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  1. 18 sales for $466 gross plus $160 DACS made it a decent month. 5 calendar sales at $$ helped. Highest sale $75, lowest $1.67. Nick
  2. Only 2 sales in November for a sad $23 gross, $9 net. Payments for DACS and ASCLR totaled $53 which was a big help, along with an affiliate commission refund of $5.
  3. Alamy "Our average price across the board remains pretty static at around $30 across all licences and this has been the case for the last few years". See https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/15060-018-sale/?do=findComment&comment=304682 So I thought I'd see how my gross revenue / sale compares with this $30 "benchmark". Above data was compiled by hovering the mouse over each data point in the Revenue and Sales graphs on my dashboard and writing down the numbers. Obviously in early years my sales were so low that the data isn't statistically significa
  4. Best month ever for number of sales - previous record was last month. A very long way short of the best total money, but above average.
  5. The dashboard updates overnight usually, so today's reported sales won't appear on there until tomorrow.
  6. The $30 is presumably including Live News, which traditionally has sold for more; though I've read of some very low LN sales recently too.
  7. I have noticed two things: 1. more sales to the USA 2. price crash for those sales $15 for a book to the USA??
  8. 4 for $203 gross/ $81 net, all on the the last day of the month to make my best month of the year. Means I only need $6 more to be sure of maintaining my Gold status into the next year. Just shows how little I got for the 11 sales I've had since the 1st of July. Suppose I have to be thankful for small mercies.
  9. 8 sales for $163 gross, $54 net - ouch net was only 33% of the gross due to distributor commission So my average average $20 gross/sale , below the $30 average indicated by Alamy Also got a DACS TV usage fee of $24 via Alamy which helped the month Mark
  10. I would like the contributors dashboard and sales report to show "net price" rather than "sale price" as I think its quite misleading as it it. As an example this morning I got a sale for $50.02. Thats great, thats really the minimum I am looking for. But when looking at the "balance of account" I see that the sale had a distributor fee so the net worth of the sale to me was $50.02 - $18.01 - $20.01 = $12. Would not it be better for contributors, to see on their contributor dashboard that number i..e $12? I am not complaining about getting only 24 percent in the sale, j
  11. Something seems unfair to me about all this. I applied and actually joined ASCRL because I have US sales. But I was told that all the funds had been allocated and there would not be any available to people like me outside the US. I was told that the rules were likely to be changed to stop non-US claimants from joining in order to protect the limited funds. I do not begrudge you US residents getting what you are due from DACS, and then more from what DACS and other European collecting societies hand over to ASCRL, but since this money, by and large, comes from UK and EU citizens it
  12. Also hitting the ground running with a couple of sales: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 200,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-December-2021 ; End: 01-December-2031 ;Additional Details: Book, print and/or e-book, up to full page, up to 200,000 print run, inside only, up to 10 years, Worldwide. Additional Details: internet TV lecture for EBS as a teaching guide and online usages in the same context Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Medi
  13. Earn a minimum of 10% on all sales made within 30 days of the referral* It says on that page. wim
  14. I sell vintage images from my archive and have an average selling price of about $40, but I get a lot of sales for 22c with the usage detailed below. I'm not sure I want to make my images available for commercial use at this price, but cannot find where I have signed up to an ancilliary sales outlet that promotes sales below the standard $9.99 for personal use. Any ideas? Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Websites, apps, social media & blogs, editorial, any size, in perpetuity, worldwideMedia: Website, app and social mediaPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: Any - print cover &
  15. 43 for 1178. Average 27.39 Best month for volume, second for $$. Price No. of sales in Nov. ¢¢ 4 $ 16 low$$ 13 mid$$ 4 upper$$ 3 $$$ 3 wim
  16. I once had a suspiciously low price for a book cover. It turned out to be a scholarly book. I assume the author paid for it herself and couldn't expect to make much money on sales. Paulette
  17. 26 sales for $562 so underperfroming at $21 average. Had 3 refunded and rebought at about the same price, probably buyer changed budget.
  18. 11 sales for $70.11 gross and $20.73 net. Oh yes, that's $6.37 / $1.88 average. $9.96 from DACS.
  19. Second best month for Volume and Gross for my 2021. 9 sales for gross $188.52 (Net $87) + $14 DACS . Where is the average $30/pic coming from if none of us have any close to the claims 🙂
  20. 13 Sales grossing $372 plus a DACSs payment totaling $244. So pretty good really!
  21. Gross 3 for $48 (one was for £44) Dacs $59 Years sales average approx $16
  22. During the end-of-the-month surge I passed 2020's figures for both sales and revenue. Small signs for optimism, perhaps? And I've just noticed that I've passed another milestone: my 2,000th all-time pic sale. All three on the same day! 😎
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