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  1. Now, I am a small fish in this barrel (some 600 images), and I do, strangely make sales 🙂 I am also exclusive to Alamy - Question, if I am so moved to delete all my images and try my luck elsewhere, can I go exclusive with my new agency and not be penalised by Alamy - the reason I ask is because Alamy would keep my images live for 180 days after deletion...what say the wise ones 🙂
  2. Silver tier - it is damn absurd, honestly. With earnings at just 20%, someone with already low volume is only bound to stay there a long time. The effort to increase the portfolio size significantly would be a thankless task, as the contributor might feel disillusioned and be long gone from the site by the time sales start catching up to potentially move them up to the Gold tier. I had a total of 7 sales last calendar year, and yes my portfolio is rather small. No sales this year in 5 months, already posted about this on the forum. Atrocious. Utterly disappointed and frus
  3. That's wonderful for both of you for the sales. Now with the new contract out, I am sure to be stuck in the Silver tier. Crawling out of it with a handful of sales per year at 20% earnings would be an impossible climb. Sigh..
  4. to be honest I can see the reasoning for the lower tier. There is still a cost to Alamy to review submission, maintain images, opportunity cost of mislabelled off market images etc.. So if you won't bring Alamy a minimal amount of sales you are lower on scale In fact this has been requested many times in the forum (of course it wasn't linked with a reduction- more a bonus for diamond and platinum level) In addition giving the first year to prove yourself- new contributor starting at Gold is beyond the competition- would however favour a rolling 12 months over date specific. Th
  5. A couple of people in the past suggested that Alamy had too many mediocre photos and should trim back on work that simply wasn't selling. Dunno. This forces a decision on what value we have onto us. Maybe some of us, me included, should get out or go bigger. Some agencies make their profit from services, not sales -- like paying for server space, evaluations, editorial help, etc. Alamy has accepted a wide range of contributors without charging them fees during the time I've been with Alamy.
  6. you should wait. don't give Alamy the 20% on any sales over the next 45 days.
  7. I think you should spend some time looking at what the other offers are. Some only look at new photographers if they can put them in their microstock side if they don't qualify for the other side. Some charge for disk space, which means a higher commission pays them for their servers. Some appear to have bad relationships with the clients (free trial only involves watermarked images, sneaky clauses about renewal, etc.). One only works with people who have Paypal accounts and has canceled a subscription from a Venezuelan photographer because of US sanctions. I'm with Alamy because it isn'
  8. Highest sale I ever made was found via Flickr and licensed through my personal website (powered by PhotoShelter). Instantly eclipsed all Alamy sales for last 10 years combined. Google Image Search visibility is key here. When I finally terminate my Alamy account I will no longer be competing against (and undercut by) my own agent in this regard at least!
  9. of course, an amaizing change that actually will be worse for almost everybody... I just remember a time not that far away when everybody was getting 50%... You are just lying. There are no reason to take more from us, especially if sales are increasing as you are saying. Is it legit to insult you, at this stage, like all the other thief agencies in the microstock work, because you are microstock as well.
  10. As a person with ~1000 RM images and 50 sales there is no real alternative to Alamy though is there? Gross sales also used to be in three figures but now are two so I'll be put down into silver within a year.
  11. Out of 11 years actively selling through Alamy I have only exceeded the $250 baseline in five of those. Never any chance of achieving the £25,000 sales per year incentive. That means if things continue in the same vain I will have years at 20% and years possibly at 40% earnings with more years at the lower rate. Will it be worth continuing to submit more images? I think NOT. I have always been exclusive to Alamy the only other sales outside of Alamy were those which were permitted in the Alamy terms of exclusivity. Today I uploaded a batch of images before
  12. Completely understand how you feel Bryan. Thank you for your amazing efforts here. I quite enjoyed finding Alamy pics, but the wind has gone right out of my sails (and sales) now. Take it easy and enjoy the time away.
  13. I would be grateful if Alamy would clarify what is classed as a personal website. New Clause 2.10 says, By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken. Is Photoshelter classed as 'another licensing platform'? The definition of Exclusive is
  14. This clause is under "Contributor Certifications," so my reading of it (I'm not a lawyer) is that we are certifying this statement concerning all our images. I can't think of any image that could not be used such that someone somewhere in the world could deem it offensive, so no way I can so certify. I read through the Contributor Certification section until I was overcome by legalese, but the gist seems to be to throw responsibilities and liabilities our way. More risk, less money. The clause above (4.1.6) was the most alarming to me. As it stands now, I'm pretty sure
  15. For Content sales via Alamy Websites 60% 40% For Content sales via our Distributors after deduction of Distributor fee or commission
  16. This is truly a bad development for those who took pains to set their images as exclusive. This feels a lot like some of the jerking around we got when we had to re-annotate our images to maximize discoverability. But as someone with only non-exclusive images, so far I see little down side from this change for me. In fact, it seems my distributors sales will now net me 40% instead of 30%. As consolation, think of the silver lining: some of you will now be able to submit to other libraries and double or triple your income. I know it's a lot of work, but it is an opportunity.
  17. This is bad news for Alamy, last year sales have crashed and now this! how about doing a Survey with us before announcing massive changes??? remember last time you did this and it was a car crash. I feel this could backfire on Alamy, with loss of contributors. Not happy.
  18. This is indeed sad news. But Alamy says that it has 100,000 new photos uploaded every day. They are not going to worry about the views of the people who read and post to these forums, whose combined portfolios would be numerically overwhelmed by a day of new uploads: even if we all removed our entire portfolios, it would be but a pinprick to Alamy, a mere gnat bite they would not notice. I have put in a huge amount of work uploading my portfolio of 25,000 images. I would love to tell Alamy my views on their commission changes (and I agree with the majority of the comments in th
  19. First step: stopping uploads. Then I'll see how it goes. Sales have been absolutely dismal in the last time anyway.
  20. At the time of the PA takeover contributors said that it would hasten an increase in commission. Alamy said no. Alamy would remain as it was. This is just sheer greed on Alamy/PA's part that they do this now. Those contributors were right. Alamy/PA don't even offer crumbs of comfort like 'increased sales'. This is a straight forward money grab. Photographers are being squeezed out of the stock industry. Equipment purchases can't be justified. Alamy and PA are about to put another nail in their own coffin. I predict they'll drop the $25k platinum threshold after much anger from contributors to
  21. So if you are on Silver and make enough sales to actually get paid in the year you'll move to Gold
  22. I am extremely disappointed with Alamy but not surprised. When I first joined they were a photographer friendly and fair agency so became my main port of call for selling. However they have gradually changed and with the recent takeover have gone downhill even more. This latest insult to loyal contributors says it all. In all the years of selling here I have only once made more than $25,000 gross and that was only because I had two four figure sales, the likes of which I have not seen since and the way prices are now I don't expect to see them again. Although I feel I sell cons
  23. This is all a continuation of a long term trend. Alamy Live News became application only to filter out most of us from submitting anything. The $250 limit will filter out a lot of contributors who only make occasional sales and don't forget that the company that rhymes with Petty went all RF so they only had to pay out 20% royalties across the board.
  24. This is probably a query built on misunderstanding, but there is a difference between 'sales' and 'earnings' (refer to the dashboard). My query is: does the tier cut off refer to 'sales' (ie total amount which includes Alamy commission ) or 'earnings' of the contributor..
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