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  1. There seems to be a difference of opinion, but as I understand it, there is a correlation between zooms, views, CTR and page rank, and I think it works something like this, The more views you get is good, 'cos you feel like you are uploading images that people are searching for. The more views you get without getting any zooms is bad, cos it adversely affects your CTR. Few views with lots of Zooms is good because your view to zoom ratio increases, which helps to improve your CTR The lower your CTR, the lower your page rank. The lower your page rank the less sale
  2. A more general question emerges from this, namely, what effect if any does the zooms to sales ratio have on Alamy Rank? Surely it would make more sense to 'reward' those with a lower ratio. It might be a mistake to think that just getting zooms is beneficial if the ratio to sales is poor? I recall that Wim Wiskerke posted a very low ratio and I see that he is ranked number 1 one on BHZ. Overall, for my own stuff, I think a ratio of 4-5 zooms to 1 sale probably suits me. I'd be concerned that I would lose out on the low ranking pseudo sales if I edited too tightly. I do see that the rat
  3. I also noticed, lately, that many sales are not a result of a zoom... Might be that the buyer zoomed previously or a distributor sale... or simply that the buyer could chose a photograph from a thumbnail? Who knows? I have been trying to figuring the whole process: ratio of views / zooms / sales etc... by checking daily number of views / zooms / sales and inputting everything in an Excel sheet... comparing nr of zooms in the past 3 months vs sales... Unfortunatly, I didn't find the formula yet... Anyway, I should spend more time shooting and improving my photography than making
  4. The mystery of unzoomed sales turns up regularly in this forum, but it's not all that difficult to explain. Alamy tracks the views and zooms of only a subset of visitors to the site, presumably those who have demonstrated they're serious customers by actually licensing some images, so a sale may result from a customer who does not (yet) belong to this group. What's more, not all zooms, even by those in the elite subset, register as zooms: Someone in the old forum was able to establish that if a customer clicks on the "more" button to view more of your photos, subsequent zooms do not register (
  5. For me, the main significance of zooms is that the overall numbers give me an idea of how many sales I am likely to make. Over years, and whether I had 5K or 20K images on sale, i have always had about 3.5 to 4.5 zooms per sale ratio. If zooms take a hit over a period of time, as they have since 5/12, then I expect sales to follow 2-4 months later. Kumar
  6. A search here on the forum for zooms sales ratio will take you back much further. Mine: Year Z/S AvCTR TotCTR 2007 17.2 1.15 1.15 2008 15.5 1.17 0.95 2009 7.4 0.31 0.51 2010 4.1 0.39 0.44 2011 3.3 0.34 0.53 2012 2.4 0.16 0.58 2013 2 1.04 0.53 2014 2.7 2.75 0.51 2015 3.5 1.27 0.78 2016 2.6 8.29 0.87 2017 2.4 0.83 1.01 2018 2.8 0.76 1.05 (2007 is the first year I started recording numbers)
  7. Speaking of zooms, I reached my 100 zoom today and have had 23 sales (all in the past 14 months) Don't know if that's a good zoom/sale ratio, maybe someone can shed some light?
  8. My keywording is very rudimentary and i rarely get views which are not applicable maintaining a ratio of 1 zoom to every 300 views and a sales rate of 1 for every 3 zooms. Regen
  9. A bit of Friday navel-gazing before heading out to actually act on recent searches and get some more pictures up. Looking at my figures for Zooms/Sales in AlamyMeasures, I have had ~40 zooms in the last 5 months (of which, 6 were zoomed and/or viewed by reference # - some more than once), yet I have only had 2 sales. The zooms are spread fairly evenly across each of the last 5 moths, BTW. I know that many say that most of their sales come from images which haven't been zoomed, but I would have thought that he ratio would have been a little better? So... How does your zooms:sales ra
  10. The zoom to sale ratio may not mean much but all of you are running between 3:1 and 10:1 for zooms:sales. That puts me a bit behind in sales when compared to zooms. Of course if all of them wait 7 months after zooming to report the sale then I have a while to wait! Where I'm behind is in the ratio of zooms to total images.
