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  1. Hi In June I started uploading part of my portfolio to Alamy . I signed up many years ago but for some reason never had uploaded anything So far with more than 3000 photos I've had 31 zooms and a CTR of 0.54. But only 3 sales and all of them of the same topic (editorial portraits of people in Cuba). This sales amount to a net income of $30. So I guess I'm doing something wrong because there's no logic in spending the time to upload and tag 3000 photos if sales are so rare. I'd really appreciate your advice
  2. Hi all I started to add to my folio earlier this year so I only have 96 images online. I realise now some of my earlier images were probably unsellable so I've gradually been changing the content of my submissions but I currently have `0` sales! Anybody have advice please on how you get that elusive first sale? Thank you.
  3. Just under 400 sales listed for 2020 and only two give USA as the country of sale. I haven't yet checked the download data files. Given that Alamy gets more than 50% of its revenue from USA I am not doing very well. My non-ex images with XXX Images sell in USA, Alamy has a sales office in New York so what is going on? Any thoughts, experiences or possible explanations?
  4. Hello guys! I just started at Alamy, and I`d like to have some idea on sales and earnings. Now, I know it`s really hard to say as it depends on number and quality of photos and many other things, but if you can give me an idea what to expect and what is the dynamic here on Alamy, especially comparing to other agencies ( I presume names of other agencies are not allowed and that`s fine), but generally, how would you rate your experience on Alamy in regards to sales and earnings, comparing to other agencies. I`m interested because I really like the platform and simplicity of Alamy, although I`m
  5. According to my zooms and sales, it's looking like capturing current events, especially Black Lives Matter, is the best focus for me, aligning accessibility and interest. I do live in a major travel destination as well, so could probably focus on that, especially because I know the secret spots and niche locales. I've been meaning to photograph the parrots of San Francisco (there are is a flock of famous cherry headed wild parrots living in the city) and I just looked it up and there are only about three photos of that topic on Alamy.
  6. 'Good Discoverability was introduced several years ago at the same time as the new Alamy Image Manger (AIM). Alamy say its intention is the encourage contributors to make better use of the caption and keywords (tags) field in order to make their images more discoverable by the search engine. As the number of keywords used approaches the maximum of 50, including 10 supertags, the Discoverability bar turns green. In practice, most images do not need 50 keywords and maybe not even 10 supertags. Encouraging contributors to aim for 50 simply encourages keyword spamming where irrelvant o
  7. I've been seeing a drastic drop in zooms during the past few months -- only eight so far this month. CTR has been creeping downward as well. Strangely enough, sales have been holding up well. Most months have been average or better for number of licenses. Anyone else noticing this odd pattern? If so, any explanations or theories (crackpot or otherwise)?
  8. Jahangir, I have worked with agencies all over the world and have lived in Europe, Israel and the USSR then Russia. I have always had a U.S. bank account and all of the agencies I've worked with and continue to allow to license my images send me, in 2000's, a statement when monies are paid to me. Alamy sends my payment via ACH transfer and Alamy sends me via email a "Remittance Advice" which it states is "Payment for Sales made by Alamy Limited (A UK Company) of Your Images." It is described on the email as "Copyright Royalties" I had the same system when I lived in Moscow, RU,
  9. Although I'm retired from the 'day job' I'm still officially self-employed for tax purposes. When I get a payment from Alamy I issue an invoice from myself to Alamy in order for it to go through the accounts, and I attach a list of the relevant sales, Of course I don't actually send it to Alamy, it's just for accounting purposes. Is that of any help?
  10. Exactly. My CTR (which I understand is a zooms to views ratio) is not bad which means my photos or keywords are not that bad. People are finding my images. What is bad is my sales to zooms ratio. Why are people zooming and not buying? Of course, it could be because those images are for sale at other agencies. I don't know. I don't think is a good idea to be exclusive to any agency.
  11. Great advice on this thread. First: How can you see total zooms? I have over 40 zooms but the number has lowered because if they happened too long ago, they seem to fall off the count. Second: I recently sold (albeit for a tiny amount) the most clichéd travel photo imaginable of the Castro District in San Francisco that I put very little effort into taking. I threw it up on Alamy but I didn't have any expectation for it. It was so ordinary. My suspicion is that because of my high placement in the searches, it was the first one of that shot that they saw, or maybe they w
  12. Yes, I've had Canadian distributor sales. There seems to be one one major Canadian distributor, which I guess I'm not supposed to name.
