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  1. Hi, I’ve been uploading kaleidoscope / abstract versions of my images like the one below. I notice there are lots of this type of thing on Alamy. Wondering if anyone has had any sales? Do people buy these?
  2. Hi, For medical reasons I haven't shot any new stock for a couple of months nor submitted anything to Alamy. Over this period my zooms have been in freefall. I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. How is everyone else's rolling zooms total for the month? Are they going strong or are you seeing a significant drop also? I may be wrong but I suspect Alamy may have implemented something that aggressively pushes you back in the search order if you slow or stop submissions. My zooms peaked in October 2017 at about 95 for the month (at the time I had b
  3. I'm curious of other contributors success with sales of archival images, how have they done? Obviously it would depend on the subjects. I have a huge number of mainly B&W 35mm negatives from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. For sometime I've been considering scanning a selection, but so far never had the free time. Extensive scanning is a should destroying job. I still have my Minolta Dimage 5400 optical scanner, it produces good images. What renewed my interest again was the fairly recent and untimely death of Magenta de Vine as she was known, as being in the news. She u
  4. After a couple of months contributing, I ---no, haven't had a sale, but---have got two zooms. Mom, is that you??? (Haven't figured out how to post images here yet.)
  5. Good afternoon everybody. Flipping through the pages of this forum, (I'm following you even if I'm not very talkative) I noticed that some of you mentioned alamy sales mails. I wanted to ask you if, when a photo is sold, alamy sends an email notification. I did not find any options on this. Thanks in advance for your intervention lorenza
  6. I have sales that remain uncleared since c June 2018...do some customers have credit lines? I would have expected Alamy to demand payment upfront, especially when these are relatively small amounts?
  7. Why I am not selling my images? I had high sales every week, but not since joining ALAMY. I have not changed the way I do things, but still really bad experience so far.
  8. So Yes I broke 100 sales, in four years... Odd though that the 100th was for "Magazine use. Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover" but only sold for $6.79" For a magazine cover??? G
  9. I can't remember the last time I had an "iq" sale. Are they no more?
  10. Hello, I currently operate using a UK Limited company that is registered for VAT. When dealing with UK based libraries like Alamy, I receive 20% VAT which I pay to HMRC quarterly. That part is clear. Things get confusing when working internationally. I have joined libraries and POD sites that are not UK based. For example USA, Spain and Australia. I thought I didn't have to worry about VAT for these, but when I asked my accountant for confirmation, he sent back a rather confusing response, saying the rules are complex regarding digital services and suggeste
  11. The same image has been licensed twice this month with identical conditions of PU usage and time period, but in one case the rubric is in English and the other Italian. The fees differ by 13% - why? Should I live in fear of a refund coming my way?
  12. Curious to know how many photos, of other contributors are green/orange? Most of my images are prior to the new IM, and I have a ⅔ green and ⅓ orange... Thats about, for me, 1500 images that are less discoverable... Thanks for your input!
  13. Good morning, dear forum members. I'm sure you've talked about this topic many times , but I would really appreciate if you could invest a little more time and help me to find out what I am missing. First of all, I want to tell you some facts about me and my pictures - just to clarify a few things. - I am Olympus Visionary/Ambassador from Switzerland - My pictures are constantly published at National Geographic and winning different contests, awards etc. - All my pictures are exclusively at Alamy and I don't sell my pictures anywhere else - QC accepts 100%
  14. Now that Alamy is making a clearer distinction of images available only here, it only makes sense, imo, to have that information available on the sales page. Is work being done to make this improvement? Thanks, Michael
  15. Dear Seniors, I wish someone look into my port and give me some tips to improve my port at Alamy, jn order to get some sales. I am bit disappointed with low level oc sales which demotivates me to caption, tag and upload more. Regards Khan.
  16. Last summer I spent a lot of time editing pictures for a widescreen (normal screen now?) TV slideshow presentation at 16:9. Then, when I went back to viewing at 3:2 I found the view wasn't as pleasing. The question I pose for you good folks is... Is there, or is there likely to be a market for 16:9 images?
  17. Hi all I have just noticed that I have had my 500th sale, add them all up = $42,272, better than a poke in the eye with sharp stick. I might celebrate with a cup of tea.
  18. A mouseover zoom now has a red Download button as well as the caption. No way to add to a lightbox until you actually zoom. I discovered it while checking to see if zooms are working for me with Safari since now I can't log in to my dashboard in Safari. Paulette
  19. For a little while now, Ive had a total of 3 zooms, according to my dashboard. This morning, I noticed that number increased to 4. So I went to my 'Pseudonym' and noted that I had 2 zooms recorded rather than 4. I admit I'm a bit puzzled by this inconsistency. The previous time, I checked my 'Pseudonym', I had 3 zooms recorded, just like my dashboard indicated. Just wondering why the number of zooms would drop down to 2? Edit: woops, looks like I didn't have the right date range set.
  20. Hi all again. Do people get to concerned over ctr and zooms? The figures may actually be effected (mainly zooms) i feel due to other alamy members looking for help/inspiration from other members images. May apply to the more successfull members as they would be the ones a newby might check first for ideas. Just a thought. Andy.
  21. This might sound crazy but how do I find out how many views and zooms I've had and how can I find my ranking....sorry if its obvious but I cant find this from My Dashboard....am I not looking in the right place?
  22. Hello Friends, I recently joined Alamy and I am wondering how this site works to sell the photos. I have posted about 170 pictures on this site. Over 100 have been optimized to goos discoverability and yet I do not see any views on my image manager. Is it too early to expect? I have been here only for 2 weeks. another question regarding QC. If I upload a batch for 30 pictures and if they find one bad picture they reject all which i feel is very odd and it is a waste of time to re upload them again. In that case will it make sense to upload pictures individually instead of a ba
  23. According to my dashboard I have 1 sale this month but when I check the sales history tab there are 3 sales showing all for the same image, there is also a difference of just over 9$ - from sales this month to sales history. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  24. I've disengaged from that American site (being a cheapskate I hardly engaged, never paid any fees), but can't help but wonder if Alamy isn't missing a trick by not more aggressively marketing this service and maybe considering ways to promote it and make it more attractive for both contributors and buyers. Thinking aloud, is there any merit in having contributors earmarking images they feel are particularly suitable for this market? I have many dreary shots that are sound editorial material but no-one in their right mind would want to have them printed and mounted on a wall. Dir
  25. Hello dedicated photographers! This topic may have been questioned before long ago. But I need clearer answers based on your own experience, not theoretical one. Is it right RF photos are tend to get more sales than RM these days? Because I saw usual buyers are often from repeater companies, like The Sun, BBC, Guardian, and other media from British and Europe. This makes me assume ordinary buyers from another countries are prefer to buy RF than RM. What do you think? Thanks
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