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  1. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  2. I'm opted out of novelty use, and I am also opted out of China in the distributor regions, but still had several of those lucrative $0.15 gross sales. So presumably, the deal is not just novelty use, but includes direct, non-distributor, non novelty-use sales to China. Mine were all RF (I have since switched all my RF to RM as there is no longer any point, frankly, in RF on Alamy), but others have said that some RM were also purchased for that $0.15 deal. Can anyone confirm the latter? Ps. Sorry, Michael, looks like I typed whilst you also responded with similar. So I g
  3. Since mid 2020, I am only credited with sales on the last few days of the month. This seems odd. Sales are for various uses and entities, from websites, texts, kid's books, editorial and museums. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. Stockimo’s web site claims that for news all that’s required is that uploads are approved by the Live News team. For a company that is supposed to have nothing to do with Alamy there are many obvious links. I think I’ll pass on any aspect of of S. As they pay out when cleared funds are $10 and Alamy when $50, it’s pretty obvious S licences sales must be a lot less, even taking account of their contributor commission only 20% for newcomers.
  5. ah yes the six months harshness of the Canadian winter. 5C yesterday, riding my bike... 😉 (sorry the "6 months winter" has been a major anti bike-infrastructure rallying call from the car culture crowd....) . upcoming week is a wild ride. Morning temp forecast of next 3 days: -16, 4, -10.... as for winter subject, Alamy claims that "Weather is always in the news" (of course if you are in place where your News doesn't really use Alamy that doesn't help much, but i still have fun shooting, and it does have stock side appeal) )....
  6. to be honest the Dashboard being updated now should be viewed in a negative angle, as it makes no sense that of all the things experiencing issues, this was the one to focus energy on. Next we will be told the have finished the work on Zooms before working on making sure images are for sale in a timely matter.
  7. always swing and roundabouts I think having the best January that ive had for a long time - 17 sales so far and a number of $$$ sales
  8. At this point: Most sales ever in terms of numbers since 2006 (Yippee!! Let the fireworks go off") Lowest revenue. Ever (Oops, can't afford the fireworks) I have a now 4 moths outstanding one that appeared in Conde Nast still to come it - which may scrape me over the lowest. To date I've kept most of my images on Alamy, but this may not last if the situation remains as it is re pricing and the reward to effort ratio..
  9. No tiny Chinese sales for me, but still seriously underperfoming vis-a-vis the $30 'average', at $8.79 gross average. 7 sales, $24.63 net. Zooms very poor.
  10. If you click on the image while in the edit box, you can set your own dimensions. Try clicking update first. That may have the desired effect already. Leave the Keep original aspect ratio ticked. wim edit: changed your image to 600px wide
  11. No sales yet but CTR is above 1.00 so potential for various sales from various locations. Trying to start the year with a positive outlook. Grant funds landed in my account today from a business incubator program i completed in December, so that is a nice way to start the year, but there's much work to be done to meet the goals I've set for 2022.
  12. Yes. Thirteen small sales so far, which may seem OK, but I generally average at least two sales per day over any given month and would expect at least a couple of higher value licences by now.
  13. i looks like Alamy decided to do a full write off of outstanding sales, still weird to have so many Personal Use that didn't use immediate pay, You would think Alamy would have communicated ahead if this is what was happening.
  14. Hi Grace: I would just echo what has been said about the cost effectiveness of outsourcing scanning your film. Because of the low percentage of sales vs number of submitted images, you would probably never recoup your costs. I don't shoot much new material now so most of my images are on film...thousands of 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 transparencies and negatives from 40+ years. I have used several scanners in the past and now use a Plustek 8200. They are fairly inexpensive as far as film scanners go...$350-$400. The Plusteks come with a trial version of software which is useful and worth purchas
  15. Oh my. I like to use B&H because they have my sales tax exemption and it can make a big difference. Although I'm not sure it works for a computer. We'll see. They are generally good to deal with for fast shipping, etc. So I will just devote myself to getting everything I need onto an external drive so it is ready to go on the new machine. Paulette
  16. Alamy Live News Sales Team to National Newspaper news desk " We have real time images coming in of a national news event how much will you pay for them" " Nothing but to keep the books straight we will pay 10 cent each." "Fantastic offer we will send them right over". 🙄
  17. A customer buys an image licence for USD 100 through a distributor. Distributor's commission is 40% - minus USD 40. Left is USD 60. Alamy's commission is 60% - minus USD 36, Left is USD 24. JP Morgan Bank deducts USD 15 on each transfer to my bank in Europe. Left is USD 9. My bank takes USD 3 for each incoming transfer. Left is USD 6. The local tax office takes at least 30% - minus USD 2. Left is USD 4. This does not even cover the cost of Internet connection needed to transfer the images to Alamy.
  18. Hello to all, I am not really new to Alamy. I already have some images online for sale. But until now I have always neglected Alamy a bit. However, after I had six sales in 2021 and at an amount where I would have to sell hundreds of images at other agencies, I thought I'd try it more closely with Alamy. I would be happy if one or the other would take a look at my portfolio to tell me what I could do better. At the moment I have over 3200 pictures with a green bar and about 700 pictures with a yellow one. How important are the bars actually and are they conducive to educate a sale?
  19. 1/10/2021 EWJ94E 15IDM3662 geogphotos RM 13.13 -7.88 5.25 1/10/2021 R538AA DunlopilloLatexMattress RKive RM 12.49 -7.49 5.00 One involved climbing a mountain. The other didn't. Though climbing the mountain did make an extra 25 cents.
  20. I had absolutely no idea that live news images would sell for such a low fee, indeed I thought it would be quite the opposite ! The two sales I had today were the lowest $ I've had. However, the Macmillan image was taken on a paid shoot and the Covid image was taken as I happened to be there so I guess it didn't cost me anything although I know that's not the point, time and effort is still taken in uploading and keywording. Carol
  21. Are the dollar amounts listed in the righthand Amount column of Sales History the amount that a contributor is being paid by Alamy, or is it the amount that a customer is paying to Alamy?
  22. When images are licensed for peanuts it’s no longer viable even posting into the months images sold thread. 2 sales at $0.95 each gross is a joke. I shot an event on Saturday in London, but my main reason was to chat to a few non Alamy photographers I know on how their business is doing.
  23. one thing James has highlighted is the average licence for all of Alamy of $30. A great exciting information to assist contributors make decision, would be more drilled down data. For example what is the average licence for Distributors per market. If anything showing which one are the hard dragging the average down would help Alamy's result which seems focused on Average Licences, since I would gladly remove my images for sales in the sluggish markets.
  24. James, It would be really nice to know what these exciting plans might be and how they would encourage us contributors to continue to support Alamy? I've been with you for 18 years and all I've seen is the royalty split for contributors erode and now sales for pennies are the norm. Please give us some encouragement to continue to supply you rather than pushing us to supply multiple agencies or work with agencies offering better terms and higher fees.
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