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  1. I would like the contributors dashboard and sales report to show "net price" rather than "sale price" as I think its quite misleading as it it. As an example this morning I got a sale for $50.02. Thats great, thats really the minimum I am looking for. But when looking at the "balance of account" I see that the sale had a distributor fee so the net worth of the sale to me was $50.02 - $18.01 - $20.01 = $12. Would not it be better for contributors, to see on their contributor dashboard that number i..e $12? I am not complaining about getting only 24 percent in the sale, j
  2. I found four images ( credited to Alamy) used by a publisher in Spain in online articles and asked Alamy why they had not appeared as Sales. The answer is that they have the downloads recorded but no longer work with the distributor so can't bill for them. I have been told that I should chase these myself. But no doubt should I contact the user they will tell me that they paid the distributor so this is not an actual copyright infringement. One is from 2018, two from 2020 and one from January 2021. Have others experienced this and does anybody know what happened to the
  3. I’ve been uploading my better photographs to major stock agencies for a little over a year. I’ve had good success with Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock (more than 260 sales of so far). However, I’ve had ZERO sales from Alamy. What’s up? I not expecting to generate a huge number of sales from Alamy, but nothing at all! Have other contributors experienced similar results? Jerry
  4. Probably been covered before but I can't find it. Why are Distributor Sales netting far more than Alamy sales? If distributors can command these high fees, why can't Alamy?
  5. I would like to know why i have $59 instead $74, because the last sale was for $70 and i have over $250 a year, that's supose to reach 40% of gain. Before the $70 sale i had in Current Cleared Balance $ 46 Thanks!
  6. Has anyone else noticed their measures information being much less than "normal" over the last 10 days or so? Since COVID my average daily views have been 1200-1400, and 8-12 zooms, but in the last 10 days or so both figures have been roughly half of those (and consequently CTR hasn't changed significantly) I originally wondered if it was due to August holidays, but it seems rather more significant than that. I wonder if Measures is partially broken? Kumar
  7. While my sales volume and revenues had been steadily increasing since 2007 (when I joined Alamy), the revenues are now declining steadily since a couple of years. I had 264 sales so far in 2021 (my personal best so far), but my revenues will likely end up on par with what I made in 2013. I assume this is due to the average price per images dropping rapidly? Is everyone else seeing the same trend?
  8. I sell vintage images from my archive and have an average selling price of about $40, but I get a lot of sales for 22c with the usage detailed below. I'm not sure I want to make my images available for commercial use at this price, but cannot find where I have signed up to an ancilliary sales outlet that promotes sales below the standard $9.99 for personal use. Any ideas? Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Websites, apps, social media & blogs, editorial, any size, in perpetuity, worldwideMedia: Website, app and social mediaPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: Any - print cover &
  9. Taken from FAQ "Q. I’ve seen my photo being used but it hasn’t been reported as a sale?A. The time it takes for our customers to report image uses varies depending on what industry they’re in. This can mean they don’t tell us they’ve used an image until the end of a month, quarter or publishing cycle. If you’ve seen an image being used, and it hasn’t appeared in your sales history within 3 months, then please let us know by filling in our unauthorised use form which you’ll find on your contributor dashboard and we’ll follow it up." So have usage from July 6. That is mo
  10. Hello everyone, I am a member for 2 months. I have 1700 works. 1000 people have looked at my works. I have not had any sales for 2 months, is this normal? I wonder if I am doing something wrong, can you give an idea or suggestion?
  11. Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I've opted out of distributor sales when the new contract with disappointing fees was unveiled. Looking now at my October sales I am still getting sales which have distributor commission on them. Is this right? Can the sales continue even though I've opted out and if so how long for after? Or do i need to contact Alamy? Many thanks!
  12. October is the time of year I start seeing calendar sales come through. I have had several this year for $32.99 compared to $40.29 last October for the same size print run. My share has also dropped from 50% to 40% so my take this year is 35% down. On the plus side October has seen the best months sales for some time and is over 1/3 of my total gross to date in 2021.
  13. I have noticed, in the last couple of months, that I am seeing fewer and fewer U.S. sales coming into my account. Just to be clear, I am talking about U.S. based buyers not U.S. content. I scour though about a dozen U.S. publications each month, looking for Alamy image uses and I am finding fewer and fewer uses. Not sure of the reason why, could it be the competitive pricing from the micros or maybe buyers trying other sources? U.S. buyers tend to pay more than buyers based in other countries so I am seeing fewer higher value sales. I hope the new Alamy/PA marketing can help change this tr
  14. While doing some research I discovered that when I click on on image in Safari and the same image in Firefox, the sales pages are different. A bit disappointing that for Rights Managed in Safari, the customer can`t make up their own mind about the terms of a license, but has to contact Alamy through a supplied phone number or email in a drop down window labelled Build a License to get an instant quote about volume pricing deals... No wonder sales are slow.
  15. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  16. Since mid 2020, I am only credited with sales on the last few days of the month. This seems odd. Sales are for various uses and entities, from websites, texts, kid's books, editorial and museums. Has this happened to anyone else?
  17. A customer buys an image licence for USD 100 through a distributor. Distributor's commission is 40% - minus USD 40. Left is USD 60. Alamy's commission is 60% - minus USD 36, Left is USD 24. JP Morgan Bank deducts USD 15 on each transfer to my bank in Europe. Left is USD 9. My bank takes USD 3 for each incoming transfer. Left is USD 6. The local tax office takes at least 30% - minus USD 2. Left is USD 4. This does not even cover the cost of Internet connection needed to transfer the images to Alamy.
  18. 1/10/2021 EWJ94E 15IDM3662 geogphotos RM 13.13 -7.88 5.25 1/10/2021 R538AA DunlopilloLatexMattress RKive RM 12.49 -7.49 5.00 One involved climbing a mountain. The other didn't. Though climbing the mountain did make an extra 25 cents.
  19. Are the dollar amounts listed in the righthand Amount column of Sales History the amount that a contributor is being paid by Alamy, or is it the amount that a customer is paying to Alamy?
  20. why does Summary of Sales ALWAYS make me submit twice before returning time ranges "older than" or "longer than" the one-month default setting???! signed, cranky yankee its what I am
  21. Had 3 sales come in over the last week, all < $3 looks like it's becoming a Trend 😞
  22. I've been a contributor for 3 years now, but made only 4 sales so far, totalling $73. On the FAQ page, Alamy states that it takes 45 days to 3 months to clear a sale. Two of the sales were made last year, totalling $37.88. On my dashboard, it states that the current cleared balance is $20. Am I missing something here? Is the value shown on the dashboard the gross value for the sale, and not what we are going to be receiving?
  23. Hi, can anyone here (or from Alamy) tell me why it appears to take so long for an image sale to appear on my Contributor Dashboard? Twice in the past year I have had instances where I have spotted my image use (online, in print and on TV) days before I have had notification of it's sale. The instance where it happened on TV was particularly worrying, as it just suddenly appeared on a prime-time TV programme on the BBC without any warning, and actually felt quite creepy. Is there no way that users can be forewarned of image use, or at least kept up-to-date with image sales as they happen?
  24. Can Alamy PLEASE add a warning in very large letters for people about to buy an image for personal use that it is the license to the image they are buying and not the drugs / beer / Ferrari or whatever it is in the picture? For example "BEFORE YOU AGREE TO BUY, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR USE OF THIS IMAGE, NOT THE OBJECT IN THE PICTURE. WE CANNOT OFFER A REFUND TO CUSTOMERS WHO MAKE THIS STUPID MISTAKE" (You might want to leave out the word 'stupid')
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