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  1. 3 sales so far in February, but all direct sales and decent amounts - $30, $65 and $125. Could be my best month ever..... 😀
  2. I had 6 sales in January.. highest volume in a month for me...quite pleased by it.
  3. On Dashboard go to Measures, Your Images. The default shows you one month but I usually change it to Yesterday because I check every day. Then click on your pseudonym to show all your activity. One trick is that on the black bar at the top you can click zooms to bring them to the top in that column. You don't have to do that every time. It will stick. Then you can click on the search term on the left for the ones that show as zoomed and you will see which of your images were seen and the zooms will have a blue frame. You can click any of the search terms to see which of your images came up in
  4. I think you're correct John. It seems likely that these are professional buyers using the PU loophole. The only time I've traced a "zoomer" was when a nephew of mine searched for images (of him on a charity ride). He's an image buyer for a TV magazine so his zooms appeared in my Measures. No sale resulted of course they were for a charitable use - and I'm a generous uncle!
  5. Hi Pawel, On 'Alamy measures' click on 'Your images'. Then click on the blue number under 'Your Zooms' in the table. If you want to see details of a customer's search, click on your pseudonym instead. Steve
  6. The little Fuji X-E1 (EVF only) is quite well thought out for manual lenses, they call it focus-peaking and half depressing the shutter button clears the screen of everything for final composition before you take the picture. Depressing the rear command dial zooms in on the focus point, holding it down for a couple of seconds toggles between focus-peaking and no focus-peaking. The X-T2 is similar but adds a choice of colours and a 'split-prism' effect which I haven't found to be useful. If I'm using the clear optical viewfinder on the X-Pro1 then depressing the rear command dial instantly brin
  7. Pay attention to the ones that had zooms. That will tell you something about what subjects get attention. Paulette
  8. First image I clicked on Image ID: 2C6WYPW had incorrect keywords such as "garden spider," " wasp" and "honey bee" and many other gratuitous spammy keywords when in fact it is a Graphosoma lineatum as you correctly state - but you left out the obvious keyword "shield bug." You also describe it as being on a flower when it is actually on the stem. Many of your images, while creative, seem more akin to what is likely to sell as microstock, which is why I focused on one that seemed like it had potential. Sloppy and inaccurate keywords will hurt you, as 5 zooms in 3 years on 800 images
  9. Had the most odd experience today, I had eight views with three zooms on my own name! The only images of mine to show containing my name were eight live news images, has anyone else had this happen or think of any explanation?
  10. Had the most odd experience today, I had eight views with three zooms on my own name! The only images of mine to show containing my name were eight live news images, has anyone else had this happen or think of any explanation?
  11. Double-click on the image in the edit pane and tick "maintain aspect ratio" or something like that. Took me a while too- some bright spark on the forum told me what to do.
  12. Thanks all for the critique and thoughts and hints. I have not overhauled the entire archive, and already starting to see improvements. If a week is anything to go by (which I think it isnt), then the 1st week of Feb compares like this: 2020: Your Views: 55 Average CTR: 1.82 Zooms: 1 2021: Your Views: 129 Average CTR: 4.88 Zooms: 4 So hopefully this is going in the right direction.
  13. Uwe, Upday is an online news app. Sales just started to be noticed to them so a package deal must have been done as prices are low.
  14. Only zooms from a limited number of Alamy's commercial customers are shown on your dashboard. So zooms from a typical PU buyer would not show.
  15. I notice that the Canadian distributor All Canada Photos lumps PU and Presentation into one use (see below), so this probably doesn't prevent those who have opted out of PU have personal use sales through them: "Personal use - Non commercial use for presentations, cards, prints, artist reference or powerpoint - not for resale" This might be the case with other Alamy distributors as well. P.S. I'm OK with PU and presentation uses. I'd just like to see file sizes limited, but that isn't going to happen. For one thing, it would make things too difficult for dis
  16. I've had two PU sales so far month, both full price ($19.99). As far as subject matter goes, I'd say most of my PU sales are "travel" related, including some signs (especially neon ones). Never been to Lincoln. Is it anywhere near Iqaluit?
  17. Hello everyone. I have nearly 800 photos on my profile https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/215526.html and just 5 zooms for last 3 years. Are my photos just bad, not sellable or am i doing something else wrong. Thank you in advance
  18. Allan, call it a village, a town, a city, as you like. It's irrelevant. We were discussing PU subjects and sales.
  19. I've had two in the last few days. If it becomes a regular accumulation then I'll not complain. Oddly it also illustrates that live news sales can be reported immediately. Maybe that'll catch on!
  20. Allow me to give you and all a tip on what subjects seem to be favoured by legit PU buyers. Most of my PU sales are of specific signs of restaurants and pubs and Broadway show marquees in NYC. I see this as people who were in these places and had a special experience. Here's two of mine: Lincoln is a charming village. Get in there and capture all the pub and bistro signs.
  21. I am beginning to think along those lines too. Although my PU licences are a minor part of my total sales just now. Allan
  22. I would not like to lose my PU sales. In the last year, most of my PU sales were for the full $19.99 and none were below $10. The PU sales were 20% of all my sales. My attitude is probably different from many other contributors in two ways. 1. I don't care what a buyer uses my image for. And 2. I spend zero time and energy tracking sales.
  23. I've taken a bit of a vacation from taking holiday pics mainly because they don't do well. Halloween is the exception. I've had a number of good Halloween sales. Christmas is probably the worst. Too much competition from camera-toting elves I guess.
  24. Yes, PU sales can be made through distributors. Check out All Canada Photos, which distributes Alamy photos in Canada. Price is the same as on Alamy ($19.99).
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