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  1. Refreshing this thread….a surprisingly good month for newspaper sales which came in today. Seven $$$ and a rash of small ones. Over $1000 in total it will be a good month with other sales too, probably second highest all year.
  2. Here's an interesting comparison with a UK based POD: "In the last 365 days we have paid out £180,155.49 in commissions, with 8,208 sales" That = 21.95 Average Commission per sale in the last year! Phil
  3. Since mid 2020, I am only credited with sales on the last few days of the month. This seems odd. Sales are for various uses and entities, from websites, texts, kid's books, editorial and museums. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. My gross average price since I joined in 2006 is $40.48 (total income divided by total sales).
  5. I recognize the central point of this discussion, lower prices at the end. This week alsof had a final sale of 0,21 cts. After a month with sales of 1.50, 6 and 11, it will be my lowest per image sale ever in the last 8 years. Call it microstock or whatever, the net-result is disappointing and a middlefinger to all photographers doing their best to produce fine and special images for the market. Beside prices the 50/50 deal also changed to 40/60, which also felt like' 'take-it-or leave it'.
  6. PA OWN Alamy. They are the same company. As long as Alamy continues to have a live news feed - and I certainly hope that continues - and has staff dedicated to running that news feed, it is in nobody's interest that they don't do a good job so as not to compete with another part of the same company. As long as Alamy continue in the business of news it is in everyone's interest that they do it as well as possible. When we turn up in Westminster and see that Stefan Rousseau is there we know we all know a) we're in the right place and b) he's probably going to get the sales. But he isn
  7. Me, too. Some days I’ve had more than 10 zooms, when normally it’s only a few.
  8. Can anyone please remind me when Alamy suggested the reduction in views and zooms data in Measures would come to an end and normal service would resume? I seem to remember it was the beginning of December? Thanks Kumar
  9. I got the Roomba i3 that empties itself, but if you can afford it or get a good deal, the i6 or is it i7?? Might be even better. Although I sure couldn’t see anything wrong with the way mine cleaned today. It normally was $600 and I got it for $400. I got mine from Walmart, but Kohl’s, Amazon and other places have been having deals also. I do the same thing, Michael. I got my air fryer and Roomba for myself since I no longer can hint to a spouse. These sales are a good time to do it.
  10. A customer buys an image licence for USD 100 through a distributor. Distributor's commission is 40% - minus USD 40. Left is USD 60. Alamy's commission is 60% - minus USD 36, Left is USD 24. JP Morgan Bank deducts USD 15 on each transfer to my bank in Europe. Left is USD 9. My bank takes USD 3 for each incoming transfer. Left is USD 6. The local tax office takes at least 30% - minus USD 2. Left is USD 4. This does not even cover the cost of Internet connection needed to transfer the images to Alamy.
  11. You don't need to be. I haven't had an NU since 2011 and am still in. Alamy said in the closed thread that the 18c sales were NU, but I've had non-NU sales at 26c. My thread pointing this out was deleted.
  12. 1/10/2021 EWJ94E 15IDM3662 geogphotos RM 13.13 -7.88 5.25 1/10/2021 R538AA DunlopilloLatexMattress RKive RM 12.49 -7.49 5.00 One involved climbing a mountain. The other didn't. Though climbing the mountain did make an extra 25 cents.
  13. I don't expect any more sales will arrive now, so here are my stats for the month. Oct 2021 : 6 sales for $135 gross, $54 net (the recent commission change hurts!) A poor month for me. Rather unusually I made more $ (Net) with my experiment on a micro-stock site with ~1/10th of the number of images. How weird is that?? Alamy zooms have all but disappeared in the last few weeks (Alamy said they might drop temporarily due to software changes) So my CTR% has fallen from 0.98 to 0.38. The majority of my images on Alamy are still Alamy exclusive, as I was waiting/hoping for
  14. Are the dollar amounts listed in the righthand Amount column of Sales History the amount that a contributor is being paid by Alamy, or is it the amount that a customer is paying to Alamy?
  15. Hi Richard, I didn't know how to see if my photos had been visited by customers and also if they had been enlarged, that's why I opened this topic, but just opened it and I happened to look at Alamy Measures and when I opened the tab I found all the information: Total views for Ana Sarabia: Total zooms for Ana Sarabia: Total CTR for Ana Sarabia: Average CTR for Ana Sarabia: Top performing pseudonym: ANA Just what I was looking for, that's why I closed this topic here.
  16. why does Summary of Sales ALWAYS make me submit twice before returning time ranges "older than" or "longer than" the one-month default setting???! signed, cranky yankee its what I am
  17. 2005 - $126 (4 sales) 2006 - $127 2007 - $200 2008 - $189 2009 - $114 2010 - $111 2011 - $74 2012 - $59 2013 - $72 2014 - $52 2015 - $37 2016 - $31 2017 - $37 2018 - $36 2019 - $36 2020 - $32 (onwards and downwards)
  18. What's interesting about this snap of a modern landmark building in Tribeca, NYC, is it was a PU sale for the full price . . . and that was the best fee I've had so far of the 9 sales I've had in November 2021.
  19. Had 3 sales come in over the last week, all < $3 looks like it's becoming a Trend 😞
  20. Also, only add relevant keywords, not as many as possible. If you add too many keywords, we would call that keyword spamming: Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to set our search ranking. Your CTR rank (on your Dashboard) is a function of the number of times a client zooms (clicks on) one of your images versus the number of times your images appear in a client search, but are not zoomed.
  21. I've been a contributor for 3 years now, but made only 4 sales so far, totalling $73. On the FAQ page, Alamy states that it takes 45 days to 3 months to clear a sale. Two of the sales were made last year, totalling $37.88. On my dashboard, it states that the current cleared balance is $20. Am I missing something here? Is the value shown on the dashboard the gross value for the sale, and not what we are going to be receiving?
  22. I am seeing the same thing. Sales and zooms are posting but database has not updated.
  23. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  24. Rare Saturday sale not being a PU. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media. Duration: Unlimited - low $ net: ¢¢. Fortunately not all sales are as low as this: the month's gross average is now $27.33. wim
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