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  1. During the end-of-the-month surge I passed 2020's figures for both sales and revenue. Small signs for optimism, perhaps? And I've just noticed that I've passed another milestone: my 2,000th all-time pic sale. All three on the same day! 😎
  2. This was my second best month of the year and a vast improvement on the previous month which had been the second worst month of the year. 35 sales for $889 gross. Highest: $125 gross Lowest : 21 cents gross!
  3. Slightly below average for me this month but as reported last month 2021 is still my best year ever for volume and value of sales so I can't really complain
  4. Glad tidings of great joy regarding the number of sales, a personal best of 35. Not quite so joyous regarding gross income at $690, and a rather sad net gain of $276 or $7.9 per lease. A welcome $328 from DACs brought a little extra pre Xmas cheer.
  5. Not bad. Highest ever monthly sales at 17 (6 of the same image!) Weird license for tv that was refunded and resold 3 times for ever dwindling amounts (apparently the license details were revised each time). Gross income $300. So average price at $18 is normal for me. $50 DACS was welcome!
  6. Lousy. 9 sales for $242, a reality check from last month's yearly high. But, $300+ DACS payment made up some.
  7. Yes, and again I agree and understand. There are alternatives though not necessarily ones that are obvious, easy, or which suit everybody. The number of images continues to grow because Alamy is actively taking images from whether it can find them. Quantity is King. Newbies continue to arrive, no doubt at a faster rate than Oldies leave. Other agencies/organisation are invited to sign up. All that is, as you say, a matter for Alamy and nothing to do with us. I have no idea about the relative overall quality that Newbies bring ( and where they bring them from) compared to the impact of losing t
  8. On the flip side, that is only 157 sales per day total across several thousand of their contributors. A few people make regular sales, but not many. I don't think it's an undiscovered pot of gold waiting at the end of a rainbow.
  9. Two end of month sales just dropped in, low $$, probably the same customer as Gen above as same price. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 30 November 2021End: 30 November 2031Duration: 7 years
  10. November turned into a decent month, 21 sales for a gross of $824 ($329 net) (2x$$$). "Other Income" brought in a net of $727. So pretty happy all in all. Average $/sale is $39
  11. For information: ten of my RM sales this month have been 'in perpetuity' and another is Duration: unlimited; several of these are small value sales. From my personal perspective, they are becoming the rule, rather than the exceptions. Also in most other sites, even though a licence is RF, there are many uses, especially for larger commercial publishers, which necessitate the purchase of an extended licence.
  12. Vastly underperforming as well, 18 sales for $267 = $14.81 gross average.
  13. I had a good end-of-month surge thankfully, as most of the month was very poor. Here's a couple of calendar sales, mid $$:
  14. Hello everyone, I am a member for 2 months. I have 1700 works. 1000 people have looked at my works. I have not had any sales for 2 months, is this normal? I wonder if I am doing something wrong, can you give an idea or suggestion?
  15. Am I correct in assuming that there is no way to search for a DACS credited photo? I had a TV sale pop up this month, for a very decent amount, but can find no trace of it online. Likewise, I was watching a programme about Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London on BBC 4 some time ago (> a year) and saw that they used one of my pics but it has never popped-up in a DACS payment, to date. Not sure how people keep track of their DACs sales. 🤨
  16. Taken from FAQ "Q. I’ve seen my photo being used but it hasn’t been reported as a sale?A. The time it takes for our customers to report image uses varies depending on what industry they’re in. This can mean they don’t tell us they’ve used an image until the end of a month, quarter or publishing cycle. If you’ve seen an image being used, and it hasn’t appeared in your sales history within 3 months, then please let us know by filling in our unauthorised use form which you’ll find on your contributor dashboard and we’ll follow it up." So have usage from July 6. That is mo
  17. Posted September 27 Hi All We are currently experiencing some ongoing technical issues with Alamy Measures due to a large amount of data processing on our servers. Our IT team are working on fixing this as soon as possible but we apologise for the inconvenience caused. In addition to this, from the 30th of Sept, there will be some technical backend changes to the site which means we're expecting the recorded zooms in measures to be reduced by about 20% - this will be across the board. We anticipate this reduction in the recording of
  18. What happened to what before? Do you mean before Alamy started to claim? What happened was that the amount made available to DACS was divided between those who made their own claims. Anybody in the world with UK sales for books/magazines/TV use could have done that. So before Alamy started to make DACS claims Alamy contributors who did not make a personal claim received nothing, Alamy received nothing. One significant change ( for those of use who claim direct) since Alamy started claiming, and made it a contractual condition, is that Alamy no longer off
  19. Simple* average result from those who have provided numbers so far (thanks). *This isn't a weighted average as it ignores the number of sales from each contributor. i.e. those with the most sales have the same influence on the average result as those with the least. (I did this because not everyone has provided the number of sales in each year). Mark
  20. Two ASCRL payments dropped into the Sales Report today...I think it is the U.S. equivalent to DACS. A total of little more than $300! A very warm welcome to unexpected income! Cheers Alamy!
  21. My average gross $ per sale is a bit below average, and peaked last year when I had the most $$$ sales. Most of my sales are to the UK, and I'm not in Live News. Year Sales Gross Gross/Sale 2016 8 74 9 2017 24 512 21 2018 50 1181 24 2019 123 2411 20 2020 142 4066 29 2021 235 499
  22. It could be that Alamy ignore Novel Use /Photo Pack 'sales' in their calculations. Otherwise, if the low priced scheme was having an impact the mean image price would have reduced significantly. If it is not having much effect it does make you wonder if it is worth all the grief that 5c 'sales' bring and the consequent loss of goodwill. What I think it would be telling to look at, though it would be depressing, is the month on month figure paid into my bank account and how that has changed through the years. That would show not only the reduction in average fees, the r
  23. October is the time of year I start seeing calendar sales come through. I have had several this year for $32.99 compared to $40.29 last October for the same size print run. My share has also dropped from 50% to 40% so my take this year is 35% down. On the plus side October has seen the best months sales for some time and is over 1/3 of my total gross to date in 2021.
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