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  1. Slight improvement over the past few months, though October often a good month for me. 60 licences fo $1650 gross, 4 in the $$$ range, best was $145. The month started off quite slowly but picked up in the final 10 days. Zooms not bad given the current state. October 2020: 25900 views, October 2019: 38,600 views; zooms: 181 to 245; income (gross):, $1650 to $2340, and sale numbers: 60 to 70 Kumar
  2. I found my RM sales completely stucked after agency acquisition. I don't have a sale since that period when Alamy has been bought by PM-something.... I guess RM files are not pushed in the same manner as before.... Should i switch my files to RF? Any other experience that way?
  3. 4404 views. 20 zooms. Average CTR O.45. 18 sales for a gross total of $310.00. Highest $49.99 (x2). Lowest $4.98 (x5). Average $17.22. As a matter of interest I've looked back over my 14 years with Alamy at average prices for my sales. Today the figure (Gross income divided by Total sales) is an average of $42.12. One year age the average figure was $47.45 and two years ago it was $51.75. How times change.
  4. 17 sales reported, mostly distributor sales to Finnish media meaning very little money. $150 gross and $60 net. My average earning per image was $3.50. Had no sales in September and not expecting much from November as this distributor (All Over Press) seems to be invoiced bi-monthly. 11 zooms with CTR 0.88, which is above my average. Haven't really uploaded anything for a long time.
  5. Most of my sales were never zoomed, but I haven't had many sales. One was one of seven zooms, all pretty much the only examples of the topic. Basically these had dark faces in the originals and I was able to raise the shadows for the newer versions. The others had more or less the same problem. Interestingly, clicking on the first thumbnail that turned up in the search gets both versions in Image Manager. I don't know a customer zooming on the old one would see both, too, but if so, that's a nice feature. Old version (and this was even darker in the thumbnail.
  6. Thanks for flagging that one up Kumar. Not seen in views or zooms. It highlighted a spelling error though, better put it right soon. More peanuts coming my way.๐Ÿคจ Allan
  7. Yep, measures not working. No views since Thursday. No zooms either, but that's normal... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  8. After a very slow start to the month, nine sales dropped in today, at quite a bit better than Newspaper rates. Don't know the detail as yet, could be backlog, calendars, or something else......
  9. Had a few calendar sales reported today. This image sold for near mid$$ (normal calendar), as well as twice for $ (page per day calendars).
  10. I want to echo the point made by DJ Myford above. My understanding is that the gross income generated by image licences is the contributor's - because it is the contributor's images that are being licensed. The contributor then 'pays' Alamy a commission fee. It might seem as though it doesn't matter but that is the way I think it is. In which case all income coming to contributors should be clearly accounted for along with all payments to Alamy from the contributor's account. It is only comparatively recently that Alamy has 'muscled in' on this DACS income stream. There really are
  11. Does anyone know if it's possible to check through the dashboard if an individual image has been sold, at any time, by Alamy. I've one or two oldish pix appearing on websites and before chasing the user, it would be helpful to exclude Alamy as a scource. Many thanks.
  12. My conclusion is that this was never an Alamy 'rule' before, was never documented in the QC manual (pdf), was never a reason for failure before, and has never been applied to all instances of multi-photo jpgs before (e.g. panoramas and montages). This suggests to me that this type of 'QC' (Quantity & Content - as opposed to Quality Control) restriction has just been made up recently, and is not being applied consistently. Maybe Alamy.com are struggling for IT capacity (e.g. cancellation of their video sales project). As I understand it, most 'photos' (aka jpg upload f
  13. I did a bit better than that, but not much. During the past year, I've had but two UK newspaper sales -- for $7.62 and $21.45. The second one is the highest I've seen since signing up for the "scheme". During the same time period (rolling year), I had a couple of other newspaper licenses to Germany at slightly better prices plus a $$$ newspaper sale to the US, which is pretty rare. Newspapers everywhere have always been notoriously cheap. I know that from my past experience as a freelance writer. This is a bit off topic, but I never liked the use of the word "scheme" to describe sa
  14. Good month for me. In fact, it was 100% up from August both in terms of volume of sales and revenue (August had been the low point of the year so far). 3 $$$ which is good. Zooms are also on the up. Good average of sales at $34.
  15. Decent month for me. 34 sales for $716 gross / $340 nett. Zooms and CTR both good. With $270 from my (Alamy claimed) DACS payout added to my good October cleared earnings I'm looking forward to my best ever payout from Alamy since I started in 2014. I've also just passed last years nett sales revenue. Thanks Alamy.
  16. Definitely zooms help, that's what I am seeing out of this too. I am paying more attention to relevant things, everyday things. But you're definitely catching important stuff like marches and protests.
  17. Awesome! I've seen an uptick in zooms too last couple of months, not quite the rate you have. I am total of 6, 2 in Sep and 2 in Oct! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  18. How can it be confusing for the newspaper customers when searching ? If they are not logged in , then they won't see the pictures of those who've opted out ? I had an editorial website sale last month, for $18.69. It was used by the Guardian online. That's quite a difference from the newspaper scheme pricing I expect ($5 or so?). If now those of us who'd opted out will now be in the scheme, and the newspapers use the same number of images, then surely those of you who were already in the scheme will now see your sales number drop ? ...after all, there will now be more
  19. I uploaded 1600+ images on the site , on here from January and not one sale? got images elsewhere andI made sales , about 100 a month but the same shots with 20+downloads have made nothing on here , I find this a bit strange. if the shots were no good they would not sell somewhere else? I am not making mega bucks , so far about $300 this year but it helps paying for equipment / insurance etc... any tips how to proceed here or would it be better just to give up and delete all my shots on here. thanks Andre
  20. The full-figured lady hasn't sung here yet either, but barring a last-minute aria, October looks like a spot-on average month with 14 sales for $668 gross (DACS not included). One $$$ license to report. Zooms remain somewhat pitiful. This appears to be the new normal, but oddly it doesn't seem to be (?) affecting sales much. Happy Halloween!
  21. Had not a sausage until I checked this morning and found two sold both for mid $$ dated yesterday from zooms that I got about a month ago, so a great result for October. I wasn't convinced they'd sell but given both images (different but same subject area) had been zoomed I'd have found it more odd had they not sold down the line. I'm very thankful for these sales as I have put a lot of work into expanding my port over the 1000 mark this year and am starting to get regular(ish) sales now averaging around 1 good mid $$ photo each month so looking promising even for a port that has a
  22. I must admit to multiple checks during a normal day. More than multiple. Many! Too many. I think it would be better to resist and check maybe only a few times a week but can never manage that. Or perhaps just once a day. Not sure of the psychology of it. Seeing a good sale obviously gives a good boost. Seeing a pathetic sale often is worse than nothing. Almost. Nothing is worse than nothing. ๐Ÿค”
  23. Lolz, yes that thought has occurred to me too for a few sales. But it's also motivation to photograph a wide variety of subjects because "you never know what will sell..."
  24. And if you see that your images are being squashed, just check that box Keep original aspect ratio. To see the checkbox: double click the image after you have inserted it here. This also works for thumbnails that have been dragged and dropped: box not ticked. box checked. wim
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