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  1. To save some space, it works with tabs as well. Drag the image from the page to the tab of the forum and then go down to the input box. All the while holding your mouse button or pen button. The input box must already be activated beforehand like by clicking on it or quoting or typing something. I now always double click on the image to make sure the box Keep original aspect ratio is ticked. wim
  2. Went back through my "Made in Jinotega" photos and found more for the coffee and cacao growers coop. I'll be going back there sometime next week for the exterior shots (also of my neighbor's workshops). This was the roaster for the in-house coffee shop and for local retail sales. They either ship green beans or beans roasted in larger roasters off site. The Probat is gas-fired and generally used for things like coffee shops and retail stores that sell freshly roasted beans or for sampling at wholesale roasters.
  3. Mine were generic navigation images. Others I know who got these sales were of worldwide subjects. Would be interesting to know where they all end up.
  4. Alamy got less from the sale via the affiliate scheme.. notice from the figures that Ian posted that Alamy took 43.5% of the sale price rather than 50%. The affiliate scheme is nothing new.. it's been around for a good few years now and if you scroll to the bottom of your contributor dashboard or Alamy's main landing page, you will see a link labeled 'Become an affiliate' which links here https://www.alamy.com/customer/help/affiliate-program.aspx This XXXXX company is just one company that has decided to take advantage of this. What Alamy presumably get is increased traffic to
  5. I had three of those + one other for about half the price - exactly the same use details. Nice to have $435 worth of sales drop in together.
  6. Another LGBT one. Participants in the annual Lesbian and Gay Pride March, London, England, United Kingdom in 1983. Marches like these, which continue to take place in many countries, lobby for equal legal rights and celebrate being open about sexuality. A banner from London Lesbian and Gay Centre is prominent. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, 550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines. Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic. Only $ but all sales welcome.
  7. I got two of those $125 direct sales today. Good to see others getting those too.
  8. I don't know what the uses are as only look at Net Revenue Sales Report but I think they are all US sales as round figures, all the same amount. Pearl
  9. Six low end three figure sales just popped in 🙂 Pearl
  10. They made me laugh and cry last week when they proudly announced that, since I had sold 10 video licences since January. I was now entitled to the princely rate of 20% (up from 15%). The only trouble is that nearly all my sales at SS are via a subscription clippack which nets me a grand total of 35 cents (up from 26 cents) per sale. You'll not be surprised to hear I'm in the process of deleting my SS video portfolio and growing my exclusive collection at P5 which pays 60% on a retail price you set yourself. Sales are only occasional but at least they give me a feeling of satisfac
  11. Mark, you said awhile back that you were not going to upload your tasty pizza snap because there are so many pizza images on Alamy. Upload it. My pizza snaps are nothing special, but I've had 12 pizza sales. If you don't play, you can't win. Let me repeat my "rules" for food images: I aim for the style point between studio-perfect and casual reality. My food must look tasty. Meal pictures do best if they are simple. Here's my lunch yesterday at home.
  12. I'd agree with the comments about similars, but I would say getting 2 sales within two months with 100 images is exceptional. I think your problem may be that you started far too well and have now reverted to normal.
  13. Sometimes you really do wonder what they were hoping to find UK%20OR%20Wales%20OR%20England%20OR%20Scotland%20OR%20'Northern%20Ireland'%20OR%20Britain%20OR%20British%20OR%20'United%20Kingdom'%20 [FS] 100 views, no zooms
  14. You've been given lots of good advice here. If it's any consolation I've seen a marked increase in my views and zooms since the start of the year but, following a couple of sales in January, nothing so far for February. Seems I may be heading for a "duck" this month. Wishing you good luck going forward.
  15. A sale posted this morning got me to the landmark sales accumulative total of $10K. It's taken 15 or so years and I'm nearly up to 11K images. The last three years have been fairly consistent with an average sale of one per week - it will be nice to see this continue! Jim
  16. Hi Dave I am new to Alamy and noticed that you mentioned views and zooms - where are you seeing these please.
  17. Several pending sales pop up today, two are: $ and $$ Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 January 2021 End: 01 January 2026 Spain, Editorial website
  18. A lot of my recent sales are pictures I've produced at home during lockdown...
  19. Re: OP........Maybe I'm just lucky, but I have actually seen an increase in sales and zooms over the last few months. Cheers Steve
  20. Hi Anand, Can I kindly suggest you look through some of the portfolio critiques for other contributors; you have a lot of the same issues as other people. You've got some really great pictures, I'm just going to concentrate on the problems I see. Just briefly: 1. Your captions are too short. Try to include a longer description and the country unless it's not relevant. 2. Your lifestyle shots need to look more realistic. Here you've got moody lighting and a weird angle that the hands are typing at. People type with the hands pointing forward horizontally
  21. Hi, I started uploading images in alamy from 2016, but has only 300 images (targeting 1000+ images at end of this year). Only last year I got 2 sales for net income $8. It would be really helpful if someone can review my images and keywords and let me know what needs to be improved to increase the sale. Thank you !
  22. My sales are going quite well this month, but mostly of rather boring subjects! Here's a couple. Multiple editorial use, educational, US sale for high $$ (possibly the same buyer as Michael's above) Low $$ for UK newspaper, print and online
  23. Join the club.😃 There are quite a few asking about no or much reduced zooms and sales. IIWII. Allan
  24. OK, I don't expect miracles with regard to sales! I began uploading in late September 2020 and, by the first week in November 2020, had over 100 photos on Alamy. I also had 11 zooms and 2 sales. I now have over 1300 photos ... and 11 zooms and 2 sales. I try to upload the best quality I can. As soon as I'm able to, I'll be shooting with more people. Can someone explain to me why things have stopped DEAD? No zooms. No sales.
  25. With Covid lockdown I have been mining my image collection for image bits and pieces to combine for new photoshop illustrations. I have been getting zooms on artificial intelligence and the singularity, so thought I would do some more. Monoliths are in the news recently so I thought I would rework a photoshop illustration from the early 1990's that did not quite work at the time.
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