  13. You don't issue invoices for your image sales, Alamy does. You can't provide them because you don't produce them. There's zero chance that Alamy will provide you with copies. Anyway it seems a very odd request- I don't know how banks operate in your country but how you deal with paperwork is nothing to do with your bank. Is it a money-laundering regulation?
  14. I'm on Alamy more than year and over 1700 p photos, but have only 1 sale. What I'm doing wrong? My porfolio: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=673186
  15. Guardian Online 23/11/2020 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/nov/23/lessons-lockdown-on-to-hang-vaccine-news-return-normality Tim Ireland London, London, UK. 8th Jan, 2018. Commuters wait on a platform at Clapham Junction Station as Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union members hold placards at Waterloo Station as Northern, Merseyrail, South Western Railway and Greater Anglia workers went on strike over separate issues including the role of train guards and the extension of driver-only services, in London, Britain on Jan. 8, 2018. Credit: Tim Ireland/Xinhua/Alamy Liv
  16. I don't think anyone has mentioned that sales here are often reported some months after images have been downloaded, so you might very well end up with more sales from those zooms. People who are used to instant sales at Microstock agencies often expect it to be the same here, but the reporting and payment system at Alamy is very different and you need to be a lot more patient. The prices here vary a lot, and you can get some larger amounts as well as single dollar sales. In future it might be worth uploading some images here that are exclusive, particularly of less common subjects.
  17. >total zooms I used to download all numbers of the year around Christmas time. If you have such a good placement, I would try making the most best perfect ever image of that clichéd travel photo. And try a couple of others too, but not of the same cliché. It could well take you a year though. Just take it dead serious. What would you want to see in it (think positive and aspiring images - with an activist mindset). Study what is out there. What could you do better (mindset). What would you want to avoid (mindset!). But also what is out there that you cannot do. (That c
  18. My OM kit was eventually replaced by Canon T90's and FDn lenses, 17mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 2 zooms. Still have one T90 and all the primes. The other T90 suffered from a failed LCD. Which reminds me I must sell the 17mm F4 while it still has value.
  19. Lack of sales in general. Since you are doing much better John, maybe there is something to the idea that micro stock cannibalizes sales here. Or this is just the result of pandemic fallout.
  20. June was only 5 months ago and I'm guessing it maybe took most of June or even July to get all 3000+ photos online. Amounting to a little less than 1 photo per month sold which isn't great but it isn't terrible either. Your zooms and CTR doesn't seem too bad to me, CTR just a smidge under the alamy average. No point comparing one port to another but it may make you feel better to know that I've been uploading since 2019, consistently since March of this year adding around 1200 photos this year and total zooms for me is less than your 31, I also have a very low CTR. Thankfully a lot of what is
  21. Your basic problem, as you have written, is that you are mainly shooting a lot of what other people shoot.....unreleased 'editorial' travel. You can scale up your port on Alamy and guess what, you will be finding pretty much the same results, once your port is bedding in to sales channels, as now...just more zooms and some more sales hopefully. If you wanted to make good money on those subjects you are twenty years too late - virtually all subjects are covered but you need to find those that are less saturated otherwise it's more of the same. And less saturated cannot mean those
  22. Probably still the squishing problem. Go back to your images for a moment, double click on each and check the box Keep original aspect ratio. That way they won't appear squished anymore. From the November Challenge: <> just here in the Reply to this topic. AKA Submit Reply box on this forum. So go back to your original post. Click Edit. Double click on each image and tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Click save. Done. Why? Dunno. Sometimes an image comes with that box ticked but from some places it comes not being tic
  23. You're correct Alamy's 17MB (MegaBytes) is based on the image pixel dimensions trebled (there are 3 bytes for each pixel, one each for red, green and blue) As a rough guide, if an image contains 6 million pixels (6MP) or more it will meet Alamy's minimum size requirement. So a 3:2 ratio image with 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, for example, is fine. Many here use the Alamy Size Checker app from Braeside as a pre-flight check, but I notice the webpage it could be downloaded from has now gone. 😞 Mark
  24. I would agree. I had zooms reported in September, to which the corresponding sales came for two of the images on the 30th of October... over a month later. The payment still hasn't cleared and whenever it does (wouldn't be at all surprised if it was December or later) you then have to wait for the payout date and finally for the money to arrive. My experience is generally that it takes several months for you to have the money, and certainly for me this is entirely typical.
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