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  1. Makes sense, my ratio of video sales to photo sales on other platforms is like 100:1, so they couldn't have been making much off it.
  2. Just checked sale again and they've appeared as 2 new sales at double the amount!!! Will they all stick? 🤞
  3. My sales this year top last year by 146%. Value is only 77% of last year. Allan
  4. Just passed last year's number of sales...now if I can beat last year's revenue, that would be even better!
  5. Michael V, Might not a share of sales with 'Worldwide' be US sales? Most of my sales for the past year say Worldwide, one says North America and none say USA.
  6. I do like the 'call to action' button in bright green on the individual images which proclaims 'download', which everyone assumes is free, then it takes you to the sales page where the image is almost free.
  7. Interesting. I haven't really noticed a drop. I'd say that about 40% of my sales remain US (Region) ones.
  8. I am looking at "Region". The last two months U.S. sales have been only 20-30% of the overall sales. It used to be a much larger portion.
  9. USA, National Geographic History magazine, Nov/Dec 2021 issue Just when I was asking about where all the U.S. sales have gone, this issue comes out with lots of Alamy photos. This may be a two part post. Pg. 8, The cover of Little Women book, 1869 edition, INTERFOTO (Alamy credit only) Pg. 10, Little Women movie poster, could be one of three contributors (Alamy credit only) Pg. 15, Katsura Imperial Villa, Kyoto, Japan, Alex Ramsay (Alamy credit only) Pgs 16 and 17, A 1572 engraving of The Lighthous
  10. Which column of your sales report are you looking at? If I look in the "Region" column, which I normally do, my US sales are holding up fine. However, if I check the "license details" column, most of those same sales show up as "Worldwide." I always assume that if the region is the US, then the image was licensed in the US.
  11. I have noticed, in the last couple of months, that I am seeing fewer and fewer U.S. sales coming into my account. Just to be clear, I am talking about U.S. based buyers not U.S. content. I scour though about a dozen U.S. publications each month, looking for Alamy image uses and I am finding fewer and fewer uses. Not sure of the reason why, could it be the competitive pricing from the micros or maybe buyers trying other sources? U.S. buyers tend to pay more than buyers based in other countries so I am seeing fewer higher value sales. I hope the new Alamy/PA marketing can help change this tr
  12. I think i have a personal first for me, more licenses than zooms this month. Not complaining. Lowest CTR in years.
  13. Over the last couple of months mine has gone from 0.59 to 0.23 and no zooms getting worried
  14. there must have been CTR data recovery overnight...? my typical CTR 0.70 to 0.75 but yesterday's was (68) zooms & 3.38 after 0.60 since Oct 1st, now Oct is 0.76
  15. The bright green is an eyeopener all right, at least all the buttons use the same shade, even the one down bottom right just now "Submit Reply"I'm not sure about the opening videos for a site which is predominantly selling still frames. For the uninitiated who don't know what stock photographs are all about, perhaps we should be happy for them to migrate to microstock. I've only got a couple of sales so far this month and they are not too exciting but at least they not in the pathetic $ area.
  16. Agree with Meanderingemu, the video is quite good, so long as lots of the right people get to see it. . And Alamy does need to increase/improve it's advertising given the competition. And I guess the green is "eyecatching" even if not necessarily in a good way... Frankly I feel to me it's acceptable so long as it achieves it's purpose - ie. increase sales. Let's just hope the search engine survives any changes intact. That's the much more important result of these changes for me. Kumar
  17. Well your definition of hobby is for sure more correct than mine, but what I mean is a hobby as in "not a primary job", meaning, that I wouldn't do it for a living but submitting content only occasionally, but at the same time I'd expect to get a correct repayment that can be realistic per image in the long run, otherwise it would be a deal breaker for me. I think anyway getting around 3-4 $ per download of a vector image is fair and can repay in the long run, if images get sold enough and if microstock prices don't start to become the norm. To repay an image with 3-4 $ per download I should s
  18. Looked at my sales report. No changes from yesterday,still low numbers except in the -$xx.xx column so don't like it
  19. and this is Alamy wording. I went through recent sales and i noticed the "in perpetuity" came back on a specific well known large buyer of image. I'm thinking the wording is possibly part of the client's request when they opened up bidding for price, they also specified this was wording to be used.
  20. First of all, don't worry about getting 50 keywords, search for 'discoveability' on the forum to find why it isn't important. Then describe the subject as fully as possible without including words which will bring the photo up in searches incorrectly, but including any words which someone looking for a picture like yours might use. For example: Image 2H01WWG - make sure the caption fully describes 'Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) eating (what?) on Brownsea Island in Dorset' Sciurus vulgaris (latin names always useful, but make sure they are correct), Eura
  21. I don't know anything about the market for vectors, but no doubt the more you upload the better. The rule of thumb on Alamy for photos is to expect one sale per 1000 images in your portfolio per month. I usually do better than that -- about two sales per 1000 images per month on average.
  22. Thanks! So that means even if they're becoming "more common", they're not yet "the norm" if you never experienced that. I hope it will stay like that... So thanks for your feedback. If I'll get around 3 $ per sale (if any) I think I'll find it fair. If so, in the long run I might cover the cost of the time, I guess. I'll maybe add other 20 later in the weeks and observe how frequently they sell during the year... Or should I add many more to see 1-5 sales in a year, in your opinion?
  23. Alamy is very different from microstock agencies. Image prices are negotiated with individual buyers, so they can be all over the place. However, I'm not sure that this is the case with vectors. It looks as if they might be (?) downloaded at the set $9.99 price. My average price per image (photos) this year is currently about $38. I haven't seen any of those super low sales that others have been reporting, but unfortunately they do appear to be becoming more common. If an image is licensed directly from Alamy, your share should be 40%. It will be at least 10% less than that if it's through a d
  24. probably, but more sale is not really material for one individual contributor. Look at the deal Alamy made with a certain travel website. This has probably resulted in Alamy getting 100s of licence every months, but i might see one every few months personally. So even if it meant an increase of 0.5% sales to regular contributor, you would have to be a massive account to even notice this.
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