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  1. Just had two sales at the $0.18 price mark. This is not why I take photos. National newspapers should be paying more than this! I’d rather not have the sale. Country: United KingdomUsage: Editorial, Use in syndicated editorial news features, single context only. Includes archive rights in-perpetuity.Media: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: UnlimitedInsert: more than 25Placement: NationalImage Size: up to full areaStart: 23 November 2021Duration: In perpetuity
  2. I've had better day with sales, though the 40% rankles. I contacted another, fresh looking agency. Guess what - their commission for RM is 30% !!!!
  3. 4 sales today each one just under mid $$ 2DYBP9A 2F4GDPJ 2FMXMJG 2F6D9WP Same use for all 4 Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years Very happy especially as they are all of my home town.... Carol
  4. I pdf’d that when it was posted. Oddly this month so far is my best ever for views and zooms. Could always do with more and higher priced sales though, although I know there’s more to be reported.
  5. Posted September 27 Hi All We are currently experiencing some ongoing technical issues with Alamy Measures due to a large amount of data processing on our servers. Our IT team are working on fixing this as soon as possible but we apologise for the inconvenience caused. In addition to this, from the 30th of Sept, there will be some technical backend changes to the site which means we're expecting the recorded zooms in measures to be reduced by about 20% - this will be across the board. We anticipate this reduction in the recording of
  6. Can anyone please remind me when Alamy suggested the reduction in views and zooms data in Measures would come to an end and normal service would resume? I seem to remember it was the beginning of December? Thanks Kumar
  7. I believe that the number of sales is a factor. Is it a factor of what?
  8. Not so much. I was just looking for the silver lining. As my CTR is not very good, I believe having those 5-10 tiddler sales a month probably help me get more views which may or may not lead to decent sales. Don't know how Alamy algorithm works, but I believe number of sales is a factor.
  9. Eight of those Finnish editorial website distro sales with low $ net. Money is nothing, but I suppose they help in getting my images viewed. Anyways, this is my favourite. Dilapidated Villa Bredablick or Meilahden kartano in Meilahti district of Helsinki, Finland.
  10. Could indicate the end of stock photography for contributors is accelerating if not balanced with much higher value sales.
  11. Alamy response: "I’ve had a look and this particular customer has an image pack with us where they pay a set fee and can licence a set number of images for that. The fee is then split between the contributors. The stock industry has become very competitive and in order to keep customers we have to consider our pricing and offer image packs in order to keep customers. Our sales teams work extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always try to get the best market value possible for each license." But why does the set number of image
  12. I've been waiting 6 months for an image to appear in "sales"... It was spotted in May, used as a MAGAZINE COVER and multiple usages across a local publishing group... At one point I asked Alamy what's going on with this image... I was told they KNOW there's a relevant download and it's a NOVEL USE ( at that point it started sound VERY suspicious...) ... So, fast forward and today I FINALLY GOT IT - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS !!!!!!!! DETAILS Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper - national ;
  13. Yes, and again I agree and understand. There are alternatives though not necessarily ones that are obvious, easy, or which suit everybody. The number of images continues to grow because Alamy is actively taking images from whether it can find them. Quantity is King. Newbies continue to arrive, no doubt at a faster rate than Oldies leave. Other agencies/organisation are invited to sign up. All that is, as you say, a matter for Alamy and nothing to do with us. I have no idea about the relative overall quality that Newbies bring ( and where they bring them from) compared to the impact of losing t
  14. Hi Richard, I didn't know how to see if my photos had been visited by customers and also if they had been enlarged, that's why I opened this topic, but just opened it and I happened to look at Alamy Measures and when I opened the tab I found all the information: Total views for Ana Sarabia: Total zooms for Ana Sarabia: Total CTR for Ana Sarabia: Average CTR for Ana Sarabia: Top performing pseudonym: ANA Just what I was looking for, that's why I closed this topic here.
  15. I now have the licence details for the $0.18 sale. Here they are. Country: United KingdomUsage: Editorial, Use in syndicated editorial news features, single context only. Includes archive rights in-perpetuity.Media: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: UnlimitedInsert: more than 25Placement: NationalImage Size: up to full areaStart: 22 November 2021Duration: In perpetuity it is for a national newspaper, full area, unlimited print run, in perpetuity. Many of my sales are for newspaper editorial, but these are for a few dollars, sometimes just about creeping into do
  16. To state the obvious - Alamy wants/needs to increase revenue or at least maintain it. They have determined that one avenue to this is via packaged/bundled/bulk image sales. Contributor image revenues in the pennies/image is a consequence of the bulk image pack sales. But it's just business - not personal. 😆
  17. Edo I think what would make me more productive is MORE SALES per month. Allan
  18. Yeh, all the pittance sales I take as a personal slap in the face. Surely Alamy can see how demoralizing they are to all photographers?
  19. You can look them up now. Download from Net Revenue. I think it will give NU if it is one- I haven't had one for a decade- but alas there are non-NU RM sales for that little now. I had 26c last week. 10c net, duration for ever.
  20. I also had a $0.18 gross, $0.07 net sale today. I will be interested to see if this is Novel Use when the details are available tomorrow. If it is, I am going to opt out: it is just insulting that my images are being sold at these rates. As far as I am concerned, they can Novel Use off. There is another thread about what would make you more productive. Certainly these figures are demotivating, and every time I get a sale like this (even if there are also more reasonable $$ sales in the month) I slow down my work on stock images and concentrate instead on POD uploads, and enjoy
  21. Hello to all and greetings. I have been travelling for a few days and on my return I have checked my photographs with all the updated database and they already appear in the searches that I do. That fills me with joy. Although my level of sales remains at zero. I am aware that I still have very few images uploaded and that I have only been uploading for a short time, but I am not discouraged. Thank you very much - Ed Roney and Nick Hatton for your comments, they encourage me. Thank you very much indeed. Nick Hatton for me of course Spain is a beautiful country with many photographic po
  22. I'd like that too Winning a £1,000,000 would help Would be nice to get a few more sales and will help to get me more motivated
  23. Back from the wilderness with no comms for 4 days, I found 8 sales. x2 mid $$ x3 Presentations x2 $1.67 😝 x1 low $$ Here's a few: Education US - Taken in Borneo $1.67 $1.67 Presentation
  24. I think you have hit the nail on the head. No longer can I afford to hire in models for stock shoots. As you rightly say there are some brilliant diverse models available but are way out of the price range for stock shoots. The drop in commission and the ever decreasing sales prices are the main reason for not being able to shoot these images for Alamy. Kind of a chicken and egg situation.
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