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  1. U.S. magazine use for mid to high $$. My first sale at the new rate. The crazy thing is that this magazine had contacted me, via email, to acquire this photo and I wrote back, "Sure what are your stock rates?" I never heard back, now I see it show up in my sales. This is an very early on digital shot of Sperryville, Virginia.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jul/27/airbnb-cancelled-booking-holiday-accommodation-book Ashley Cooper pics https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jul/27/moonpig-profits-covid-sales-stock-market M4OS Photos https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2021/jul/27/uk-covid-live-news-updates-vaccines-delta-variant-testing True Images https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/27/wolves-winsconsin-massacre-environment-conservation Linda Freshwaters Arndt https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/27/pandemic-gives-
  3. I normally have regular sales throughout the month but have had nothing for a couple of weeks. Am I being paranoid but I do wonder if I might suddenly get a load just after the new contract on 24th.
  4. I'm still using a Nikon D3100. I don't do action sports or low light at night. I'm 69 and have been taking photos for 61 years so may not have many years left. I'm tempted to buy a Nikon D780 with a 28-300mm lens. To put photos on Alamy, not to make 2 metre wide prints. Do bigger images get better sales? I see the real professionals here often downsizing images to 17.5 MB. I would welcome your advice and experiences before I spend £2,300.
  5. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  6. green is quantitative based not quantitative. don't pay attention to it. i had a look at my stuff, 7% of my images are green, and they represent 0% of my sales. i have only sold "poor" discoverability images, because they were properly keyworded.
  7. Yes I did see that point, but further down the article it says. 'JPEG XL further includes features such as animation, alpha channels, layers, thumbnails, lossless and progressive coding to support a wide range of use cases including but not limited to photo galleries, e-commerce, social media, user interfaces and cloud storage,' reads the official overview. What the creators promise is superior image quality, a codec ratio smaller than the typical 20:1 to 50:1, and encoding plus decoding without hardware acceleration on mobile devices. Which I took to mean it will be lossless from an
  8. One today low value * all my sales this month were below **
  9. Had a sale reported for $1.72. that's a whole 50p for me. Only another 8000 sales to go to pay for the over £4000 pounds worth of equipment used to take the image. I opted out of novel use because I didn't want these type of sales here. Time I think for Alamy to let us set a minimum amount for our images.
  10. 2 sales popped up yesterday, July 24 with the new contract. I think it's the first time I got reported sales on Saturday. It looked like Alamy wanted to wait the begin of the new contract before reporting them in my account! 😅
  11. Welcome Nilanjan, I have been submitting nature and wildlife pictures since 2016 and have almost 2000 pictures in my portfolio. There's plenty of nature photographers with Alamy so make sure your work stands out, edit ruthlessly, avoid submitting batches of similars, calibrate your monitor for colour and exposure accuracy, use histograms in Photoshop or Lightroom-many of your pictures are over saturated and/or under exposed, caption accurately using Latin names for species and take pictures of subjects you come to know well. The quality of your wildlife images count more than the qua
  12. Welcome Anna, I have been submitting nature and wildlife images since 2016 and have almost 2000 pictures. There's plenty of nature photographers with Alamy so make sure your work stands out, edit ruthlessly, avoid submitting batches of similars, calibrate your monitor for colour and exposure accuracy, caption accurately using Latin names for species and take pictures of subjects you come to know well. The quality of your wildlife images count more than the quantity-that is what will ensure sales.
  13. I have sold about 5+ images that are published in next years 2022 calendars. They are available to purchase now from book stores and garden centres but non of the images have appeared in my sales history as yet. According to Alamy there is a special arrangement with calendar manufacturers which means they don’t have to register an image use until March of the actual calendar year. So that’s 10% commission gone already even though the calendars were available to purchase in April 2021.
  14. Two small sales dated for 23rd showed up this morning, so just sneaked in for my 50% cut.
  15. I've had 10 sales in the last three days. However, yesterday's sales have not updated in the dashboard yet. Guess Alamy are too busy with the new contract/leavers etc.
  16. Very dry here, unusually for me so far no sales or zooms. I suspect there will be a few at the end of the month from the usual publications that report then. Had begun to wonder if it was a result of me switching a fair amount of my content to editorial only and to disable PU, but I don't get all that many PUs and all but one i've ever sold is editorial use anyway so probably nothing in that.
  17. Over half way into January, I am surprised no "Positive result 2021" thread yet. So I'll get it going. Two sales from the same subject at $135 each for post card. Happy New Year!
  18. I’ve been uploading my better photographs to major stock agencies for a little over a year. I’ve had good success with Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock (more than 260 sales of so far). However, I’ve had ZERO sales from Alamy. What’s up? I not expecting to generate a huge number of sales from Alamy, but nothing at all! Have other contributors experienced similar results? Jerry
  19. You couldn't certainly be forgiven for thinking there might be a conspiracy I am having a shocking month, just an endless series of personal use and presentation sales for the usual pittance If August returns to being the same as the months before this one - with many high value sales - I might just be a bit cynical about that
  20. I have several monopods and a plethora of heads that can go on them. Including the Manfrotto monopod tilt head that I have used like once. My advice would be: buy the cheapest used monopod in the neighborhood (Craigslist / Ebay/ yard sale) and see what works for you. Many times I don't even unlock the ball head, because tilting the monopod is enough. Your lens comes with a tripod foot which allows a full rotation. That is probably enough in 80% of your shots. I would just put a simple ball head (that you probably already have) on it, just to see what extra that does. In my case I now vary
  21. as for this thread, no last minute 50% sales. end of an era of being treated at least like an equal. oh well.
  22. so they confirmed that this is a February sale, not a July sale? (keep this information for your record, may be useful next week, Alamy WILL back date sales) also the opt out info is wrong, They reopened op out due to the contract change, you were able to opt out in May.
  23. What? The image is in its correct proportions, you can check it as I did. He did nothing of the sort, the quote is still here, his tone seemed clear right down to the LMAO smiley. So when he said "She also looks pretty chubby in this piccie 😆" you actually thought he meant "this image is not showing in its correct aspect ratio"? Seriously? She's a bully herself, it's official, but isn't body-shaming pretty bullying?
  24. Sales team negotiate sales DOWN. That is how PA/Alamy sell images now. Allan
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