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  1. though things get saturated faster, not sure at point in time it's true on the editorial side, which is Alamy's strength. I went through my sales so far this year, and about a third are from subject that had little presence in the database, quite a few on something that we didn't even know existed 12 months ago. Things changes and database need to reflect before and after.
  2. I didn't have any US or North American sales over the last 12 months, but I guess some of the worldwide sales will have been to the US, especially those dropping in at the end of the day which happens quite a lot. Had seven sales to Taiwan though. 😲
  3. Yes of course. But most of the commission on image licence sales is consumed by the business costs associated with selling those licences, i.e. not much profit. But, if £1 / contributor covers the incremental costs of making a DACS claim on a contributor's behalf, the rest (i.e. the 50%) appears to be pure profit.. Quite a high margin activity methinks? In which case I think Alamy could revisit this "opportunity" to see if they can pursuade more contributors to join the scheme by supplying them with information about the number of ISBN/ISSN nos they can find for their sales. It would be a sham
  4. My small port is probably not indicative but I have had abnormally high zooms in July, September, and October. Like one every couple of days which is really unusual for me and I wasn't uploading a lot. Most of them have been on Black Lives Matter murals, five zooms on one George Floyd mural alone and a few on the woman with Vote mask holding an American flag.
  5. Yes, I do not expect more US than UK sales. But as I said in my OP I do get a large number of sales every single month to the various USA 'countries' from GI from the same images. Just hardly anything through Alamy. Perhaps its in part pricing related between the two agencies for the same images for non-exclusive images. I'm assuming that those reporting much better US sales are Alamy exclusive.
  6. I have like 37 zooms total. They've just shot up in the past couple of months. Fourteen just since September 1 on all kinds of unrelated photos. Five zooms on a single George Floyd mural. One on a Breonna Taylor mural and one on a BLM shrine. I guess the zooms on the George Floyd mural bring all my other photos to higher placement in other searches too, so they get clicks. I notice it helps to follow current events. Zooms obviously don't translate into sales though. I'm kind of amazed how hard this is.
  7. I borrowed a couple of my dental x-rays from the dentist, and photographed them on a light box. Several zooms, but no sales so far, so I clearly don't have very interesting fillings.
  8. No, just here in the Reply to this topic... AKA Submit Reply box on this forum. So go back to your original post. Click Edit. Double click on each image and tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Click save. Done. Why? Dunno. Sometimes an image comes with that box ticked but from some places it comes not being ticked. Sometimes an images becomes flattened like with some thumbnails; sometimes squished as with some zooms/comps. The small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons, will give you a Preview. It is not a search button. Anywa
  9. This one is Rockwood Hall, in Sleepy Hollow, NY part of the same complex of parkland donated by the Rockefellers to New York State as in the image above, obviously a different time of year. I sold a nice print of this earlier this month on Fine Art America and Alamy has licensed it for me in the past. It was one of the very first images I took with my Sony a7rii a couple of years ago. I powered up a battery when the camera arrived on my doorstep, and went out into the cold and soon dark February afternoon as soon as it was ready. It's a favorite of mine, the sun setting over the Hudson River.
  10. I'm in the US and all but one of mine this year are US sales, the other is ROW. I rarely get UK sales but then aside from some images of Edinburgh taken in 2007 before I even knew what stock photography was, I don't have much in the way of UK images. The European countries I tend to sell to are Germany, Italy and Sweden, and all of those were concepts or US locations.
  11. Presumably my share of DACS TV claim - I can't claim myself because I do not know the channel/programme details as they are withheld by Alamy. Other income 44.85 0.00 44.85 If so I would prefer to be told how much the overall claim was worth for my TV uses and how much Alamy have retained as their share. I think that there is an Admin fee and then the remainder is split 50-50. Why isn't this shown in the sales report? Or has Alamy genuinely not taken any deduction? Or is this some othe
  12. If a zoom is what I understand it to be (that someone has seen your image in a search result and clicked it) then it follows that sales must generate zooms. However we won't see those zooms unless they are from select (large?) clients. I know what you mean though, some of my zooms don't lead to sales but a good amount of my sales don't register as zooms.
