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  1. 22 sales for $914 gross - a good month, helped by a couple of three-figure sales Alex
  2. my month seems to follow the same pattern as most of those that have already commented. Reasonable sales volume ( 18) but prices down a bit, but overall after 4 months heading for a record year. The lower prices does seem to be compensated by higher volumes. Another factor is that with covid reducing, and travel starting to open again there seems to be an increase in both searches and sales for travel images , something I have a lot of. So I am still smiling at the moment
  3. Thanks, good point. Had just read a particularly disturbing report about Xinjiang, and it got the better of me. Not even some of the words would benefit the search (imprisoned, computers, duration...) Removed it now. Thanks for flagging this. Agreed too on the subjective terms in keywords. Might end up muddling the results. So far (3 months in ) my enhanced keyword overhaul has been resulted in better visibility though, but it remains to see if the sales go up too. But I am also not here to make a living from this (not from less than 2k images anyway). However, I thought its be
  4. I'm just looking for ideas to increase exposure. Trying anything and everything I can. My views are ok, increasing a lot recently but zooms are terrible, had 4 in the first couple of weeks and none since. Going back through and retagging but that's a slow process.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/may/05/co-op-slashes-the-price-of-plant-based-food-in-quest-for-net-zero-emissions Sam Mellish https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2021/may/05/uk-car-sales-stock-markets-ftse-eurozone-us-jobs-business-live One of mine. Hooray! Justin Kase zsixz Newscast Online Limited https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/may/05/pole-nordic-walking-weekend-herefordshire Alex Ramsay https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/may/05/a-credit-rating-dispute-could-cost-me-getting-a-mortgage-renewal Feng
  6. Which do you all find is best for monetary gain? I have noticed that some of my sales for royalty free are higher than rights managed.
  7. April was a bit of an odd month. Most sales came in the first two weeks and usually it is the other way around. 18 sales for $683 gross (one over $$$). This includes the one PU sale that my daughter bought of mine....more as a joke. Also had a $270 refund from a sale from last year....that stung a bit.
  8. I’ve been mining old images recently and have had a sale and zooms on them. It pays to look at what you have from past years. I found some that didn’t withstand upsizing back then are perfectly fine at native resolution, or downsizing. Who would have known that a rule back then would change.
  9. While I quite welcome PU sales, they pay better than newspaper web usage, there are some that it is difficult to imagine anyone wanting for their own use. I'm seeing an increasing percentage of PU deals. Included is one of my latest sales, an abandoned campsite with a burnt out fire, litter, and a discarded flattened tent. Score for artistic interpretation or aesthetic appeal zero. Surely this must be a commercial or campaign group usage and should be charged accordingly. Search terms used "illegal camping mess" Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints,
  10. One for -$11.04, from a sale in March. Looking at the details of the Sales History for that sale, I don't see any way to tell which are affiliate sales. Only in the downloaded balance entry.
  11. Where have they gone? I used to show 30 to 40 zooms. At the moment, I have 9. Is this me, or is it Alamy and all of us?
  12. Betty I try to update photos that are close by and does not cost a lot for travel. I can be on the beach in about 2 hours and just make it a day trip. I just did a retake of the Wright Brothers Memorial and have had previous sales from there. Most of my stock is from North Carolina and the Southeast as it is not that expensive for me to travel to those locations. Just as you getting to a Beach Kansas would be a long trip for me.
  13. I've had a few sales recorded to twistedfood nothing to write home about; 😑 17,975,878 people follow this on FB though the website is odd as theres no contact or about details and each article is followed by click bait articles but they do get through shed loads of images.
  14. Adding insignificant tags to your image to get the green “discoverable” bar will not help your images. It will cause them to come up in searches where your image is not wanted, and hurt your CTR. CTR influences what page your image comes up on. Using insignificant tags will cause them to come up in a search, but it won’t be what the buyer wants. That gives you a “view”, but no zoom or sale. That will eventually cause an image to fall back on more distant pages where they’ll seldom be seen. The buyer will most likely find what they want on the first few pages and never see yours. Only u
  15. It is more time consuming to work out net sales. Pearl
  16. Its early days yet and I would treat Alamy as a slow burner which often doles out decent sales. In my first year I had a single $1 sale but now I regularly get reasonable sales usually around 5 to 12 per month
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/may/04/amazon-sales-income-europe-corporation-tax-luxembourg David Burton https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/04/invest-in-green-jobs-in-parts-of-britain-worst-hit-by-pandemic-report-urges Avalon/Con struction Company https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/may/04/doorstep-scammers-exploiting-covid-pandemic-says-which Radharc Images https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/04/vital-soil-organisms-being-harmed-by-pesticides-study-shows Buiten-Beeld https://www.theg
  18. Knee how, Olli There are many savvy photogs in this forum. And they've giving you and me and newbies solid, good advice. I will not comment on what you are doing, right or wrong. Instead, I'll just tell you what I do. I only submit common-access editorial stock images. I don't do Live News or have no model or property releases on any of my images. Yet I do make regular monthly sales, usually a few more than the expected one per thousand a month. I don't expect to get rich doing this; it just what I do as a retired assignment photographer. I try not to use s
  19. Two Upday sales just dropped in - here's one - 2E1HYKD
  20. Hello folks, Been on the forum a couple of years, but haven't posted since my first few months, as I recall. Do you think I've made a mistake in formatting of the several hundred record album cover images I've uploaded--in putting them on a white (or in the case of white covers, black) backgrounds? It seemed a good idea when I started the project and haven't thought much about it since--but now I'm wondering if it will harm sales. Seems like a dumb idea to me now. Also, will Alamy object if I now upload the same images without the backgrounds? Since I already
  21. Slightly above average but no $$$ sales. 26 for $619 gross.
  22. I still have my images set to Rights Managed and I opted out of Novel Use after a few tiny sales. Considering I haven't uploaded images in the past few years, I'm still selling - not much but still. Stock is something I do because I take a LOT of travel and lifestyle images when I'm out and about and sell editorial. But my camera gear is mostly used for fine art - and I don't care if it pays for itself.
  23. Those in the UK get sales reports in USD too. Also get paid in USD which does not do us any good when £ is strong against the $. Allan
  24. Does Alamy make sales reports in USD for every contributor or just those living outside UK?
  25. As I said, if it's technically correct, let the buyers decide if it's worth purchasing. I've had some surprising sales from images that I thought would be difficult to sell. Upload your old images and sit back and await all those sales!😉😄 John.
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