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  1. 9 sales for $70 gross so a whopping Β£21 in my back pocket. Inspired? No neither am I. Far from it. Sales for the last three months have remained steady but heavens above the prices are crashing through the floor. I have started taking photos again because I enjoy doing it but I wouldn't feel good about myself by adding stock images to Alamy. It looks like sharing on social media will be the winner here. πŸ˜”
  2. Nice to get a couple of sales on the 1st. This one was for a U.S. Educational Book use for low to mid $$. Shot 16 years ago as part of an assignment. A farming almanac from 1793, written by an African American, Benjamin Banneker.
  3. Has anyone else noticed their measures information being much less than "normal" over the last 10 days or so? Since COVID my average daily views have been 1200-1400, and 8-12 zooms, but in the last 10 days or so both figures have been roughly half of those (and consequently CTR hasn't changed significantly) I originally wondered if it was due to August holidays, but it seems rather more significant than that. I wonder if Measures is partially broken? Kumar
  4. Yes, but you could also have seen your 30th November sales yesterday. People that are reporting December sales have downloaded their sales report today, and have sales dated 1st December.
  5. To repeat myself, Three new sales appeared today 1st.December in my Sales History on my dashboard. On looking on my Download Sales Report as you advise, searching, as you advise, the three sales which appeared today, 1st.December, are indeed dated 30th.November. Case closed.
  6. Good month for me with 19 sales for $309. Things are looking good compared with 2020, when total sales in 12 months was 127, then my best ever year. To end november 2021 I now have 132. Total gross to end November 2021 is 31% higher than 2020 total. Sometimes, things look better. . .
  7. your three first uploads are fine for the RF option. your keywords look like they have been generated by a software program which is an option I dislike. These systems produce inappropriate keywords which will cause your images to respond to searches in error which will eventually reduce your rank and so reduce sales.
  8. Sales good, revenue not so great but better than zilch. 30 for $493 gross. Average $16. CTR .51. One v. good TV licence!
  9. I had 30 sales for $534 gross/$213 net. Also had about $70 DACS from Alamy. Happy with that after 2 refunds at the start of the month left me owing Alamy for about a week. Most sales came in on the last 2 days, including 5 mid$$ calendar sales. No $$$ sales again.
  10. Not too bad! 18 sales for $420 gross ($146 net) including $50 for DACS, only an average of $20 though. At 175 sales for the year, that's the best ever yearly sales, and also beaten last years income - with still a month to go! Highest $75.48, lowest $0.18!!!! Breakdown of sales: <$1 1 $ 6 Low $$ 9 High $$ 2 John.
  11. 5893 views. 21 zooms. Average CTR 0.36. 19 sales for a gross total of $672.69. Highest $159.99. Lowest $1.67. Average $36.73.
  12. Given the recent teaming up with the Press Association, would it be possible for regular contributors to the news feed to be provided with information about upcoming news events? Other agencies do this as a matter of course and as a result those of us contributing to Alamy miss out on a lot of events that are covered by those contributing to rivals. I admit I am speaking from a very London-centric viewpoint - Westminster, and visits of foreign heads of state and so on - but such information would be in the interests of all news photographers as well as Alamy's sales and reputation for new
  13. I'm quite happy with 8 sales for $253 gross which averages out at just over $31 per item plus a $40 from DACS. Zooms and views maintain their levels with a small increase in CTR.
  14. You don't have to wait for the overnight update. You can see sales as soon as they are reported by going to your dashboard, clicking on Download Sales Report, then changing the end date to today's date, and selecting Date of Invoice instead of the default Date Cleared, then click on Go.
  15. I had three sales reported on 1st. December, they are dated 30th. November. On my dashboard sales for December reads 0.
  16. I had three sales reported on 1st. December, they are dated 30th. November. On my dashboard sales for December reads 0.
  17. A good month for me. 15 sales for $210 plus a $44 DACS payment πŸ™‚
  18. In a word -lousy! 4 sales for under Β£38 gross and then hit by a $15 reduction for some affiilate fee for an image sold 2 months ago (and still not cleared) so actually a loss on the month. When supposed "personal use" sales are making far more (actually $$) than perpetual web and magazine use it's hardly worth the effort anymore.
  19. That's not how Alamy calculates sales on the Dashboard graphs. Sales posted on the 1st are in the stats for that month.
  20. Now that iPhone image quality has improved with optical zooms, multiple lenses, larger photo-sites and wider apertures...are the images accepted by Alamy? Surely they are good enough for many media applications....anyone know?
  21. Am I right in thinking that any sales reported on 1st. December are in fact dated 30th. November? So they are not actually the first sales of the month but the last of the previous month. Just asking.
  22. Average-ish month with 17 sales for $446 gross ($186 net) I thought this breakdown of no. of sales in each price category might be interesting: Price No. of sales in Nov. $ 6 low$$ 7 mid$$ 2 upper$$ 1 $$$ 1 Bad news: average price $26, so under-performing for me as well πŸ™ Good news: second highest monthly payout of the year ☺️
  23. Another reasonable month for me @ 7 for $127 + $86 Dacs. Strange month in so far as the lower sales came early in the month and the better ( slightly ) came at the end. Normally it is the other way round. Worryingly only had 1 more zoom than sales. Lowest for a long long time.
  24. So-so month with 29 sales (yeah!) and only $204 net which includes $16 for DACS TV. I'm not even looking at gross to see how much more Alamy and others are making on my sales.
  25. November 2021 shows me that I'll have my most sales in a year. Just one away with a month to go. But . . . fees are way down. I've had just three $$$ sales in this past year. If I were doing this principally for money, I'd have to drop in at an NHS mental health clinic.
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