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  1. Anybody else had this today. Measures showing more zooms than yesterday, click into "your images" which normally shows yesterdays images plus any zooms in the appropriate column. Nothing. Just a bit odd not particularly bothered as most of my sales are never zoomed. Andy
  2. Thanks, very useful. What I am doing first is to use the sales spreadsheets I have. Remove all the Personal Use, obvious print use only etc Identify one known use by image ref ( ie the BBC one above), then order the spreadsheet to pick up all others with the same/similar licence wordage - only slight changes over the years. Using my sales sheets from somewhere else I have found 410 BBC uses - so that is some sort of compensation for the pathetic penny fees. 😁 Then repeat with other known uses on major sites. So then I will Cut and Copy that out
  3. Where have they gone? I used to show 30 to 40 zooms. At the moment, I have 9. Is this me, or is it Alamy and all of us?
  4. Things holding up ok here, zooms significantly better than late last year with CTR at a level I am more comfortable with now, one sale in the bag and hopefully a few more from some of this months/last month's zooms. Up until this month sales through Oct, Nov and Dec were higher than the amount of zooms I was getting. Views currently high as lots of searches going on for subjects I've covered heavily in the run up to the new year - covid-19/anti lockdown protests. To get an "average" month I'll need one or two more sales before Jan ends so fingers crossed. Interestingly
  5. It's been on Alamy since 2008 and not sold for any of those - or anything else for that matter! I've had three sales from that same day though. Total sales from that New Zealand trip have at least paid the airfare. I've been making constructive use of lockdown by reviewing my keywords from way-back. It's been a very useful exercise - I've learned a lot about keywording over the years and some of my early efforts now seem downright cringe-worthy...🥴
  6. My zooms have taken a huge uptick recently. CTR very healthy and well above average for the year and for the week. It doesn’t mean much considering I only have one license this month.
  7. Anyone else? No sales and one refund during the first two weeks, and then three modest sales on the 15th amounting to the value of the refund. Nothing since then - can't remember whether January is normally so quiet. Alex
  8. Zooms holding up reasonably well with 25 so far this month. A bit down on average but not disastrously so. Did a quick check on my zoom numbers and zoom/sales ratio for the last two years and, despite the pandemic, there is very little difference between the figures with no great drop off showing up: Year Zooms Sales Ratio Zooms to sales 2019 987 365 2.70 2020 963 362 2.66 It could be that specialist portfolios are better insulated against swings in demand - or I could just be lucky,
  9. Well I got zero sales in December (usually a good month) and zero sales so far for Jan. It's absolutely dreadful.
  10. After only one sale on Jan 1st, there was nothing until the 15th. But now I am almost back to normal for sales, with 10 so far this month. Zooms have been great all month but no sales have come from any of them yet.
  11. Alamy are potentially missing out on sales by not updating the database quickly enough (obviously). I had 2 searches yesterday for 'Bodnant Garden', one of 80 images and the other of 41, of which 3 were zoomed. I uploaded 23 more images the day before of Bodnant Garden but they aren't on sale yet, therefore I'm missing out on potential sales. John.
  12. Was slow, just one sale on the 12th. Then 2 sales on the 18th. Zooms were none existent until the last few days. If I get another 2 or 3 sales this month, it'll be an average month for me then.
  13. Thanks all and some good detective work there, I hadn't realised it was in the Sun as well. Will be curious to see if this comes in as two separate sales as I believe the Sun and the Times might be related businesses. @spacecadet it is there, but far down in the article with a lot of scrolling and clicking the load more entries button.
  14. After a bumper December, a slugulant start to 2021. Three low $$ sales to date, not looking great. Zooms OKish.
  15. Hi all, Hope you had a decent and healthy start to the new year - and 2021 will be huge improvement over the one just gone! I have been with Alamy since around 15 years, and despite a constant fall in commission, have so far stayed with them. In the last ten years on teh 1300 images I have up here, I made a average sale of just under 5 a year. Obviously nothing to make a living of. Most of my images are from China and editiorial. I have been a live news contributor. After working on the picture desk of the Asia hub of one for the four major news wires I have changed the way I keyword, f
  16. Definitely a slow month here as well. Currently, I have only three sales showing. One of them is a direct license for $$$, though, which helps ease the pain somewhat, and zooms and CTR are coming back to life. Hope springs... ☘️
  17. January couldn't be slower than this... No sales, no zooms, no nothing... Well, back to hibernating...
  18. All else being equal that would not be an unreasonable assumption. In my case my zooms for Oct, Nov and Dec were lower than my average, resulting in a very low CTR. Considering my port grew steadily through most of last year that didn't seem quite right. However here's what'll really burn your bacon: I made more sales in each of those months than zooms, in fact, sales during those months saw an uptick. That trend appears to have broken off now, with zooms up this month and so far a single sale that doesn't show as a search or zoom. I will also say that despite having a
  19. Sales up to my monthly average of last year already, so OK. $$ low, with the only licence over $20 being a distribution deal, so 70% commission hurts.... slow views and zooms however, so expecting dip in couple of months...
  20. Yes it does! I love nature of all kinds. If it’s there, I have to shoot it without considering sales potential. If I can ID it, I upload it. Who knows...maybe someday one of the rarer ones will sell for $$$$. And I have a used spaceship for sale, too.😂 I do have a correction to what I said. I have had some of my hummingbird moths zoomed. But those are special moths.
  21. Recently, I've noticed a sudden increase in Presentation Sales. It actually represents 63% of my sales and there are variations in the price. Previously, I've only had the occasional Presentation Sale. I've not changed any of my settings. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  22. Zip, Zilch, Nada ...... and zooms are through the floor.
  23. Hi Gen, I'm wondering how you go with Australian images and distribution sales, or at least how those images went before you opted out of PU and the distro sales dried up? My images are mostly from Western Australia, a tiny amount from Tasmania and South Australia, several from Bhutan and 4 bird images from NZ. Basically I have imagined distro sales of Australian images would largely be to overseas countries interested in travel/tourism, which is obviously an area with not much happening for the foreseeable future, but I could be wrong in thinking that this is what distro sales are
  24. I am wondering about contributors' current experience of distribution sales. Are you happy with the prices you receive? Have you had any reasonable fees in the past year? I am currently opted out, considering opting in April. Thank you, Kathy
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