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  1. I am so excited to finally start contributing here on Alamy. I am an extremely goal-oriented person, however, and am wondering what the consensus is for photographers- how many images did you have keyworded and passed before you started seeing sales come in on a regular basis? 10? 100? 1000? Just wondering as I am trying to put myself on a quality-image schedule to make time for that DREADED keywording! ugh!!
  2. That's what I was looking for, thanks. I was trying to do so via Images Sold but Net Revenue is perfect. And there doesn't appear to replicate that Huff sales glitch as per your link above. Thanks. Richard.
  3. Yes and we all told Getty that was the price to undercut here on this forum. I for me have been very pleased with 3 or 4 HP's a month. Let's hope it's not entirely true. wim Have you noticed the massive proportion of HP sales that are now RF - I do hope they are not operating on the buy once use as much as you like principle - but fear that this may be the case........
  4. Just before I ask MS to provide this, there doesn't appear to be an option to download sales (either all or some) into a spreadsheet - just as you can with Pseudo Summery that appears in another format. But it would be helpful as I want to compare/analyse sales trends from my other agency. Thanks, Richard.
  5. Must confess I dont get anything of these last posts????? as far as the Getty RM house collection, myself and the ones I personally know there are doing splendid! and with large sales, many over four figures.. The rest of Getty, no I dont know anything about that.
  6. Had a few of these over the past few weeks - novel use for $1 gross. I tried to look up what kind of size/use this would be for but couldn;t find any details. Anyone have an idea where these sales may be used? I kind of like the $29 rf sales a bit better...
  7. It's true, not all art is equal and FAA does not prequalify those who post images or run QC on uploads. They do however check the images prior to printing and if it doesn't meet minimum quality standards it won't be printed. None of you should worry about failing this QC check. I've been on the site for a year and do sell. I'm not a big seller but I watch and listen. Photographers that are hugely successful on FAA tend to have been on the site for at least 2-3 years, have sizeable portfolios (1000's of images), put a great deal of effort into proper keywording and descriptions, and may
  8. Huffington Post - US Edition June 5, 2013 7 Steps To Mind-Blowing Sex slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/05/bdsm-better-mental-health-study_n_3390676.html#slide=333125 BE6D2B, Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto sas - Royalty Free Woman lying on stomach daydreaming AA896P,charlie schuck/UpperCut Images - Royalty Free African military soldier holding flowers behind his back ----- 10 Ways To De-Stress Your Sex Life slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/06/05/improve-sex-life_n_3390871.html?ir=Women&ref=topbar#slide=2534612 D56H5G, Peter Dressel/Blend Images - Royalty F
  9. I have 69% horizontal and 31% vertical in sales (began with Alamy in 2004), but in the earlier years it was 67%/33%. I have no idea of the breakdown for my collection.
  10. Alamy has several problems when comparing to microstock. The main one are the fees charged when compared to the licences granted in RF. Even if in some images the fees are higher than in micro, the licence granted is so permissive that in iStock it would be necessary to buy several Extended Licences that would easily pass what Alamy charges. Even in Shutterstock I'm having several sales of $120, $90 per month (my cut) in their "Single & Other Downloads" and in the last months these are higher than most or all of the alamy sales after commission. The second problem is the amount
  11. My sales have also died since May. It's a little strange. I think the image collection is growing and the pie isn't
  12. Stipe, it is always swings and round-a-bouts with sales for the same image sometimes making hundreds and at other times making just a few dollars - regarding the distributor rates I suppose a third of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. The whole business is changing and withdrawing your images won't increase your income. More photographers, more images, more choice does not look as if rates will ever increase again. Chin -up it is better than working for a living ! My neighbour who is a farmer spent the whole afternoon digging out a muddy ditch.......
  13. Many congrats Gabbro! With $4K of the total coming in the last 12 months, and a nice-looking curve on your sales graph, I'll look forward to you reporting your $20K mark in another 12 months time !
  14. Selling photos through via Alamy is not that bad yet. Sometimes you discover (with joy I must say!) triple digit sales in your account which makes your day. Sometimes you have to be content with a few dollars sale. But, I still find worth sending pics to Alamy. I used to make several sales per month till half of May. Then, nothing which I find very strange, actually and I am still wondering for which reason that is happened. I don't know if someone else experienced my same situation. What I found disappointing, instead, are sales through distributor where barely you got 30% only of what yo
  15. 31 sales, average 1/day. That's more than normal but smallish amounts mostly resulting in an average month.
  16. Sales are now all over the place. I think you just have live with the low ones and trust that higher ones will come along. Last month my sales ranged from $29 to $450. It's quite possible that the one that leased for $450 could go for $10 at some point down the road, and the $29 one could sell for many times that much. It's a roller coaster out there, and things will probably remain that way IMO. At least on Alamy the possibility is always there for making decent sales. Whereas in the microstock world, you're stuck with low returns for eternity.
  17. Two sales in morning pushed my total gross over 10K USD. I have been dreaming about this day for long time, figured I'd share the moment with my fellow contributors. Only you know how much work, agonies involved, and joy of a sale, of course pay checks. For new comers want to see a "career path" in Alamy, I started late 2007, had my first sale about a year later. Gradually build a portfolio over 5k photos, mostly travel (highly competative subject), during vacations and field trips on business (a bonus being a professional geologist). Over the last few years, sales climbed as number of pho
  18. What sales? I know it's a long game so I'm just concentrating on building my portfolio and hopefully the sales will follow. Just about to hit the magic 1,000 mark so I may have a beer tonight while I'm keywording
  19. 10 sales, gross ~500, 14K images I added 3k of travel images earlier this year, had the first sales but then got refunded 2 days later
  20. Funny story, Stephen! As for distortion, this article makes interesting reading: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/01/you-can-correct-it-in-post-but. In summary, correcting distortion = loss of sharpness, and sometimes distortion correction is necessary. But - most mid-range zooms seem to have bad distortion at the wide end. It's interesting that the old 20mm f2.8D came up - that was going to be my next question! Edo - I know you are very keen on this lens. It's a pity that Nikon don't seem to be in a hurry to update these very useful small older lenses. But the other one that I'm serio
  21. Hi Tiago! You don't need signed model releases unless you are licensing the image as RF, or you are hoping for commercial rather than editorial sales of the image. Most of us do not get model releases signed by people in street photos as they are likely to have an RM licence and be used for editorial use - the chances are that even if you got model releases signed you would also need property releases for RF Kumar Sriskandan
  22. I am using Safari ver. 6.0.4 and I can also see the missing thumbnails in FireFox ver. 21 when I put the photographer's name or the D8 numbers in the Alamy home page search engine. Using Kathy's link, the thumbnails are still missing, but after waiting five minutes, blue framed question marks slowly appear one by one. Zooms pop up when each question mark is clicked. Kathy, if the iMac spinning wheel of death is showing, it could mean that you use a good bump in RAM memory. After going to 4 gigs, most of my image processing and image loading problems disappeared. Now if my better half would
  23. I had never thought about this much either. The preference for horizontals on the Web is definitely something to take into account. However, print (and e-book) sales still usually pay the best IME, so I will keep shooting plenty of verticals where appropriate.
  24. Perhaps Alamy could list the top ten sales values each month just to keep us interested!
  25. I've got 58% landscape and 39% portrait with 3% square ones but sales over the last 12 months are 71% landscape and 20% portrait with 9% square. The low figure for portrait surprises me. I'd never thought about it before. John.
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