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  1. I've also had a couple today at that price - the first time I've had sales below a dollar gross. This month is very slow for me so far 🙁.
  2. Just had two sales this morning for UK national newspaper use full resolution for $0.17 each. Is this what Alamy has become?
  3. Some of us remember another way of earning "Brownie Points;" making a personal impression on actual human picture researchers. Alamy's digital ranking system is pretty awful in my mind, and yet, it's far better than anything else I've ever experienced. I would rather have my micro-priced sales counted towards my rank than feeling like I have to visit headquarters and leave boxes of chocolates for the researchers. (something that always made sales spike back in the eighties) These sales we've been discussing have been part of my stock photo reality since I first got involved in the
  4. We are not sure about this yet. It may even be a very good way to get lots of brownie points if they now count toward regular sales. Novel Use didn't. wim
  5. What I don't understand is why accepting silly (and damaging) sales like these is a "requirement" for Alamy. They don't really benefit anyone, neither contributors nor Alamy. Surely the most productive thing to do from a business POV would be to stop working with this particular distributor. They aren't likely to change their ways.
  6. Hi Samantha, I do have roughly the same number of images on Alamy and Stockimo. Last financial year, the sales from Stockimo, were actually a bit more (In value per sale, but not in numbers) than the ones on Alamy, for me. But I joined Stockimo as soon as it started so I might have an advantage on you there, in regards to commission. The rating does not look like it influence the sales for me. Most of my sales with S are actually images with very conservative post-processing. The overworked ones don't seem as well, for me. As I have my p
  7. I too was thinking this could be a creative outlet, for having a bit of fun, rather than sticking to the same style of images that I produce normally for Alamy. Do your sales seem to align with the customer score you received?
  8. How long does it take to have images approved via Stockimo? My images through Alamy usually take under an hour (outside of weekends) to be approved, but I submitted images about 3 days ago and haven't heard anything yet. Is this a normal occurrence? I uploaded a variety of images, with a variety of filters to see what style was better suited to the platform. I have been watching the customer like ratings each day of other peoples images in the app, and I too am confused at the post processing style they desire. There does seem to be a stream of very over processed images, to the ex
  9. Two unusual Saturday sales, presentation uses, both of actress Hermione Corfield.
  10. This is VERY discouraging. My first sale of the year had a somewhat decent price but it has been refunded and resold at the same terms for $30 less. I have two new polar bear sales but the prices are tiny and one is distribution in Estonia. Really wretched. Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  11. Go to Your Dashboard "Additional Revenue Options" box under the results graph "Distribution" In or Out if OUT that's it If IN, click on Distribution to check specific territory which you are technically in (note last item seems to have issues, since people reported Out for "China" still had December 30 sales)
  12. Licence for mid $$ appeared yesterday. Here are the terms: Country: World English Language ; Usage: iQ sale: Educational book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to 1/2 page inside. Repeat use permitted ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 17-December-2021 ; End: 17-December-2046 Interesting, i had a sale Refund for the same image on December 17 which had been originally licenced in September. A year ago, this would have been frustrating, but i would have waved it off as "This is the way Alamy operates, in the end it's all the same".
  13. James and Ian -- two of my heroes. I just checked my sales for the past year and I see no sales to China and no sale under a US $. I get a lot of PU sales that I value since they are mostly for the full $19.99. I admire the Chinese, lived just above Chinatown in NYC. They are focused and hardworking with a loyalty in the community. I used to go down early in the morning and do Tai Chi. The master never questioned or objected to my being there. (I do hate their music and their stock prices though.) Damn it! Can someone please tell me how to find the terms o
  14. 1.) My last 6 sales have sold for $0.15 - has Alamy gone into microstock mode ? Is it still worth contributing ? 2.) Can someone please tell me how to respond on this forum to anyone kind enough to repsond to my questions ? Thanks in anticiptaion.
  15. Hello. im looking for some advice on my work. I am 100% self taught. I have never taken a class on photography nor do i know shot types. I have always been interested in photography but never took it seriously… until I was bored on vacation and bought a drone because I always liked drone shots. Bought a cheap one at first then a DJI. Now I love it. I’ve been at this for 3 months now. I’ve had sales so that’s a good sign. But i don’t know any expert photographers to ask for help. I’d like to buy a hand held camera one day so I can get ground shot’s more often.
  16. James @Alamy would you also consider giving us an update on, and advise us of future plans for the database and associated systems as per the issues that are highlighted here and elsewhere at times. Last weekend's freeze could potentially have lost Alamy a large number of sales.
  17. Hi All, Apologies on the radio silence up to this point whilst we investigate what's been happening with these sales via a Chinese distributor. The detail is more complex than it appears and we are still picking through the data to ascertain what’s involved and how it has come to pass. I'd also like to apologise for posting this on what is a Friday afternoon here in the UK. It's never the best time to post replies and I'm aware there will may be suspicions that this is some kind of deliberate tactic of waiting for a quiet period but I can assure you it isn't.
  18. Yes and I was just being intentionally obtuse. I know they are technically licenses, because I still own all the rights. Correct = sales of licenses. 😇
  19. I have had 14 sales in January, so far, for a grand total of $38.59! So you can easily see the average price/image I'm currently getting. I do find it frustrating, even though I had a record year in 2021, both in terms of numbers sold and total earnings. But I do find this this downward price spiral, worrying!
  20. Accurate key wording and title descriptions are important on Almay. But, with so few images online, you will struggle for sales simply because of the sheer numbers of competing images from other photographers. Its a numbers game on Alamy. You really do need a reasonable size portfolio in order to compete or stand out from all the others.
  21. I do have a small portfolio of images on Stockimo, now totaling 855 and have made 51 sales totaling about $400. But I do struggle to take images in the "style" they seem to require!
  22. A couple of points in reply to those raised: There are very many websites that do not give any credits at all. I have two of my pics out of 104 so assume they have used the work of many Alamy contributors I do not want to go into the specifics of this example as it would be unfair on the client I just used it as an example, one of many, to demonstrate a typical use nowadays to help us understand the frustration of very low fees If the fees were higher they would use far fewer images - and then instead of complaining about low fees we would be moaning about the
  23. Encouraging to finally see some sales activity -- 2nd sale of the year, mid $$, Canadian distributor, book use, five years (true RM)
  24. A couple of Personal Use sales today, both for the full $$. This one was taken on the island of St. Lucia (film scan).
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