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  1. Some people only put their best work on Alamy and I would like to see the ratio between number of images and zooms and sales used as the marker. Not total sales. it took me three years to sell $250 and they seem to value me now, judging by how high my images appear in results. Paulette
  2. Zooms holding up reasonably well with 25 so far this month. A bit down on average but not disastrously so. Did a quick check on my zoom numbers and zoom/sales ratio for the last two years and, despite the pandemic, there is very little difference between the figures with no great drop off showing up: Year Zooms Sales Ratio Zooms to sales 2019 987 365 2.70 2020 963 362 2.66 It could be that specialist portfolios are better insulated against swings in demand - or I could just be lucky,
  3. Exactly. My CTR (which I understand is a zooms to views ratio) is not bad which means my photos or keywords are not that bad. People are finding my images. What is bad is my sales to zooms ratio. Why are people zooming and not buying? Of course, it could be because those images are for sale at other agencies. I don't know. I don't think is a good idea to be exclusive to any agency.
  4. One cheap way to do this would be to cut out the bottom 10% or 20% of contributors in terms of ratio of sales to photos in their portfolios. Wouldn't require hiring anyone with skills at all, but would eliminate people who can produce niche images that occasionally have people looking for very specific local items. I just had six zooms on a set of Nicaraguan sign language photos taken at a residence for deaf kids in Jinotega. I'd kinda like to reshoot there with better lighting gear, but I think I've got the only photos of Nicaraguan sign language users on the site. But perhaps that's not
  5. For me, the only metrics that are important are RPI (return per image) and "How much did I earn this year?" The number of zooms I need to get a sale is even more useless than the total number of sales I get each month when the amount earned per sale can vary from a couple oof hundred dollars to amounts measured in cents. If I get 3 sales for $150-$450 each they are worth far more than 15 sales at $1-7 each, though the latter would be 5x as many sales. I might as well compare how many sales I get a day on the micros to how many sales I get a month here - apples to oranges. Revenue is the only m
  6. Answering one year later, but maybe still pertinent to anyone out there, my zooms/sales ratio is 1.12
  7. Working on the maths given above. One years worth of figures from 30/11/18 to 1/11/19 Views = 9351 Sales = 11 Zooms = 36 Therefore V/S = 850 Also V/Z = 259 and Z/S = 3.27 From the above figures. 1 V/S is really poor. 2 V/Z looks better on paper. 3 Z/S is I believe about the ratio of sales to zooms that is expected. As I only have around 4800 image on Alamy, and I am going from comments made in the past, you used to expect one sale/month with 3000 images up. But that is a long time ago and as there are many more image
  8. I'm with Doc Kumar here. ratio zooms/sales: 2007 17.2 2008 15.5 2009 7.4 2010 4.1 2011 3.3 2012 2.4 2013 2 2014 2.7 2015 3.5 2016 2.6 2017 2.5 2018 2.2 2019 2.6 However I think the ratio views/sales is even more important. Think of it as CTR for sales. wim
  9. my ratio of zooms to sales has always been between 3 and 4, pretty much the whole time I have been on Alamy. I have not been as specific as Bryan at looking to see which images which were zoomed eventually sold, but my overall zoom:sale ratio for 2019 is exactly 3.5. I attach a great deal of importance to the overall number of zooms I get as it does seem to correlate well with the eventual number of sales I get, and presumably reflects interest in my images Kumar
  10. I am probably not typical-largish specialist collection,no files with green discoverability,no submissions for about 5 years but payout every month. My CTR seems to yo yo between about 0.55 and 1.1 on an almost monthly basis but the ratio of sales to zooms remains fairy constant at 1 to 3. i think that as my CTR rises then I get more views,zooms and sales but as the views increase they become less relevant and so the CTR drops and the views and zooms drop but become more relevant and CTR starts to rise. This may be a consequence of very minimal keywording.
  11. Not directly. Some zooms can be linked with a specific sale. Some sales may have arisen from a zoom but it is not clear as there may be along interval between the two. Many sales are made without the image concerned ever being zoomed at all. There is an indirect link in that your past zooms/sales ratio may give a rough indication of forthcoming sales. Over the years I have had a ratio of one sale for every four zooms, although that seems to have reduced substantially in recent months. Different contributors will report different ratios and yours may be different again.
