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  1. My sales for 2020 were the same as 2019. To my mind this is an indicator that Alamy know how to sell pictures. Distribution is part of their game plan. It makes sense to me to take advantage of what they have to offer. A picture on Alamy is worth two on the hard drive. Stay safe kids.
  2. Don't forget that if, like me, you're opted out of PU, you're also opted out of most distributors. My distro sales have dried up since I opted out of PU. I just couldn't stomach PU mis-uses. Before anyone asks, I did catch a few and Alamy did chase. I once got a $200 'correction' fee. Use was a CD cover.
  3. Hiya, But whilst quality is very important, it's also a numbers game. The Forum members used to say the old average on Alamy was about 1 sale per 1000 images per month for an average portfolio. It might well be less than that these days as the Alamy catalogue has grown so much. I was about 6 sales a month last year for just under 3000 images. Your 90 images is really small fry. If you had over 1,000 or even better, over 10,000 of your collection, I'm sure you'd be getting a lot of activity. Have a look at this link. It should help with understanding your ranking: https://
  4. Hope you can see the paste below, but it just showed up in my normal sales chart -- WGFWC6 DSC_3115 Kirk Fisher 18 January 2021 Royalty-free Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Single use across website and/or digital publication such as E-book or PDF, any size, any placement, in perpetuity. Media: Website, app and social media 69 MB 6000 x 4000 pixels 3 MB compressed Start: 18 January 2021 Duration: In perpetuity $ 0.25
  5. All methods work. Dragging and dropping can be done from a variety of places. There is a preview function in the box where you put your post in, or your edit. It's the small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons. Set it to phone tab to check for the most extreme squishing. How to cure squishing: go to edit your post > double click on your image > tick the box Keep original aspect ratio > click Update. When the image falls outside of the allowed size, the offending box will now turn red and tell you what to do. However it's not always the
  6. Yes, it's a little disconcerting. Hopefully some of those zooms will bear fruit.
  7. Something is going on. Just one sale for me too. I too would normally see 6 or more by now. Zooms have been good tho!
  8. Really slow start to the year for me as well with only one sale (upper $$) so far. I usually have a half-dozen or so by this time of the month. P.S. Zooms are way up, though, which has to be a good sign.
  9. If you download the sale report selecting 'date of invoice', it will show you the sales details. NU prices, if that's what this sale is, have always been of that magnitude. That's why I've never been part of the scheme.
  10. An end to a fairly appalling year - good riddance 2020! 661 sales (2019: 858); $18,524 gross (2019: $23,817) Best year for sales and income was 2016 with 858 sales and $27,798) Views also down - 2020: 314,000, 2019: 429,000, as were zooms, 2020: 2231; 2019: 2823 Mainly I think due to 1. COVID; 2. Most of my portfolio are travel images and 3. Relatively few images uploaded this year (1,500) Two positives: June 2020 saw my highest ever gross sale at $2,200 which cleared very quickly, and June also saw the highest number of zooms in one day (3
  11. One of highest sales last year was a Distributor sale (Japan again), still got $60 after all deductions so no complaints, but today I have had one for $3,5 total!
  12. Only the second sale of the month, and it's a tidler (Czech Republic, distributor, editorial website). However, it's good to finally see some sales activity. Ruins of Panama Viejo, Panama
  13. Checked my distributor sales for the last year - I had 18 in total. The gross values were: $175 $122 $68 $31 $29 $25 $19 $6 $6 $4 $4 $4 $4 $3 $3 $3 $3 $3 The top 2 were to Japan (book use), and the next 4 were to Germany, so I think those 2 countries are worth opting in for.
  14. I've had some good fees eg) Germany But the commission cut does hurt. Overall it means more sales than otherwise would be the case.
  15. Thank you again @wiskerke. Oh boy, all this stuff about zooms, and researching what people are searching for, and how many times things are looked at, etc..... this is overwhelming. I do want to just get started rather than frozen and scared off by all of this. No need to apologize about sending me links to your previous responses!! Thank you so much:) I'm glad there is a community forum with people willing to help!
  16. I had 6 distributor sales this morning for a grand gross total of $19. I get 40%. Nuff said.
  17. Hi, Welcome. It's a good first step you're doing to check out the requirements rather than jumping straight in - it's very annoying and time consuming to have to go back and alter all your captions and keywords later! The caption should contain as much relevant information as possible and be written as a complete sentence rather than as random words. Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to
  18. You asked how you can improve sales from your images – little point then in ignoring the advice you’ve been given. Using blanket captions will reduce your saleability, furthermore, if you’re not prepared to put in the time to properly caption and keyword, how can you possibly expect to increase your sales? No, unrelated keywording doesn’t offer “a little extra to clients”, however it will lower your ranking here on Alamy. The lower your rank, the further down the search results you will be. How often when you were on picture desks did you scan much beyond th
  19. Best year ever for me in terms of sales and revenue. Here's the skinny ($ all gross): 2016 - 5 sales for $346 2017 - 39 sales for $1,368 2018 - 82 sales for $3,680 2019 - 156 sales for $4,511 2020 - 292 sales for $6,538 For 2021 I'm aiming for 10,000 in my port and an increase in sales and a big increase in revenue. Onwards!
  20. 2019 vs 2020: Port increase: +26% (+444 images) Views: -9% Zooms: +48% (best year) Number sales: +138% (best year) Gross income: +89,7% (included ASCRL and DACS payments, first time) (best year) Net income: +90,6% (best year) Gross and net average price: -20% (this is going downhill year by year…worst ever) Earnings per image per year: +51% Yet to consider that 2019 wasn’t a good year in numbers compared to 2018 (which is the year I started to increase my port and have regular sales), so 2020 numbers seems quite good relatively. Thank you Alamy. For a better new ye
  21. I kindly ask for an analysis of my portfolio, upload many photos but very low sales. What is the problem? Can you help me? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={5B2B9A58-218E-4A1A-9EEA-E3B6F85A3BB8}&name=Luca%2bPonti&st=11&mode=0&comp=1
  22. The Dashboard makes it clear that only Zooms (and sales, views, etc.) from "Paying Clients" are recorded: "How is this data collected? This data is collected from the search activity of our paying customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms." So I assume that if the "man/woman in the street" Zooms an image it is not recorded in Alamy Measures. I suspect however that if they Zoom and buy in the same visit, the Zoom may be recorded along with the sale. R.
  23. Hello mates, My name is Miguel Moya Moreno and I have been a collaborator of the agency for a few years. I am writing to you because I have seen one of my photographs published in an internet publisher and with the caption naming Alamy but it does not appear on my sales list. I'd like to know if the same thing has ever happened to anyone. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  24. @Kamira The link between zooms, CTR and sales is not always as clear-cut as you'd think. For example, my CTR was well above average for a good stretch of time stretch during which I had my worst sales record ever in over a decade here. Eventually it dropped to an abysmal level for a few months so I was surprised when, last month, when my CTR was still abysmal, my sales shot up significantly, with only one image similar to one that sold having been zoomed out of all my sales. I've had months where quite a few of my images are the only ones zoomed out of 100 or more images in a searc
  25. Hello there! No sales, what I'm doing is wrong. Should I continue uploading photos? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=426084 Thank you for your answers
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