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  1. Yup, microstock has devastated textbook markets. Textbooks cost a fortune these days. Most schools here have stopped buying them whenever possible, preferring cheaper workbooks (with few or no photos), which they usually get students to purchase themselves. This is a real bummer for us. Remember when $150-$250 textbook sales were common on Alamy?
  2. I spent some time today prowling around the low end of All of Alamy. Of the more than 34,000 searches with 0 views, a huge chunk were misspelled. Some one wanted "Green Lentil tomato Watercress Soup," "Lewis County General Hospital," "Gwyneth Paltrow candle," "generic bus south america," and "archaeologist working united states." Capitalization vs lower case seems to matter more than I'd realized. "Shoemaker" vs. "shoemaker" didn't show mine when "shoemaker" was the search term and I'd capitalized "Shoemaker." This may be unique to searches that could be either last names or p
  3. Well, not so good this month, well below average so far. The pandemic is definitely having an effect, especially on "travel" images. I'd love to see more sales in Canada, but I guess it's a small market in the scheme of things, especially compared to our populous southern neighbour.
  4. Can I just riff on Ian's headline with one of my own? Lack of Sales for Canadian Contributor Of course, nothing new about that, but I feel better getting it off my chest 😄
  5. Thank you Alamy for the widening of this space! This one is now 999px wide and it came with the Keep the ratio box ticked when dragged from the Zoom page. Department of the Interior DC. Worldwide marketing $$$. wim
  6. What percentage of alamy sales are RF? do customers really care any more ? Any contributor with equal quality (ie good images not second best). RF and RM have any comment? Are the fees the same? Do we have special offer purchases for RF ? Personally I prefer to sell RM ( I have 5000 + and they have earned a lot of money on Alamy ). Getty sell video with what they call RR (Rights Ready, The fees are still terrible apart from the very occasional high value Advertising use ) I am not sure what RR really means. I suppose it means similar to RM.
  7. All of my images are Rights Managed and it seems that sales are falling off. I have considered converting to Royalty free but am unsure whether that would substantially end the income from images on Alamy. I would like input from those who are royalty free and from those who may have switched. Also, if I do go royalty free,and it turns out to be an error, can I revert to Rights managed?
  8. DT (Dreamstime) is not a top tier agency. In fact I really doubt it will survive much longer. I only have at Alamy about a third of the images I have at DT. But my sales (number of sales AND monetary value) at DT are higher than at Alamy. Even when I my sales at DT are insignificant and I only keep my portfolio there because the work is done already. I have never submitted to Getty. I have an account at IStock which I think is part of Getty but their submission process is complicated and tedious so I only have a couple of images with them. I don't think putting all you
  9. Can't answer why people are zooming and not buying myself. EDIT: Only thing I can add to this is I looked at your port and everything I saw was RF. Though I shouldn't think that would hamper sales, I have only ever sold RM images. I have around 100 set to RF. I'm not convinced having the same collection for sale on other sites (which are no doubt selling them cheaper) is a particularly good idea but then I don't know much. I'm mostly exclusive to alamy and based on how much time I spend making sure keywording and the other aspects are in order, I think one agency is enough for me.
  10. The concensus is that Alamy is good at selling rights managed editorial stock. My experience backs this up, looking at RF may be a red herring. To address sales falling off, a more obvious action would be to revisit your captions. Alamy have said that a prose caption works better than just putting the keywords in the caption section. Good luck.
  11. No I did not get that point at all from your previous post. That people don't understand the difference between stock and news and they need to edit their live news images more carefully and be more selective about what they submit. And that Live News could be stronger by being more selective. None of that came across. Thank you for clarifying. It seems that not only did the process of submitting in pre-digital days require more legwork, I would assume there were a lot fewer images to submit. Because 35mm film was expensive and part of the training and practice and affordability of
  12. Now we have this new Forum format, which is much narrower on most devices and displays, it's a good moment to point out the solution to images getting squished here. You can only remedy this on your own images in your own post. So if your images appear squished and you want to rectify that: Go back to your original post. Click Edit. Double click on each image and tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Click save. Done. And as Allan said: And don't forget if it does not work check the max limit in pixels on the sides. (length or height) and re
  13. I'm quoting myself. As a follow up, on one search, I had 3 zooms out of 4. Result: they all sold! 3 sales! Please keep the pattern for the other zooms...
