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  1. The Alamy contract has been updated and we're writing to give you notice of these changes. The new contract is here and the key changes are listed here. The changes will come into place on 1st July 2021. You can read more about the contract changes over on the blog post written by the Managing Director, Emily Shelley. This thread is the place to post any feedback or questions you may have regarding the changes. We'll be reading all responses and will respond where possible to clarify any questions as regularly as possible. Any additional threads
  2. Anyone else had a sudden drop in CTR today? My CTR normally averages around .50 but for a few days it hit the dizzy heights of .60. Sadly, today, it plummeted to .20 for no obvious reason, zooms and everything thing else is much the same as before. I have never gone from .60 to .20 in the space of a day before. Seems strange, algorithm cock-up or just cursed?
  3. I’ve been uploading my better photographs to major stock agencies for a little over a year. I’ve had good success with Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock (more than 260 sales of so far). However, I’ve had ZERO sales from Alamy. What’s up? I not expecting to generate a huge number of sales from Alamy, but nothing at all! Have other contributors experienced similar results? Jerry
  4. I doubt that would stand up in court. If Alamy blatantly defy restrictions the photographer puts on their images, and if it 'comes to the crunch', I think such action could be construed as reckless. Nevertheless, I've now opted out of distributor sales and am in the process of blocking all PU sales which are also probably open to abuse.
  5. I have to admit to making an error in stating in various threads that it looked as if I would have to leave PA/Alamy soon as I would not be able to reach the required sales level ($250/annum) when the new contract comes into force. After re-reading Emily Shelley's blog post of 17th May 2021, which is repeated below, I along with others who are struggling to reach the $250 breakpoint to stay in Gold band have 12 months till July 2022 before we are assessed as to whether we stay in Gold or drop to Silver. This gives us a chance to improve our sales by whatever means possible. "Gold:
  6. Hi Paulette, I was reading Emily Shelley's blog post of the 17th May 2021 about the three earnings tiers before I opened the forums and saw your post. I agree that it gives one, and others possibly, the chance to remain and gain better sales in the first 12 months on the new contract rates. I post the comments made in the blog below for information. I know it is not the right place for it but will post elsewhere as soon as possible for other to reacquaint themselves. "Gold: All existing contributors start on Gold or above, on the core 40% commission rate. New contributo
  7. It happened. I've had low sales but this is a record. It's even RM. Hopefully not a sign of things to come. I've got enough of these at that other place: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Start: 17-February-2021 ; End: 17-November-2021 ; Additional Details: Single use across website and/or digital publication such as E-book or PDF, any size, any placement, in perpetuity. How much you ask? $0.25 and $0.10 to me.
  8. Thanks John and I do know where you are coming from. (Vancouver) Yes I agree it is a stupid statement. I do know what you mean though. It has been my policy to caption and keyword images as I see them and what I see in them with the occasional concept word thrown in where necessary. HOWEVER! I will have another look but I do not have the heart to go back ad infinitum (at least it seems like that) going through all of the images. Will try harder in future. Allan Of course once my images start to drop from view due to lack of sales, drop down the ratings and l
  9. Had two sales today both for .25 gross .10 net. In fairness, last month I had one for $125 gross.
  10. Allan, hope you don't mind my mentioning this again, but I think your sales might improve if you fleshed out your captions and keywords -- just my impression.
  11. Hi Mark and thanks for your vote of confidence. If only the buyers would learn to like my images too. I do not know what the problem is but my port has never been a great seller. It was up and coming from 2013 to 2016 then it crashed through 17--18. since then it has made a feeble attempt at recovery but this year so far is dire with five sales to March then nothing since. Allan
  12. In February 2019 I was getting 60% on all direct sales. From July 2021 I will be getting 40% on all direct sales. What is the explanation for this?
  13. Short answer 40-50. But +1 to what Paulette says. Long answer: Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to set our search ranking. Your CTR rank (on your Dashboard) is a function of the number of times a client zooms (clicks on) one of your images versus the number of times your images appear in a client search, but are not zoomed. CTR=Zooms/Views * 100 This is basicall
  14. Over half way into January, I am surprised no "Positive result 2021" thread yet. So I'll get it going. Two sales from the same subject at $135 each for post card. Happy New Year!
  15. That's a question to ask directly. Either way it's fast becoming a moot point as sales continue to fall and I am starting to wonder is there any reason to stay if the trend is towards low returns all the time.
  16. Another good month for me, with 15 sales so far, this one, from yesterday is the latest to appear and represents the subject area I currently specialize in. A 1953 Aston Martin DB3S/05 Ex Sir David Brown Racing Team, now fully factory restored by the Aston Martin Works
  17. For those contributors that do not accept the new contract, I guess there will still be licences/sales coming in for several weeks/months after you have been deleted/cancelled. .... ....if your images are exclusive with Alamy, then I presume that as you haven't accepted the new contract then those remaining sales to come in will be split 50/50 ? 🤔
  18. Having a very poor month with 1 sale so far. That hasn't happened in years, but I put it down to "just one of those things". Maybe the distraction of the new contract and the issues it's causing internally have somehow effected sales. Doesn't make sense, but I wouldn't put it down to a concerted effort by alamy to manipulate sales or sales reporting. I also stopped uploading images this past month and I've wondered whether there is any connection between continuous uploading and placement in search results.
  19. I was very pleased with Alamy last year (considering my small portfolio) with regular sales but since the 1 st January not even one sale...😪 I uploaded mostly exclusive images here but no result. I can understand my portfolio is small but when I compare with adobestock (2 to 3 sales a week without uploading since 3 years) I am disappointed . May be a brexit effect....
  20. Read the posts from other contributors and not just formerly snappyoncalifornia. There are other opinions which are not as concerned as he is about the risk of legal action. You have to make your own judgement on what is legal in Holland, France or wherever else you take pictures. It would be unreasonable to expect Alamy to go through all of your images and make sure your warranties are accurate. That is for you to decide. However, if you are going to struggle to make $250 a year in sales from almost 12,000 images as you seem to be saying, then perhaps you should be thinking of pl
  21. They're not foregoing sales! The sales are still being made. I'm suggesting that they're just not posting them to my account straightaway but are waiting until the end of next month when they can charge me 60% instead of 50%. Is this really so hard to understand? I can't see any other reason why there are suddenly no sales showing on my account in a period which would normally rack up four or five. Especially when I know there was a sale to the Guardian.
  22. This thread is now 110 pages long and I haven't read all of it so forgive me if this has already been mentioned... But is anyone else experiencing a recent drop in sales? I've been averaging more than one sale per week for several years now but suddenly, with an increase in Alamy's commission pending, I've had no new sales reported for five weeks and counting. The last time I went that long without a sale was about five years ago. What's more I know there's been at least one sale because I had an image in The Guardian at the beginning of the month, correctly credited to me and Alam
  23. Apologies for my typo in what you quoted. This is what I meant to write: "Especially given the clear statement that no commission cuts were planned as recently as December 2020. We were told that sales are doing well so what has changed?"
  24. I currently have over $200 of sales since 3rd April - but currently only showing as $28.00 cleared - how long does it take for the pending sales to convert into sales $. This will be my first payment on Alamy - so not sure of the process
  25. I never doubted that the commission cut would not be re-considered. ( I prefer 'cut' that to 'structure'). But to say that the reasons have been actually explained I would dispute. There was some vague comment about 'sustainability' wasn't there - always a nice fuzzy soft word. Trouble is that what seems 'sustainable' for Alamy seems much less so to those paying for it. Especially given the clear statement that no commission cuts were planned as recent as December 2020. We were told that sales are doing well so what has changed? Is this nothing
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