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  1. Perhaps Alamy could list the top ten sales values each month just to keep us interested!
  2. I've got 58% landscape and 39% portrait with 3% square ones but sales over the last 12 months are 71% landscape and 20% portrait with 9% square. The low figure for portrait surprises me. I'd never thought about it before. John.
  3. Hi everyone I sold 2 images in May, both royalty free on the 16th and 23rd totalling $290. It seems to me things are quiet, but I've only been on alamy for 6 months. My zooms have dropped through the floor. Chin up and good luck everyone. Ray
  4. Well done. This type of news is encouraging to us all. And there could be many more such sales by Alamy that are never posted on the forum. Firstly, those of us who do post here are a tiny minority of contributors. And, secondly, some of those, perhaps many, who do post here may not wish to reveal their sale prices. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that wish for privacy, it is an individual choice. But given that we do get some who are generous enough to post such achievements and that this is a very small number relative to the total number of contributors, leads me to sugge
  5. I just had a look at my Alamy sales for the past year and they were roughly 50/50, horizontals/verticals. Of my website sales, about 75% were horizontal.
  6. Just recieved the payment made e-mail . I thought long and hard before I posted this sale, I didn't want to brag about it, but wanted to show that great sales could still be made through Alamy, and to say a very big thank you to who ever it was in the Alamy sales team that made the sale. Great great job.
  7. I try to shoot about 50/50. I like to increase the options for possible use and thereby the chances of selling a license, and I like to challenge the grey matter to come up with good composition both ways. I was also encouraged in a former life to always present photos with lots of copyspace, and for me vertical is the best way to do that. I submit about a third vertical here, but only about 17% of sales are vertical. At another place, I submit over 50% vertical, and about 40% of my sales there are vertical. Different market, different customers, different results. dd
  8. 3 sales, but 2 distributor for $81 gross. Highest $47 (luckily full fat), lowest $8.89 (unluckily a distributor) so I only got $2.66 gross! Still 3 sales isn't bad for me for May. In the last 3 years i've only had 1 sale each May. Sales 14th, 23rd and 29th. John
  9. 119 sales, above average $. Some higher priced sales in the mix too. Newspaper scheme but no NU. J
  10. Conversely, we've seen images that would traditionally be RF (image style and or legal aspects all suited to RF, no releases needed or no people etc) selling well as RM. Last four-figure sale here on Alamy was an object on white that 9 out of 10 times would be suited to RF. Decided to put it RM and had two consecutive RM ad sales over two months. Client wanted sales history which was given (as it's RM) and sale was made. So RM v RF is not always clear cut. It could be that multiple RF sales will outweigh the one larger RM sale the image may get so there are many ways of looking at it.
  11. 18 sales mostly medium format. Few D coded images coming through as sales yet this year. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  12. 34 sales, $1,792 gross. $460 cleared - so even with fairly successful sales from 5,000 images I'm glad I don't rely entirely on Alamy. Chased-up-infringers paid in month $1,750ish, with a couple of biggish ones settled but not yet paid to come. Usual reservations about the newspaper scheme which is grossly unbalanced. Had one exclusive, property-released image used for first time in an advertorial online page for $6.
  13. Grim - nothing at all until the last week, then two insulting $6 sales and a final $85 sale on the 31st.
  14. Selling right up to the 31st with a few on the final couple of days reported at low values. 21 sales plus 2 more (refund-resale) but under $700 total. Basically I'm seeing good levels of activity, consistent sales day on day with few gaps, and very low average fees without any highpoints at all in May. $75 my highest - rather appropriately, for an out of order cashpoint machine...
  15. Quite a good month for me with 5 sales very evenly spread, totalling just under $300.
  16. Not really a recommendation, since I have a D700, not a D800, but, even though I could find no good reviews and almost no reviews at all on the Nikon 24-120 f/4 with VRII, I bought it. The sales person at Adorama had a refurbished sample on offer at a savings of $200. I bought it, then tested it, and found out two things. 1.) The 24-120 turned out to be very good indeed. And 2.) I thought to myself: always ask about a refurbished model, because that sample has been hand-tooled by Nikon technicians and not just off the assembly line.
  17. Hi guys! I think this thread is duplicated in the thread entitled "May sales" which started first .... Kumar Sriskandan
  18. Only been on Alamy 2 months no sales , still building stock. $81 every little helps
  19. I'll start. 3 sales, 2 of which were distributors for a total of $81 gross. Not the best month i've ever had. Having said that, i've only ever sold 1 image in May for each of the last 3 years! John. Sorry, just seen the May sales thread - ignore this one.
  20. For me, not a bad month, five sales, fairly evenly spread, totaling just under $400.00!
  21. In my case, everything started and fineished the 9th of the month....1 sale for $180 and that's it....also, few zooms....
  22. 5 sales for $507.87 However, one sale of $330 was the same image that sold the month before for the same fee and same usage (except for the dates) so I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of them is refunded.
  23. I had a good month. 10 sales for $420 gross Only had one sale over $100 and three to the Daily Mail at the opposite end. Nothing in the first week or the last week, all the sales were bunched in the middle. Maybe the Bank Holidays slow sales and next month will be better.
  24. Poorest month for a while 10 sales with very low returns
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