  13. I get relatively few sales in the U.K. so I suppose the U.K. uses much more content of U.K. centric images, just as the USA does of U.S centric images. My breakdown of the rolling year of image sales are as listed below. I suspect that many or most of the ones marked Worldwide, originated in the USA 145 Worldwide 7 USA 7 U.K. 4 Germany 2 Turkey 2 Spain 2 Denmark 2 Netherlands 2 Poland 2 France 2 U.A.E. 1 Japan 1 Canada 1 Italy 1 Serbia 1 Brazil 1 Latvia
  14. Oddly, my Zooms and CTR are at the highest point since January....but sales have been sluggish so far this month. Hopefully sales will pick up in the second half of November.
  15. Oddly, my zooms are not lower than normal. Although it is once again taking AGES to open an image for editing. The Alamy glitch continues. But I must say sales are truly remarkable. After two weeks, I finally got my first sale today for this month: two sales of the same image for 35 cents each. That's right. Net, but still.... Two other places are showing $53 and $61 for me so far this month. Hard to see how Alamy will catch up given recent prices.
  16. American sales always seem to be for more $, but are very rare for me... Not that many to the UK either! Sales so far this year: Worldwide 29 Croatia 6 Czech Republic 1 Germany 3 German speaking countries 1 Finland 4 Italy 1 Ireland 1 Serbia 2 Turkey 6 United Arab Emirates 3 United Kingdom 3 United States 1 I wonder where the French source their images?? Don't think I've ever sold anything to France. Maybe they always purchase 'worldwide' because of all the DOM-TOMs.
  17. I have had 10 US sales this year out of 124 total sales, and the prices are definitely better. The average gross price of those is $73.5, which is about 2.5X higher than my overall average. They are a variety of subjects, including wildlife, plants, signs and objects, but no travel images - I don't have any images taken in the US. I do try to include American spellings and words in my tags.
  18. On some photos being posted, I can click on the photo and see a larger version. Some are the size they were in the post, not enlarged. Some don't open a popup window. I'm curious about the current behavior since some of the changes seem to have been rolled back or modified. This is posted from a photo in my portfolio, enlarged in Image Manager and changed to "comp" from "zooms" in the pasted in url for the photo. Back to normal?
  19. My NYC pics show more sales and higher prices than all other locales. But Liverpool has moved into the second position.
  20. I'm too bone idle to do the stats, but my gut feeling is that my small collection of photos taken in the USA far outperforms my general portfolio, both in terms of numbers sold per image available and income per sale, and of these most sales are to the US. On the other hand my pictures taken on the continent of Europe, of which I have many, considerably underperform my UK collection, and this is more of an issue in my view.
  21. Candidates for the Darwin Awards (rules on Wikipedia) of course also stand a good chance, combining at least two of the above list. 😂 This was a hoax. Or rather a staged image as a promotional for a volcano chaser. Petapixel Phlearn wim edit: Allan, if you go back to your images for a moment, double click on each and check the box Keep original aspect ratio. That way they won't appear squished on most displays.
  22. CTR seems to be as stable as ever, IOW zigzagging around 0.5, I don't know about zooms as I don't keep a record, but sales will probably be down 20% in volume and 30% or more in revenue, and I didn't overtake 2013, when my average was 2.5 times higher, until this month. But then I was down a third last year, and don't expect to reach half my best year.
  23. Check the "Region" column in the downloaded sales report. As far as I know, that will tell you where the image was published -- UK, EU, US, or ROW (Rest of World). An image can be published in the UK, US, etc, and then the work distributed "Worldwide". This is the way I interpret it, anyway.
  24. A strange year, views and zooms down about 20 % but sales ( numbers and value ) are my best year ever. I am also seeing a small improvement in average selling prices overall
  25. 10 US sales - all garden plants - for an average of $70 gross out of 318 sales so far this year. They're not common - but they pay well.
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