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  1. I thought this might be an interesting statistic to explore. Last year (2020), I averaged 13 sales per month, which worked out to roughly 1.7 sales per month per 1000 images on sale. How about you?
  2. I am chuffed!! 7 sales dropped in on the 1st for an Australian newspaper. $$ All bar 1 are from Arnhem Land, a vast remote and rugged Aboriginal wilderness in Northern Territory, notoriously difficult to get permits to visit and camp. One usually has to book for months in advance. Then it's hundred of kms of very rough roads with heavy corrugation, not all vehicles can make it. Thing is, we were there during the first Covid lockdown when State borders were closed. Northern Territory is not the most touristic place at the best of time, but there were next to zero tourist
  3. I was just composing a reply to a new contributor asking about the lack of sales in his first months of being a contributor here. That prompted me to look back at my own record and I realised I had just celebrated my 10th anniverary at Alamy. Looking back at my first sales, it took just three months to get my first sale, but it was not until I'd been here nearly two years that I reached the dizzying heights of ten sales. What startled me most though is that those first ten sales achieved a gross value of $695 - heady amounts. Compare that to my last ten sales which took three mont
  4. Last year, I averaged 17 sales a month with roughly 22,000 images. So far this year, it looks like the average is 18 per month.
  5. Last year, as a very rough average, I had 1.56 sales per month per 1,000 images
  6. In 2020 I was averaging 16 sales a month with 8,490 images...but this year I am averaging 20 per month...no real increase in gross money per month earned
  7. Cheers Elizabeth ! Times online 1st World Canberra, Australia, 31 March, 2021. The Roulettes are the Royal Australian Air Force's aerobatic display team. They performed in Canberra as part of the Air Force 100 – Centenary of Air Force celebrations. Darren Weinert/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2F6BA4M Business jeremy sutton-hibbert Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Liberty House Group, at Liberty Steel Dalzell steelworks in Motherwell, Scotland, on 28 September 2016. H2PGM7 Keith J Smith Cazoo car sales show rooms on the with cars in a public
  8. Over half way into January, I am surprised no "Positive result 2021" thread yet. So I'll get it going. Two sales from the same subject at $135 each for post card. Happy New Year!
  9. I just wanted to share some pix with you all along with the exciting news that I was a finalist for the 2021 Lawrence Salley Award, sponsored by the African American Men of Westchester, ArtsWestchester, and the Salley Family. There are some wonderful photographers and I’m really honored to be among the finalists. Here’s a link to the virtual show that started streaming last week. Check out their work: http://artsw.org/lsalleyaward Love to know what you all think of it. I've been concentrating more on fine art since Covid and am getting some traction. I've got to drop
  10. After only two small sales so far this month, a $$$ one was invoiced today. Time to break out the balloons. 🎈
  11. I think you’re right about what’s coming. A new video I watched last evening talked like there might bring two 24 inch iMacs announced on the 20th, different specs. Everything is speculation, but clues are speaking to that fact. What I’m leery of is this. Apple will introduce the 27+ iMac M1X with 16GB RAM. Not ever upgradable. I buy it. A year or two down the road they introduce a new model with 32GB RAM and M2 I’m chewing nails. After all, it’s all about making sales, and a lot of that is deliberate marketing strategy. I hate it. I’m hearing of a huge chip shortage that’s affecting
  12. Betty. I have a confession to make.... ...I sold my first picture of the month yesterday. But a distro bulk discount to a Turkish newspaper. So nothing to write home about! My zooms have been really good though. Hoping for a sales surge later in the year... 🤞
  13. Thought I had a couple of sales today until I looked closer--refunds of sales from May and July of 2020. Both were cleared about a month after sale, and subsequently paid to me. As with the last time this happened, this has thrown me into a negative cleared balance. Oddly, the Usage detail in the sales history names the buyer company, which is the same for both sales/refunds and still seems to be in business.
  14. Hello, I found this forum while looking randomly for some of my pictures on the internet. The forum shows that one of my pics identified by its ID code was sold in September 2020 with my name and the website where it was published. Yet, my personal dashboard did not track that sale more than 6 months later. So it seems that some people manage to track all sales by Alamy every month, and I'm just wondering how you make it. Can somebody explain please ? And help me find my own sales and the websites where I was published ? Many thanks. Iacob
  15. Image use: Commercial electronic Details of use: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years Country: Worldwide Industry sector: Travel & tourism Additional Details: Multiple use in branded content/sponsored articles and bookable content on owned website, app and social media. Excludes use on paid-for media Mid $ - back in May 2019 it licenses for $245. My first three sales this year were all $$$, quite the seesaw! I told my hubby he'll be famous on social media LOL. Afraid they might reverse the sale when they realize he's holding a point and shoot came
  16. Just a thought on this. Would it be possible to have the end user client named in the 'Download Sales Report' option? It could be a greyed out tick box apart from those who apply for access, are approved, and use the privilege responsibly. For chasing potential infringements this would help enormously. If you see the image used on the website of an insurance company and then can check and see that the client was actually Freda Bloggs and Son, landscape gardeners, it would make things much more straightforward.
  17. As I guessed, this was refunded and sold again to same buyer at lower price. Is this the new normal...? Not that I care, I have lost my interest to Alamy.... it´s their business and they do what they want. It's no consolation for the low price, but your photo did send me down memory lane of the first computer our family had. I loved playing International Karate Plus, Space Invaders and Bug Blaster. Computer games seem too complicated to me now. What I would hope with the smaller license fees coming through is that there are more of them to compensate, but time will tell. Just rea
  18. two more for me today. There is no doubt that the volume of sales are growing for me but at really low prices. We are roughly 29% through the year and my revenue is at 29% of my best year ( encouraging) but my volume is at 50% of my best year. I guess that if volume grows fast enough the lower prices are less critical thunder falls camden lock
  19. Forget yesteryear, I'm nostalgic for sales of last month. 😁 P.S. Only two small ones as mid-April looms, but that happened in March as well, which turned out to be a good month.
  20. Hi All Apologies for the inconvenience with the refund of sales that you have already been paid for. This is due to an invoicing error and they will be re-billed at the same price. Thanks, Alamy
  21. Hello, I am new to Alamy. I only made a few sales, I don't quite understand the count of these sales: Balance carried forward: $ 5.54 Total sales: $ 34.08 Commission / fees: - $ 21.38 Total payments to you: 0.00 USD Balance carried forward: $ 18.24 Cleared balance: $ 17.20 Next payment date: Not due in the end what do i earn above because when I go to the main page of my account it marks me: Current cleared balance: $ 17 when I am told that I have sold 5 photos for $ 45 that worries me. Thank you for your answers
  22. Mine still not re-invoiced. It was to a UK news group operating in Ireland. I actually reported this usage (from July 2020) in February and it was invoiced shortly after. Anyway, I've already contacted Alamy sales dept.
  23. Looks like everyone's sales to this buyer have all been re-invoiced at the same price....so hopefully it is just a matter of waiting again for the funds to clear.
  24. Distribution sales account for about 20% of my sales volume in the last 12 months, a fair few netting more than some direct sales, so I'd say get in there!!!! Phil
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