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  1. Hi, A picture of mine appears on a hungarian web article published almost two months ago with Alamy credit. Yet I can't see the sale on my Alamy contributor dashboard. I know that there is a delay between sale and payment, but I wasn't aware that a sale might post month later. How long does that usually take? The credit line shows Alamy / Profimedia, so maybe it takes longer because it is a sublicense? And by the way: found two more pictures that don't appear in my sales history - this time the publishing dates four months back. Chris
  2. That might not bode well for those who quit contributing, but leave their port here. Over time, it probably will make fewer (haha, Allan, I use “less” a lot) sales and fall to the back pages, insuring even fewer and maybe no sales. If so, that would make a case for everyone to add a few images now and then. I realize not all agree that adding images regularly helps with sales, but I can attest that my own experience tells me that is so.
  3. Hi everyone, So after the whole new contract ordeal I've reviewed and re-labelled my portfolio, but noticed that I'm getting an increased number of Personal Use sales, is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Think it's safe to assume no Saturday sales, so I'll get the ball rolling. 8 sales for gross $110, net $46.30 CTR just below Alamy average at 0.63. Slightly better fees than last month, but would be nice to get more than $30. 5 newspaper sales; the Americans always seem to pay the best fees. On track to potentially be my best ever year for income, despite average fees continuing to drop...
  5. hello, I'm a photographer in the UK. Our contributor rates are marked as Platinum, Gold or Silver. I can't find any information on my dashboard or sales invoices which one I am in or perhaps am I not looking in the right place? How do I tell which one I am in? Thanks in advance, Dave.
  6. Personally I would find it useful if there was a field associated with each photo that recorded the number of times that the photo had sold and, ideally, its max, min and average price. That way it would be easier to remove photos that were not selling from each portfolio. :-)
  7. My best guess about this storage fee issue is that it will be instituted for contributors who are not making sales at all. It could be justified based on Alamy not making any money from their images. Just a thought. Unfortunately, I think there are probably quite a few people in that category. Paulette
  8. Best month ever for sales in my 14 years with Alamy with 25 sales. Revenue not too good though at $325 gross $165 net. No $$$ sales; Highest $65.70 (@50%); lowest $1.50 (@50%) $0.75 net, but lowest net was $1.73 gross (@40%) so $0.69 net. 17 out of 25 were $ gross sales. 14 sales in the last week. Other income of $12.50. Views and zooms average. John.
  9. I have had 2 sales there in 3 years @ £15 each net. that is equivalent to $50 sales here now which is way above my average price here. I only have 35 images there so I suppose not too bad. I may take another look at the plus option. It does seem to me though that you need to promote yourself as well as depending on platform sales.
  10. I only have about 7000 images (slowly built up since 2005) with Alamy, the vast majority of those are exclusive with my average sales over years working out at just under $3k per year. Though my images are exclusive I am in Alamy Gold with the split now being 60/40% split in Alamy's favour is there any benefit in remaining Exclusive to Alamy?
  11. Best of luck. I started uploading when they first started up (can't remember when that was). Made a couple of OK sales right away, and then everything died when the hordes arrived and started undercutting each other.
  12. Just about everything which is happening on Alamy now - commission cuts, lower prices, site problems, unfortunate leaks of possible forward plans, lowering of forum interest -all echo what happened in my 'other place' a few years back. The only thing which 'so far' isn't directly matching is rapidly lowering sales across the board.
  13. Joined one in December and had three sales so far but I have not been active in loading any more images for about two months now. Allan
  14. I deleted almost all my PF images when making things "exclusive" here. Now that fiasco has fizzled out, I don't think I'll put them back up. Only ever made a couple of sales there over the years. It's a bit of a WOT IMO. Perhaps PF works better for UK photographers.
  15. it was a below average month for me with only one sale, for $5 gross. The image is a regular seller, one of the few editorials that carry my port, but it normally sells for much more. I had two zooms and my CTR is a bit below average.
  16. Bit of a drop last month. 18 for $319. CTR about average (.60), zooms < 100. Quite a few $5.33 sales. No biggies. 😞
  17. Picfair Plus seems like good value to me, I bought a new domain name using 'geogphotos' and just sent all I have on Photoshelter. The 'Views' system seems bizarre. Getting around 2000 a day. Not sure how many are false positives - certainly the first two views of every image are generated by the system not actual human visitors. No sales - in the process of dropping price to £15.
  18. Average post-COVID month for me - 50 sales for gross of $1233. Numbers of views 25,800 - which is pretty much what has been the COVID/post COVID level, compared with an average of 35,000+ views pre-covid. 2 $$$ sales, both to Japan, best was $110. CTR good at 0.80 Kumar
  19. Back to positive... July was my best ever month for sales in 14 years with Alamy with 25 sales! John.
  20. Picfair doesn't really seem to be an effective agency in its own right. I think an argument can be made that Picfair is really more of a platform for photographers / agencies to license images directly. It could then be argued these direct sales are not in breach of any agency exclusivity. Academic really though as there is now no point in allowing Alamy any exclusivity.
  21. I normally have regular sales throughout the month but have had nothing for a couple of weeks. Am I being paranoid but I do wonder if I might suddenly get a load just after the new contract on 24th.
  22. 12 sales for $248 gross $115 net. An average month for me. Mark
  23. I personally made the decision to expand outside of Alamy (and one other POD site with a small collection) recently and so less of my content is exclusive. I only have a small percentage of reportage type photos in my port which is where Alamy has the market cornered I think, so unless your port is entirely of that style I don't think it makes much sense to stay exclusive. Even then I have seen enough anecdotes from others who spread across Alamy and the micros that while you make tiny sales on micros the volume makes up for it. if it helps at all I use that and have 200
  24. I joined Alamy about 2 years ago. After having over 50 sales and seeing I was only making usually $1 or maybe $2 for each download. I waited until I reached $50 and asked for my payment. Then said I wanted my pictures removed for sale. Fast forward to March, 2021 when I get an email from Alamy asking if one of my images a client was interested in was of a captive or wild animal. I had no idea they were still selling my images. So opened up my account and see they made one large sale and a few smaller ones. I did find somehow my bank info disappeared from my account so I fixed that.
  25. I usually wait four months before contacting Alamy. The distributor sales are particularly slow. Paulette
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