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  1. There is a long discussion of this very issue, which first cropped up between Christmas and New Year, and which has impacted quite a number of contributors in this thread. Alamy have locked that thread. I don't know of any place where Alamy has provided any explanation of these low value sales.
  2. I have got 8 of this 15-Cent-sales on December 30. and 31. All delivered to China. Looks quite microstocky.
  3. The dashboard is a useful source of information but is of little consequence. The database is still way behind and will be impacting many contributor's sales, and taking Alamy as a whole will be causing much loss of money.
  4. Yes, 60% is the current Alamy scrape-off for all images, exclusive or not, unless you are one of the few who gross $25K per Alamy year in which case you will get 50% of exclusive sales fees. Unless they are sold via distributors, of course, in which case you get even less. There was a huge thread about this when the contract changed last Summer. You should have been sent at least two emails about the contract change. Also see:
  5. Nice to have four sales drop in this morning, ranging from $ to mid $$, all travel related photos. This is one taken at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum in Virginia. I think two of these are Culture Trip sales.
  6. Three sales popped in just now. One low $ but the other two $$ and one of these a high one.
  7. Best ever year for sales with 198 and 5th best year for revenue at $3,663 - $18.5 average sale price. 2020 sales 119 for $3,100 - $26 average. 2021 sales 198 for $3,663 - $18.5 average. 2021 sales up 66% revenue up 18% over 2020. I added 1449 images in 2021. John.
  8. Hello - I've only just noticed that as of August last year I've been charged 60% commission on all sales; material supplied is exclusive to Alamy. Any ideas please ?
  9. my dashboard says "My Alamy, 10 Jan 2022 – Last updated on 07 Jan 2022" I have had sales since then that are on the sales history and account balance page, but they don't appear on the dashboard page.
  10. Probably it's a system update issue. I've never experienced this before like sales not to appear on the dashboard on the next day, no matter if it's on a weekday or on the weekend. I don't do live news on a regular basis, so I don't know about it. What I can see on my dashboard is "last updated on 7 Jan 2022" ...
  11. Comparison between 2021 vs 2020: - Portfolio: +10% (poor motivation) - Views: +30% - Zooms: +9% - Sales: +16% - CTR: -16% - Gross income: +25% - Gross per image (average): +8% - Average gross price per image: $23 - Net income: +12% - Net per image (average): -4% - Earnings per image per year: +1% Best year ever (my first significant year was 2018), so can’t complain too much. Last quarter was awful. Still pending a BBC magazine license to appear and several unauthorized use claims. Happy New Year to everyone and best photogr
  12. I can confirm that my live news images from today are live under the "New" tab, but my sales from Friday don't appear on the dashboard.
  13. Sales rarely get reported at the weekend, nor does measures update, so a delay in the dashboard isn't really an issue. Like Rebecca, the issue with the database freezing on the other hand is images which should be on sale that aren't. I have sixty missing images so far, which is quite low for me as I've been pumping out old ones at a fair rate of knots, plus live news images which will vaporise overnight. I hope that the promised upgrade is a final one and such issues become history.
  14. Same here but I'm not missing much at all Never get any sales anyhow and with CTR is going backwards rapidly Just hate looking now
  15. Well done Michael, good challenge! Opening of "The Public" - art gallery in West Bromwich, a somewhat short lived venture ... Lady out walking Sidmouth Esplanade at night. Boxing day sales at Selfridges, Birmingham.
  16. Sadly, dental care is not covered in Canada. Politicians always say they are going to do something about it. However, their hot air stops flowing after elections are over. We have some private dental insurance through my wife's pension, but it is pretty basic. Currently, I need over $3000 of dental work (crowns), but it looks as if the work may have to wait, unless of course I reach the "Platinum" level this year or I get enough of those lucrative China sales. 😁
  17. At the moment I have three zooms and all three searches have less than a full page for each search. TWO of my three images positions in the searches appear at the left of the top line in each corresponding page which I take to be top of search. (Which would be very good if we were using the old BHZ search). The third image is a mystery. There is only about half a page for this particular search but my zoomed image does NOT appear on the page at all? It is either soo good that it is off the top of the page or soo bad it does not appear a the bottom. Good thing
  18. Second best month of 2021 for sales with 23, and best month of the year for revenue with $469, giving an average of $20. Luckily no $0.15 sales but I did have 2 at $0.17. Highest $85, but it was a distributor sale. John.
  19. 2021 was the first time I've seen an upward trend in sales and both gross & net revenue since 2017 (when gross revenue was the same as this year, and net was ~20% higher). 2021 was 430% better than 2020 (which was my worst year ever, so easy to beat). Good to see an upward trend, although I had around 700 fewer images back in 2017, about half as many as I do now, so I'm not really catching up, more like treading water after nearly drowning. Still, far better than 2020, and considerably better than 2018 & 2019 too. I only added 33 images this year, after 2020 was such a bu
  20. My sales didn't go up until I had over 1100 photos up. I'm not going to put all of them back up, but will resubmit every thing that did sell and anything that I think is one of my better photos, and try to do better if I'm able to get out to photograph in the future. And since I can cut and paste captions and keywords from the spreadsheet I got before leaving, that part will be much simpler than in the past. A little money is still money, and my cameras all still work. I could have just stopped working at contributing. In retrospect, that would have made more sense.
  21. I had 3 sales when I had less that 500 photos all licensed in 2021. I have about 800 in my port now but no new sales. I have licensed a flower close up picture here with no latin name but have since gone though my port and added the latin flower names as much as I can by googling the common names.
  22. 6 for $150, ranging from 15 cents to $80. Average gross $25. The 15 cent one was an RF to China as was a full page print RM editorial for a Chinese magazine for $8.82 (under 10K print run - tiny for China). I get a whopping 4 cents/$2.11 for those. I've seen lots of <$1 sales via G to China, so not surprising. I agree that if you count the pretty rare $$$ licenses you need to count the piddly <$ licenses into your average too. Otherwise it really is skewed. If 83 out of 150 sales for some people are 0.15 then they are more the rule than the exception. Still
  23. Yes. Sales take at least 45 days to clear. This is clearly stated in the contract. Most do clear on time.
  24. Being in Texas with no portfolio UK content I don't get the lucrative UK newspaper sales 😂 - and so far none of the "penny stock" China sales. Contributor reported image pack sale incomes are pathetic. These appear to be one focus of Alamy sales efforts in a bid to shore up corporate revenues to the detriment of contributors. All this has sapped motivation. Still contribute some randomly as I feel like it. But my efforts in recent months have been and will be going forward on increasing my stock video footage knowledge and portfolio.
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