  12. I was wondering if you guys see a correlation between views/zooms/ and sales? In relation to how many images you have uploaded?
  13. views,zooms,CTR all just part of the smokescreen to divert attention from the real problems at Alamy like dubious licensing agreements,low prices,misuse of personal use ,failure to get reasonable recompense for image theft,bulk deals benefiting customer and alamy etc. There are other reasons for a zoom including potential customer has poor eyesight, the search has turned up spurious results and curiosity takes over,the picture aint very clear and they wonder WTF it is, even if they are zooming with a view to purchase Alamy aint the only agency they visit and after zooming many will
  14. Zooms are very relevant. They aren't directly linked to sales, but they are significant as your view/zoom ratio = Click Through Rate (CTR) feeds into your Alamy search ranking (how precisely is known only to Alamy). For myself, and I think many other contributors, sales also tend to follow a proportion of zooms; For me it is one sale every four zooms. If a contributor consistently gets a CTR of a lot less than the Alamy average of (currently 0.58) it would tend to suggest their images are being returned in irrelevant searches and their keywords would bear some scrutiny. If that contributo
  15. I had 14,106 views, 71 zooms, 17 sales for $727. Like others, that's a good zoom ratio for me.
  16. Have you tried https://discussion.alamy.com/search/?&q=zooms sales ratio&sortby=newest ? wim
  17. I was wondering if there's a (roughly) general zooms/sales ratio, or it varies a lot according to portfolio content? At present, mine is 4.75.
  18. Hi Once you've uploaded your test images, and they've been checked for QC (quality control), you'll have access to your own dashboard in AIM. Here's some info pulled directly from that about the data Alamy collect on image views, sales and zooms .... How is this data collected? This data is collected from the search activity of our paying customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms. How to use this page? Use this page to identify pseudonyms that are performing well or badly relative to one another. Pseudonyms with a high click through rat
  19. But sales are generally not reported the same month as zooms. You could have a high CTR for the month, i.e. a high ratio of positive hits/zooms which will not translate into sales until a few months later. In other words, zooms/CTR and sales do not relate to the same month. I had the same case myself. Gen
  20. hi guys...I know it takes time for zooms to convert to sales, but in your experience (I don't have my own data yet!) what have you seen as far as the ratio of zooms to sales? I have alot of zooms in the last few months and I am patiently (okay trying to be patient) waiting for some of them to turn into sales. Thanks for sharing. Mandy
  21. My ratio of zooms : sales is 3.1 : 1 over the same period. About 10% of the images on which I've had zooms (as recorded in "Your images") have subsequently sold Some images have sold multiple times with only one recorded zoom. But the majority of my sales (about 66%) have never been zoomed as recorded in "Your images" (which doesn't record all zooms) For me it's very rare that the zoom and sale occur together (usually a mysterious personal use sale from an Alamy customer who has an Alamy Business account which is included within "Your image" stats) Mark
  22. A search here on the forum for zooms sales ratio will take you back much further. Mine: Year Z/S AvCTR TotCTR 2007 17.2 1.15 1.15 2008 15.5 1.17 0.95 2009 7.4 0.31 0.51 2010 4.1 0.39 0.44 2011 3.3 0.34 0.53 2012 2.4 0.16 0.58 2013 2 1.04 0.53 2014 2.7 2.75 0.51 2015 3.5 1.27 0.78 2016 2.6 8.29 0.87 2017 2.4 0.83 1.01 2018 2.8 0.76 1.05 (2007 is the first year I started recording numbers)
  23. Go to the measures page and you will see this: How is this data collected? This data is collected from the search activity of our paying customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms. How to use this page? Use this page to identify pseudonyms that are performing well or badly relative to one another. Pseudonyms with a high click through rate (CTR) will be receiving more zooms relative to views than pseudonyms with a low CTR. This is important information because the ratio of zooms to views is one of the factors that influences your AlamyRank score.
  24. There seems to be a difference of opinion, but as I understand it, there is a correlation between zooms, views, CTR and page rank, and I think it works something like this, The more views you get is good, 'cos you feel like you are uploading images that people are searching for. The more views you get without getting any zooms is bad, cos it adversely affects your CTR. Few views with lots of Zooms is good because your view to zoom ratio increases, which helps to improve your CTR The lower your CTR, the lower your page rank. The lower your page rank the less sale
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