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  1. Anyone else's sales fallen off a cliff this month? Mine have been quite buoyant this year, despite Covid. Until September. Suddenly nothing at all. Nada. Zilch. Is it just me, or have others had the same experience?
  2. I have to admit that I do not often look at my Measures. I usually just check the number of zooms I had at end of the month for statistics purpose. However, today I did. I was thrilled to see that since 1st Nov., 7 out of my 15 zooms are unique, i.e. the only zoom. One of the unique zooms is the only picture on Alamy. In another instance, there were 53 total views and again I'm the only zoom. Another unique zoom is from a well known touristic venue with million of visitors every year, an easy shot which is a multiple seller already. 100 views, only zoom.
  3. My current crackpot theory is that mainly well-established Alamy customers tend to be licensing images here these days. New ones might be going elsewhere for economic reasons. Hence the drop in zooms but not so much in sales (in my case, anyway).
  4. Views, Zooms and sales all down by a similar proportion, to about 66% normal. CTR therefore approximating to normal; - but mainly a travel-biased portfolio. Kumar
  5. Same here - my zooms and CTR are lowest ever (especially in the last two months), but the sales are on the usual level
  6. Yes, I had a rare late-morning update today with a sale and 10 new zooms. 4 of the new zooms are of different frames of this still hot subject:
  7. No updates to images recently uploaded which are still not for sale, measures and perhaps sales. What is going on?
  8. Cheers Iain ! Sunday Times online 15th World Danita Delimont Traffic zooms by at the intersection of Stark and Burnside in the pearl District of downtown Portland, Oregon, USA. - Image ID: E72MDH Roberto Nencini Bunce Island, Sierra Leone - June 02, 2013: West Africa, unknown person at the old slave prisons, Bunce Island was a British slave trading post in the - Image ID: MNEE6E The Picture Art Collection N/A. Image of Bunce Island, Sierra Leone from 1805 . 1805. From an original watercolor by Joseph Corry, 1805 249 Bunce Island 1805 - Image I
  9. I think you have made an excellent start with the images you have. I read every word on the forum for months before I joined and that helped me, I believe. Don't forget that no one will find your images if you don't keyword them well. So far, you seem to be doing that. Maybe some people will have tips about it. Don't be impatient. It takes a long time to make sales and to have them recorded. Check out your dashboard thoroughly..Sales History and Measures... so you can check for views and zooms as well as sales. Welcome to the community. Paulette
  10. I've lost track a little but it's either two or three days behind again. Being as it's the core of Alamy's sales income you would have thought it would be a priority to get a database that works as advertised.
  11. Going back to Ian's question 631 sales so far in 2020 2 to the United States; an advertising sale in June for my highest fee ever, and a reasonable $$ sale for TV use in November. Thats that for the USA (and I do have about 2000+ images taken in the USA) Kumar
  12. Er, it's the sales commission. Just like the one on licences. Alamy did send out an email about this- probably around the time they were removing the opt-out- they were obviously canvassing for opt-ins. IIRC a figure was given for the number if items Alamy could claim for. It was only a few more than I knew about myself (maybe 15%) so I concluded it couldn't possibly make up for 50% commission, so I stayed out. If I find it I'll put it up.
  13. CTR is 0.5 average this year which is pretty much normal. Number of licences this year so far are same as for all of last year. Value of licences this year so far are double last years total. Allan No record of zooms.
  14. $5 sale in August, $3 and $5 sales in October so far....not a single sale in November...
  15. Not sure what's happening, but my last sale was in 05 Aug 2020. After that, radio silence....... Anyone?
  16. Something ive not come across before and just wondering if anyone has had the same... Just did a search in one of my pseudo summaries for the last month, and i have a number of searches that show as : your views 1, sessions 1, zooms 0, total views 0, ctr% Nan! so although mine was viewed, it wasnt actually? its the YOUR VIEWS 1 and TOTAL VIEWS 0, thats confusing! happens on a number of searches over the last month. any thoughts welcome JH
  17. Five sales dropped in yesterday. Maybe "drop" is not the right verb as one of these was used May 5th and I've been reminding Alamy about invoicing several times. Distributor sale, so I earned $ 1.69 for each. At least two of them were used by Finnish Broadcasting company YLE (Finnish equivalent for BBC). https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11336433 https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11411407 Ambivalent feelings. As a tax payer I'm happy YLE is not throwing money away. As a stock photographer I'm not happy being exploited like this.
  18. That's a good point. Perhaps it's a technical thing -- i.e. some zooms just aren't showing up. The site is super slow for me tonight (7:30 pm PST). However, everyone's experience is different. I did say it was a crackpot theory... 🤪
  19. In a search for Owston, my freshly uploaded image appears at the following positions out of 155 images returned when doing a search with "relevant" set. Owston in Caption and as Supertag - 5 Owston as Supertag only - 7 Owston in Caption and as Tag - 8 Owston in Caption only - 17 Owston as Tag only - 27 So, in the case of this image and search, the weighting priority currently looks like Supertag > Caption > Tag, with Caption + Supertag being better still. Ideally I should have picked a subject with more images returned to give
  20. I've sold some face masks (elsewhere obviously) to folks in red states, so maybe they're coming around. Was on the phone with one of my cousins just now and he was bemoaning the fact that many of our younger relatives are looking to get dual Italian or Irish citizenship and leave these shores for the countries our or there (we're both of Italian descent) came from. My husband is looking into Irish citizenship as our daughter is among those considering saner shores. One of my grandparents was born here and the others apparently became citizens early enough in the 20th century that they we
  21. You will find this information if you download the .csv Excel spreadsheet in 'Download Sales Report', Edo. Last column on the right.
  22. Google certainly has its own strange way of returning results and this is very interesting. I've tried it, and it doesn't work at all for me. But then, given my small port and sales volume, perhaps this isn't surprising. Be fascinated to find others findings on this when searching their own pseudos.
  23. Looking at my 2020 sales (without a count) the 'country' that's listed most is Worldwide. The best prices paid are alway for images of the States. Am I wrong that images sold to a buyer in the USA are always an even amount, like $100.00 with no cents. To understand all this stuff better, I would have to change my name to Wim. And we already have a Wim.
  24. Having really good captions maybe drill down for comprehensive descriptions that if you couldn't see the photograph the words would describe it. For instance your photo of a submerged gate in Derwentwater, beside being a nice photo instead of submerged I might have used "flooded" and put that in the tags too along with every word for flood, floods, flooding, maybe try a keyword phrase etc. Your photos are good but descriptions and tags are so important to getting found and making that first sale. Maybe concentrate on uploading more content and building your portfolio size and quality, the sale
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