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  1. Before I get more images up and before university gets crazy, I'd like some generic information on sales. Specifically anything other than newspaper, magazine, and editorial, as I'm not with any schemes. Would like to fix any changes I deem necessary from your replies and not make the same redundancies again. Some time ago before even starting on stock sites I was told with RM images to not sell them as posters, decor and the like, as the money isn't great. Now I'd like to hear from you experienced with such sales. Not looking for actual price, unless your comfortable doing so, but like:
  2. though no sales my CTR jumped to 0.86% and 6 zooms is 0.86% good or bad ??
  3. Hello everyone, Since i am new here i have still one question of curiousity. When a client downloads a image from me does the sale will be reported inmidiately?
  4. Not really sure why Alamy does not have the clout in news given its event coverage, I see very few images in Papers given that every event usually has an Alamy photographer in attendance. ???????????????
  5. In the past 6 weeks my sales have plummetd. Has anyone else suffered the same experience ?
  6. I haven't had any of those infamous HuffPost $27/$29 sales for quite some time. Hate to admit it, but I almost miss them. Are they gone for good?
  7. I am thinking about joining 'Novel Use' on Alamy and wondered what types of sales members have experienced with this aspect of Alamy and whether members consider it a worthwhile additional option. Thanks
  8. I haven't really added any images recently and with the same images several months back my statistics were pretty good. In the past few months I noticed that these days my views are way way up but my zooms are way way down so of course my CTR is laughable. The number of sales this month is average for me. Anyone else is experiencing the same? Is this caused by all the tweaking in the search engine or something else is happening?
  9. Hi everyone. I am relatively new here. I joined around April this year. After a few weeks I had my first sale for a total of $134, and since then nothing. I have also noticed that the amount of zooms I am getting is very low. This month so far 0! For you more experienced contributors, what am I doing wrong? It may also be nothing, but I would really appreciate some advice. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/C2D9A136-7CF6-4E3E-916A-A8BFE487D575/Stephen%20Allen.html Thanks for your help, I think I need all I can get Steve
  10. From what I can see there are a number of factors that affect stock sales. Since Alamy ensures a minimum quality level is met by all contributors I’ll ignore it as a factor. Subject matter and proper keywords are also clearly important but for the sake of this discussion let’s assume subject and keywords are adequate. Looking through the forum discussions I see constant references to a minimum portfolio size as being an important factor in regular sales, but I also wonder if there isn’t also a time component affecting sales. If say, 3000 images represent the smallest portfolio that will
  11. How long do members give the sales team to notify them of sales they are already aware of before chasing them up?
  12. When you look at you sales via the pseudonym summary, the total sales and zooms are shown, but the stats do not take account of refunds. If an image has been sold, then refunded and resold with a change, it shows up as two sales. Could the refunds not be included?
  13. Over the last year or so I have had regular sales of 3-4 per month but all of a sudden......zilch. Since the 22nd of Feb I have had no sales except for a refund and subsequent resale for a lesser amount after I reported that the use was for print only and I found it on the web (yes, another story). This is not a whinge but a genuine question to see if I am on my own. Since Feb my CTR is well above average and often creeping over 1.00, I have had over 50 zooms with 5 being unique reference number and constant relevent views on searches. Also, I have found several of my images onlin
  14. Just had a look at my year-to-date figure for sales v zooms. No convoluted scientific reasoning behind it, just curious and was wondering how others compare. Since January 1, I'm getting roughly one sale for every four zooms (total zooms divided by total sales). Anyone else getting anything similar? (Don't know whether one in four is particularly good or bad by the way).
  15. I usually have a few sales by this time of the month, but I've had none at all so far in June. Is anyone else noticing a downturn?
  16. Just before I ask MS to provide this, there doesn't appear to be an option to download sales (either all or some) into a spreadsheet - just as you can with Pseudo Summery that appears in another format. But it would be helpful as I want to compare/analyse sales trends from my other agency. Thanks, Richard.
  17. Is it just me, or did sales in the last half of May die? Up to the 16th things were normal (13 sales for $580) and then.... nothing.
  18. My new D800 works absolutely wonderfully with my favourite lenses – primes and my 14-24/2.8. But I should really get a mid-range zoom for times when using primes just aren’t practical, such as when I’m with someone who can’t wait for lens changing and such. What I’m looking for is flexibility combined with sufficient quality to pass Alamy QC without drastic solutions such as resizing down to 24mb - which would probably get almost anything shot with good technique on the D800 onto Alamy!. My research indicates there are two candidates, which all have strengths and weaknesses (I’ve excluded the
  19. None of mine do. Why? Is this because the IQ pricing structure does not take these into account?
  20. http://fineartamerica.com/saleannouncement.html?id=99ccbd49a30f19c2fe5cbc03ecc680b7 Now if I could do this several times a month, I'd be a happy camper.
  21. I have just had my fourth sale this month pop up today, and we are not half way through. Just as I was loosing faith in ALAMY, stock photography and life in general, .....sob sob, this came as a boost to my moral, as well as a small boost to my dwindling funds! That said, I shall probably have no more sales this month! Has anyone else noticed that sales are increasing?
  22. The last month I had an abnormal number of views passing the 20.000. It doubled the average of the first three months, when in previous years (recorded data from 2009/2012) April is in fact a weaker month than the first quarter, thus under the average. Yet, the number of zooms are in line with the average of the three first months and not far from the 2012 overall average. Anyone experiencing a huge surge in the number of views? Or can this be a kind of "curse" of the Creative collection when we get the images counted when viewed in it, and then recounted when the client selects t
  23. Hello people! I 've had some RM sales in April, 2013. But prices seem to me very low. I've checked a couple of sold images what should they cost if I buy them. This can be made on specific image page on the tab 'Custom pricing'. Here are the results: 1. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 April 2013 End: 01 May 2013 Placement Inside print, includes online;Any size up to DPS flat rate Should be sold for US $ 345.00 Actually was sold for several times less! 2. Country: Czech Rep
  24. Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum, but recorded in alamy for several years, but I only had a few pictures on this site. Since January this year, I encoded a large number of images (approximately 15,000 photos). I got up today, about 130 zooms (which I think is very good) but only two sales (which are not linked to zoom). I am quite frequently forum since January and I could learn from your experiences, it takes some time to become a part of zooms sales. But can you tell me, from your experience, how many months do I have a hope that some of these zooms become sales? Excuse me in adva
  25. I realise that it would put a lot of strain on the Alamy servers, but it would be good if each individual image had the running total of views, zooms, sales etc. Not an important amendment but something that would be 'nice to have'. John.
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