else had some multiple sales of images last month, followed by refunds two days ago, followed by the same images selling again today?
  8. I don't suppose there is any way to link zooms and sales, is there? I just sold a photo that was zoomed in March. Is it possible that it has only now, 8 months later, been paid for, or is it more likely that it is a sale without a zoom? I'm hoping it is the former as I have had a good number of zooms, and that there will be a cumulative effect on sales as time goes on after my first year.
  9. I haven't had a zoom since the 13th Feb and just asking to see it's still working for everyone else?
  10. Hello, I am sure this question was asked before, but just in case Just got a new sale: $ 1.24 (Rights Managed) Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 12 November 2018End: 12 November 2023NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity Question : is this a joke?
  11. Just had a look at my year-to-date figure for sales v zooms. No convoluted scientific reasoning behind it, just curious and was wondering how others compare. Since January 1, I'm getting roughly one sale for every four zooms (total zooms divided by total sales). Anyone else getting anything similar? (Don't know whether one in four is particularly good or bad by the way).
  12. I've just taken a look at my measures for the weekend. No zooms for me (not unusual), but, perhaps surprisingly, only 4 zooms in total over 10 screens of views. One topic (suffolk [WOP] [UK]) garnered 25,000 views without a zoom. I've not looked at this data before, maybe it's the norm, but I would have thought that the newspapers would be working over the weekend and some of them do generate zooms.
  13. My ranking seems to have fallen badly over the last 6 months. I have been with Alamy for many years and have grossed a total of almost 350,000 US$ in sales. Is the value of a contributors overall sales included in their ranking and if not should it be ?
  14. I am very fresh here and, even though I know CTR, views and Zooms are just a glimpse of what will really make my sales, it is the tool Alamy give us to steer the wheel. I just wonder what would be good figures. I currently have 610 views and 6 zooms, so a CTR of 0.98 Last month average in Alamy is 0.59, so I seem to be doing way better than the average, but I am not sure its a good figure. My main concern is that I think only 6 zooms will mean it will take a long time to have a sale. If you wouldnt mind sharing some of your experience, I would love to hear it.
  15. Hi, Four small sales today pushed me over the big 1000 sales milestone on alamy. I joined Feb 2010, so it took me just under 8 years and 7 months to get there. How long did it take you? Andy
  16. hello Forum I don't know how accurate it is but I was reading that portrait alignment is more suited to commercial photography than landscape. Is it worth shooting a subject in both alignments even if the subject doesn't necessarily demand it? Also does any other aspect ratio do particularly well in regards to stock sell-ability? Cheeers
  17. Hi everyone, Just a quick query, I have found one of my images online being used in an article here https://www.dn.se/sthlm/samtliga-kundvagnar-stulna-fran-systembolag/ That has been published on 20th August, however there is no record of this sale on my account, is there reason to be concerned? Is it possible for a singular sale to be delayed in registering on the account? Anyone else encounter this? Also, it's a bit strange that it's not credited to Alamy but IBL, which I have no idea what that is? Many thanks for any clues
  18. Hi Everyone - have had a few sales albeit with a low portfolio - I have recently had one sale of $12.56 so was expecting a debit of 50% from Alamy - however, my account reads 30% ($3.77) debit from Alamy and a further 40% ($5.02) Distributor commission - can anybody please explain why the double debit? thank you and best regards colin
  19. hello. I am curious if anyone can explain to me what it means when you have a certain amount in sales but it says you are owed a smaller amount? why is that number so different? Thank you.
  20. Hello everyone, I recently had a large royalty free sale refunded to the buyer, 7 days after it was downloaded. I was not informed by of the refund and only noticed it by chance. This has never happened before to me and was wondering if this is common among other contributors. Any info would be appreciated
  21. Hi, everyone I am Alamy contributor and I have question about difference in current cleared balance which is less than 50% of amount of sales to date. As I understand the commission is 50/50 and there is no taxes according to my tax form, so I don`t find any other information which will explain this difference. So please give me a link on this info or just explain me. Unfortunately I can not contact contributors@alamy.com because "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender - Action: failed" Thank You for Your attention and answers in advance
  22. My last distributor sale was in June. Anyone else noticing a decline? Trend or just a blip of some kind? P.S. I usually have 2-4 distrib sales per month on average.
  23. Both sales and zooms haven't been updated since Feb 16 in my page account. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  24. Is there a way to download a sales report as a PDF or Excel file? I'm only able to download a CSV file and DACS asks for PDF or Excel.
  25. Maybe it's just my natural pessimism, but I seem to be seeing fewer instances of an exclusive zoom, often there are 6 or more of us jostling for a customer's attention. There is now 115 million images available, I feel that the rate of growth of the collection is outstripping my ability to grow my own port. Whereas once it would be possible to make a decent income from around 3000 shots, unless your collection is outstanding in some way, this is no longer the case. This year, for the first time since I have had a reasonably sized port, and despite many additional shots, I predict t
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