  14. Now we have this new Forum format, which is much narrower on most devices and displays, it's a good moment to point out the solution to images getting squished here. You can only remedy this on your own images in your own post. So if your images appear squished and you want to rectify that: Go back to your original post. Click Edit. Double click on each image and tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Click save. Done. wim
  15. Hello mates, My name is Miguel Moya Moreno and I have been a collaborator of the agency for a few years. I am writing to you because I have seen one of my photographs published in an internet publisher and with the caption naming Alamy but it does not appear on my sales list. I'd like to know if the same thing has ever happened to anyone. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  16. I downloaded my sales to see the region of the sales and two more sales popped up for today. I hope this is a sign of things to come. This one is personal use for the full US price. I'd make much more had I sold a print myself, but it does appear to be appropriate for personal use and with three sales in a row, bringing me to 5 so far this month, I won't complain. Rockefeller State Park in Pleasantville, NY, the next town over from where I live. RF Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Personal use ; Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use ; 45.6 MB;4608 x
  17. I have quite a few US sales ending in cents -- .99, etc. To get around the "Worldwide" conundrum, you can check out the "Region" column in the downloadable sales report to get a better idea of which sales are actually US sales. It's OK to change your name on a whim, we need all the Wims we can get these days. 😁
  18. Hello there! No sales, what I'm doing is wrong. Should I continue uploading photos? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=426084 Thank you for your answers
  19. My zooms are about average but this is the first month with no sales so far, when normally November is one of the better months for sales.
  20. I spoke too soon. Looking at my 142 sales so far this year, I have a higher proportion of UK sales than usual. The USA is still "No. 1" (of course 😄). USA -- 40% UK -- 27% EU -- 23% ROW -- 10% Again, I think it's all about content. If I lived in Suffolk rather than in North America, I'd probably have far fewer US sales. Only four "Canada" sales in the bunch, which is disappointing. I wish that Alamy could make more inroads here. How about opening a Vancouver office?
  21. That's near impossible. Zooms are easy, because they show up the next day here, if you click on your pseudonym and then sort on zooms - highest first. You can do this for the whole of the current/rolling year. Sales are a lot harder because not all sales are made by the client using one of the keywords. One way clients used to do it was by the Alamy ID#. However those results are not shown anymore. Clients do zoom images this way too. Also filtered out. Which is why lots of sales happen without zooms. Visible zooms that is. Years ago these did show up, that's how we know. Too much us
  22. Just looked at my sales, too. Sales volume pitifully low this year (and let's not get into prices!), but half a dozen sales to the US - two of the same generic image of a vending machine, one of UK currency, others UK-based. All editorial stuff. Pertinent point is that the two highest value sales for the year (both $$$ for text books) were both for the US. Always try to use US spellings in tags, at least.
  23. Before I pop a champagne cork at 2 sales ( $164 and $206) of the same image at royalty free, does this seem like an error or mistake ?
  24. Over all, watching the recent sales of the month forum for a number of years, the best combination for selling regularly and for decent prices most of the time at Alamy is being both informed in subject areas beyond the level of the average tourist and being a very good photographer. Being very good as a photographer is important, but knowing what you're photographing seems to be equally important. And that's how people can escape the cliches of the obvious travel shots that everyone is steered to taking by guides and guide books. And with people doing things, it seems important to have a
  25. If the £1 per claim covers all Alamy's admin costs, what's is the 50% used for? Does it just go added to the sales revenue "pot" to help keep the business profitable? It's quite a large commission if costs are already covered. I agree with Ian, it seems likely that Alamy and contributors are missing out on revenue. I've found some ISBN and ISSN numbers and I claim for those. But it's likely that Alamy knows more ISBNs ISSNs than I do, and these are not being claimed for. I understand why Alamy may not wish to share those ISBN/ISSN nos with us (confidentiality and potential loss of
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