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  1. Hello mates, My name is Miguel Moya Moreno and I have been a collaborator of the agency for a few years. I am writing to you because I have seen one of my photographs published in an internet publisher and with the caption naming Alamy but it does not appear on my sales list. I'd like to know if the same thing has ever happened to anyone. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  2. Don't you looove pumpkin squash soup? 😂 I do! However: Go back to your post; click edit; double click on an image; tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Do this for every image. Done. wim
  3. Something Gen posted in the Sales thread about selling a rare vertical got me thinking. My verticals are about 18.5% of my portfolio. Out of my 12 rolling month sales, 10% were verticals. So yes, it seems horizontals sell best, but verticals sell, too. And remember, verticals can be cropped from a buyer’s horizontal and unless someone spots a sale, we don’t know how often that happens. It could be that the final printing output from a buyer leans toward verticals. Which brings up the possibility they may prefer to crop the vertical image more to their specifications than what we frame in a vertical at capture. I do take a vertical when it’s possible. (Mostly ) Often, if I’m shooting a butterfly or flowers, I’ll take several horizontals and throw in a token vertical. And I’ve cropped many a vertical out of a horizontal when I forgot to take one. A few years ago, there was a thread that mentioned squares, and how well they displayed in searches. I made a concerted effort to crop some squares, but as time passed, that fell by the wayside. I think remembering to take verticals is one of the hardest things for me. You? It's a below freezing, snowy day in Kansas. Is that what’s making me cerebral this morning? Am I already stir crazy? I’ve started 2 threads already. I’ll tape my fingers together now and stop that. Betty
  4. I shoot a lot of verticals and a quick look over recent sales suggest they make up about 40% of sales. I always use a camera with a battery pack on the bottom - not for the extra battery but for the vertical shutter release and controls. It really makes taking verticals easier and once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.
  5. Hello there! No sales, what I'm doing is wrong. Should I continue uploading photos? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=426084 Thank you for your answers
  6. Two further sales in today. It's like old times 🙂 Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 500,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-September-2020 ; End: 01-September-2025 ; Additional Details: Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.
  7. The same for me, equaled 2019 for sales but $ need a bit of help but still time to do it.
  8. Folks: is anyone else finding the revolving disc turning for an inordinately long time when clicking on "download sales report" to get to Net Revenue and date of invoice/date cleared? This has been going on for me for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Kathy
  9. Hello guys! I just started at Alamy, and I`d like to have some idea on sales and earnings. Now, I know it`s really hard to say as it depends on number and quality of photos and many other things, but if you can give me an idea what to expect and what is the dynamic here on Alamy, especially comparing to other agencies ( I presume names of other agencies are not allowed and that`s fine), but generally, how would you rate your experience on Alamy in regards to sales and earnings, comparing to other agencies. I`m interested because I really like the platform and simplicity of Alamy, although I`m not quite sure what`s with all the pseudonyms and why there can be so many of them...Thank you everyone for any reply and information!
  10. Already overtaken last years sales this week, which is a plus, net revenue going the other way same as allot of folks I think.
  11. Yesterday's sales have taken me through the $$$$ barrier for the first time since April. That figure was certainly helped by someone putting their hand down the back of the sofa and discovering a number of older sales so it's very much an amalgamation figure but I'll still take it as a positive.
  12. Before I pop a champagne cork at 2 sales ( $164 and $206) of the same image at royalty free, does this seem like an error or mistake ?
  13. I started a count of my horizontal and vertical sales, but so few were verticals that I gave it up as pointless. I did take note that in the past year far and away most sales are still of NYC. The good news is that my second best selling location is . . . Liverpool.
  14. on My Dashboard Page, under Alamy Measures click Your Images and your history of Zooms and Sales come up.
  15. This morning DACS payment for 2019 popped up into my sales account as a welcome relief in this dramatic year. I remember last year, separately and just a few hours later in the same day, I received the DACS additional German payment for 2019 also. Not this year. At least, so far. Is the German payment already included under the voice DACS payment I had in my account this morning or it will arrive later? Anyone who received it already (the German DACS I mean). Stefano
  16. About your comment on identical sales. I the last two days, I've had two instances of two identical sales and like you I thought that a mistake had been made but upon closer examination of the terms, I found that there were small differences. The dates given for the use of each image were different. I've not seen this previously but it would seem to be happening.
  17. I had two decent book sales (high-ish $$) show up yesterday, and they both have "Missing inside" in the licensing details: "Usage: Retail book. Editorial print + digital use. Missing inside.One time use only" I've never seen this phrase used before. Does anyone know what it might mean?
  18. Great image and a well deserved sale. I have had no sales nor zooms so far this month; still - there are a few days to go yet???
  19. My experience in picture selection meetings for book covers is that art people can visualize a vertical crop from a horizontal image when the group is looking for a vertical final image. However word people have difficulty visualizing and tend to default to a vertical original shot, even if the vertical crop from a different horizontal is a better image. Both types, word editors and art designers are in picture selection meetings. However the word people tend to be more senior and have more clout. As the photo editor I always presented a selection of images, some vertical some horizontal. Word people would default to the vertical, so superior cropped images for covers tended to fall by the wayside, unless the art side put up a stink. I always shoot a vertical and a horizontal of the same shot whenever possible. In post processing if I do not have a vertical version of a horizontal image I will look to see if the horizontal can be cropped vertical, so I can submit both vertical and horizontal from the same image. With a 50 megapixel camera I can crop a 50 megapixel 2X3 horizontal to a 2X3 vertical and still come out at 22 megapixels. Here is a good sales example from Oct 27. Maybe some of you made sales to the same client as well. Same client, all for the same book, all RF, but sold with RM terms 50% exclusive to Alamy. Front cover shot 1/8, original shot vertical, $$$ 1/2 page inside original shot horizontal 2/3 of cover price 1/4 page inside original shot horizontal 1/3 of cover price.
  20. Just found one of my plant image along with 9 other Alamy images published in August. https://www.gardeningetc.com/advice/10-evergreens-that-are-easy-to-grow-in-any-garden Sales notice is yet to come and it will be my first
  21. Forgive me if I've posted this twice. I thought I did it but then didn't see it???? Two identical sales for editorial website so I think one will be refunded... $ Grevy"s Zebra in Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya Paulette
  22. Some sales are reported quickly, but others can take 3 months or more to be reported. I think Alamy suggest waiting 3 months before submitting an Unauthorised Use Form (see bottom of your dashboard). Suggest taking a screenshot and record the URL for future refernce. Mark
  23. I always used to shoot vertical and horizontal of each subject, alas as I age I seem to forget more these days. I do like how having verticals on my Alamy portfolio page adds a bit of visual interest, breaks up the horizontal grid. Nice thought provoking thread Betty. 25% of my sales year to date are verticals
  24. They do refer to buying and selling and that Alamy staffers visit schools and colleges to spread the word, hence sales?
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