  11. Hi Derek, A while back, Alamy instituted a "Ranking system" for pseudonyms which essentially determines which pseudonyms appear higher up in searches (ie which images appear first) - your rank is important as many buyers do not look at that many images when deciding which image to buy so the sooner your images appear in searches, the more likely you are to sell. If your pseudonym has a good rank your images appear early; if your rank is poor, then they are buried near the bottom of sometimes several hundred pages of images depending on the search term used. The ranking system, to my un
  12. I also find this maddening - seeing views for searches that never should have brought up the picture. But - there is a BIG but... Alamy see two sides of this and must spend as much time on developing what the buyers want, if not more, than on what we want. And yes maybe some sales for all of us come from the serendipity of a picture the researcher never would have thought to search for being thrown into the mix? I get the impression from the views / zooms ratio that the average picture researcher is quite happy to wade through acres of thumbnails - probably see it as their job.
  13. Calendar year till yesterday comes out at 53 sales, 166 zooms so a ratio of 3.13:1 zooms to sales.
  14. Some recent forum discussion suggests that the ratio of zooms to sales is somewhere between 2-6 zooms per sale with a few people having a much higher ratio. It can take many months for a sale to be reported so you will just have to be patient. But hopefully with 130 zooms since January you will have a nice stream of sales in the pipeline. Ian Murray
  15. I am not sure I place a great degree of faith in exactly which images are zoomed - sometimes they sell, and sometimes un-zoomed images sell. What I think is more important is the number of zooms you have in a period of time - for me the ratio of zooms (any) to sales (any, within the next month or 6 weeks) is often fairly constant - it used to be about 4:1 and is now nearer 5:1 And the most useful indicator of all is when the actual image ID is searched for, whether its zoomed or not - that seems to result in a sale about 50% or more of the time. If you are getting zooms, relax - th
  16. That is an elegant graph. Maybe repeat if possible with a 300 days period? The problem with zooms is that a really bad pseudo has no zooms, and a really good pseudo has a low zoom/sales ratio. (If clients zoom an image they tend to buy it.) While in between there are pseudos with all kind of reasons for a higher zoom number: cute cats; lovely ladies and the so called wtf zooms. It would be really difficult to filter all that out. wim edit: typo
  17. I strongly disagree. Nobody in the industry uses that. It's very simple: everything between commas or semicolons is a keyword or key phrase. No other punctuation marks required. All software that can keyword works like this. wim Point accepted but we need keyphrases! But Alamy for some obscure reason uniquely, and known only to them have used the space as keyword delimiter! After first stripping out the existing punctuation. Except for one that seems to escape that. Some agencies, maybe even only one, use something like | in stead of space. Alamy strips the punctuation and puts in
  18. Forgot to look at my zooms, but I have 3708 images on sale and have sold 29 images in 2015 with December to go. I consider my number of sales pretty pitiful considering many sell 2 or 3 times that with a like number or less images. That only averages a bit over 2 1/2 images a month. I've looked at your images , anyway the first three pages, and you have some nice, well-developed images. Although I believe I counted around 14 of the same lighthouse. I would try to limit those to a horizontal, one zoomed, one backed off, and the same for two verticals. More if lighting is very noticea
  19. Let's get this out of the way first. There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Ha ha, it's funny because it's true. Also, yes, I am aware that the only statistic that really matters is the bottom line, the size of the check (cheque), the direct deposit, the number and size of the sales, what have you. Unfortunately, many of us don't get sales frequently enough to have them be statistically significant, and there's often such a long delay between anything that happens on the website (a view, a zoom, a change in rank, a change in the website) and the sales that may or
  20. Zooms to sales ratio for the past year 3.64 Kumar
  21. 480 zooms to 125 sales, roughly the same ratio as Betty (with approximately twice as many images on sale) Alex
  22. Just looked at my zoom-to-sales ratio for the last year. 3.4 zooms for every sale. I get quite a few through the Alamy Live News scheme, that's why it seems quite low.
  23. For a moment I read that as 'What rubbish!" I would like to be able to delete my no hopers, but Alamy is keeping back the information I need. What, for example, has neither been zoomed nor sold over the past three years? I would also like to be able see what my best trends are, so that I could work on those. I could spend a week digging this info out (minus zooms of more than a year ago) but given the current work/earnings ratio I don't think I will bother. Something very simple to implement would be a search that would put our images into sales order, one for revenue and one for numbe
  24. That's the human nature... But the fact is that starting in January 2013 something clearly changed, at least for me. It's like a line was drawn and there's a Before and an After. Everything that has happened since contradicts years of data and it's not a seasonal fluctuation, as I know them. Yet, only in the sales part as I've shown. The views and zooms only had a slight decrease. Something doesn't make sense. I believe some people are having better sales now than before, but that's normal. The problem is the ratio between zooms and sales, and even if alamy changed the clients th
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